Sneek does not currently provide support for this item.

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Nevermind .. found the answer on your support. Thanks anyway!

Hi Boarding, thanks for purchasing and i’m pleased you’ve found the solution!

Very excited for the responsive version. Any idea when that might be ready? Thanks in advance!

Hey jdunns4,

I’m afraid we’re unable to give a specific date due to other work commitments at the moment.

No were in the documentation is the shortcodes for the layout described.

Hey and_usa

You can find all the styles shown on the features page within the styles dropdown shown here:

Let us know if there is anything else we can help with.


Hey there. Just wondering if you could point me in the right direction. I want to increase the width of the right pane (, where in the stylesheet should I adjust this? I want it to be a global change (both on the home and within a post or page).


Hi pparker, We’re just looking into this now but were not sure this will actually work with the way the site functions



I got Sneekd! At the right time I was looking for a new theme for my blog, I found Endless. Clean, smart and chunky like me. There are several plugins that can add responsive functionality until included. These guys rock with support as well, looking forward to more Sneeky over here!

Hi there Lawrencelot,

Thanks for purchasing and the awesome comments!


Hi, lovely theme, is there any chance that the menu could me modified for sub pages or sub categories to fold up vertically within the menu (pushing the rest of navi down) instead of folding out horizontally overlaying the content?

With this improvement I could and would buy and use this theme :-)

Thanks for letting me know.

Hey hanhaoran,

Thanks for your msg, but unfortunately we do not have any plans to create a menu in the style you are suggesting for Endless at this moment in time.

We hope to create something you will purchase in the future!

Alright, one more thing, I’d like to change the favicon , but when I load it up it is still on the “sneak” favicon. I must be missing it somewhere else.


Hi pparker,

To change the favicon you need to replace it here: /endless/lib/images/favicon.ico

We will look to add this as a theme option in future updates. Let us know if you have any problems.

Thanks, Gaz

Theme is awesome do you have css available for a dark color scheme by chance that you could send to me? Thanks

Thanks for purchasing reckloose, a dark style version is nearly complete, look out for the next update.

Cheers Sam^


could you please help me in translating the following phrases

“It looks like we lost what you were looking for. Why not try one of the links below?

Latest Posts

Archives By Month

Archives By Category”

Also provide me any encoding changes that I should make



I have just purchased this theme, but the style.css file seems to be missing from the downloaded package! Please help, or please let me know how I can get a refund immediately.


Hi Shimmering

thanks for purchasing, to access the Style.css you need to unzip and upload it first

kind regards


Thank you! It was my mistake after all.

Another crucial thing – when I scroll down, the first point where the scrolling begins is doubling up (i.e. it shows a duplicate post in the scroll down at the point where it first started scrolling).

Secondly, my drafts are showing up in the scroll down!!


No worries – glad i could help, i will need someone a little more technical to answer your question… would you mind posting in the support forum here


How do I change the text underneath the badge? Can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks!

Hi Leigh,

This text can be changed within the General wordpress settings > Tagline

Give us a shout if you need anything else.

Thanks, Gaz

Hey guys! Thanks for the awesome theme. Couple questions.

1. I continue to have issues with the twitter widget. It works about 30% of the time. The other 70% I receive the following message. “Error: Twitter did not respond. Please wait a few minutes and refresh this page.”

2. How to I delete categories?

Hi artStatic,

Sorry for the slow reply, its been manic here! Could you email me the file lib/classes/widgets/twitter.php so I can check you have the correct version? cristian[at]

To delete categories go to the category management page and choose delete on the specific ones you want. Hope that helps!

Thanks, Cris

cool design :-) what is the picture size in the article? is the plugin wordpress lightbox evolution ready for the endless template? thank you

Hi puky,

Sorry for the slow reply, the picture width is at minimum 620px (to fit the content) The theme will resize the pictures accordingly.

If the plugin makes use of the correct WordPress hooks then Im sure it will work as intended.

Thanks, Cris

Thanks for the great theme. For some reason I cannot get the slider to work. i am not sure what is wrong. I have tried deactivating plug-ins to see if it is a compatibility issue and nothing helps. They don’t show up on the main page or on the pages where I choose to show slides. Any ideas of things I could try?

Hey therisenfenix,

Have you created a page specifically for the homepage, then set that page to be shown as a static front page within Settings > Reading Settings?

Once you have done that you will be able to activate the slider from the page itself. Jump on over to our forums if you have any more problems.

Thanks, Gaz

Thanks. I found the solutions from your link. I was just misreading the instructions.


I posted on your forum and have not gotten a response. I am missing the blog template when I create a new page. The other templates are there. Please assist

Hi Rocrom, as the theme itself is a blog it uses the standard WordPress logic to display the blog. If you want to use the blog on another page please use the ‘Home’ template. While I know this sounds counter intuative, most people using this theme wanted a blog as the home page so we were in a pickle with file naming. Hope that helps!

Thanks Cris,


Is it possible to have a menu bar on your theme? Looks awesome but i’m looking for a theme to have a menu bar along the top with the categories on it.

Also is it easy enough to change the colours of the background and the text?




I’ve just purchased your theme, no problems so far.. Only thing the date format doesn’t follow date format at settings page I have set. Is there a way to correct this? Thanks.

Hi Offminded,

Sorry about this, I’ll put it on the TODO list! Nice spot

Thanks, Cris

Hello! Thanks for this beautiful theme! :) But the code is not valid HTML5 /CSS3. :( Have you an explanation please? B.

Hi BBarabara, HTML5 & CSS3 implementations are not yet finalised so technically no HTML5 & CSS3 code can be classed as ‘valid’. I hope that explains the reason.

Thanks, Cris

I am looking into purchasing this theme but I just have a couple questions.

1. If I use a single column blog layout can I display the entire blog post with videos/songs embedded without making the user go to a post page?

2. Is there space for ads? 300×250?

Thank you!