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Hi there,

I posted my question in the support forum 3 days ago, but I get no answer yet

here is the link


Hi laurentia.d,

Sorry for the late reply, we have been very busy. To change the commentator’s name into lowercase or uppercase add the following into the custom css box within the theme options:

comment-list .comment .response {

text-transform: uppercase; }

Unfortunately we do not have time to look into problems caused with 3rd party plugins at the moment.

Thanks, Gaz

Hi! I’m having a problem with the “featured image”. I want every post of my blog to have: - the featured image (small, displayed in the home page) - the same image, in full size, inside the post What I do is uploading my image, set all the options for its size inside the post but I can’t have it resized in the “featured” area (and, thus, in the homepage).

How can I solve this?



I’m considering to buy your theme, I like very much its style and the way you work.

Before doing it I have a question: is it possible to enlarge the post area, both in the homepage/blog page and post area?

If so, in the blog page, would it be possible to have three columns of posts?

If to have an answer to my questions I have to wait the responsive version… about when will it be released?

Hi laurentia.d,

Sorry for the late reply, we have been very busy.

Unfortunately you enlarge the post area or set it to three columns, as for the responsive design we have come across some problems getting this to work effectively – we will keep people updated on this

Thanks, Sam

Hi, I just bought your theme intending to make a ENglish and Chinese site using the plugin WPML . I just noticed that it doesn’t seem to be compatible. Possible to make it compatible? -Yen Yen

Hi yenyenwoo,

Im very sorry for the late reply, unfortunately I dont think this is possible without alot of work – we will look into this and let you know



Just bought the theme, loving it totally, but there is one point that got me to hiccup BADLY . The Menu part… I can only choose pages for the menu??? not categories???pretty sure that is not due to WordPress ( clean WordPress installation. I truly do need the category part, sure I can use the Custom menu to create the links to those categories but its a bit annoying. Any chance you might implement that part?

Otherwise, LOVE the simplicity of this theme, nice and clean and minimalistic, luuurve it :)

Sorry, the last one got wrong :) Saw the categories part, but for some weird reason the categories do not show up in the categories drop down areas int he theme such as on frontpage or in the widget taxonomies area when I choose categories. weird. I have not yett isntalled any plugins what so ever so there are no plugins to make it go weird either :(

Sorry, the last one got wrong :) Saw the categories part, but for some weird reason the categories do not show up in the categories drop down areas int he theme such as on frontpage or in the widget taxonomies area when I choose categories. weird. I have not yett isntalled any plugins what so ever so there are no plugins to make it go weird either :(

And it seems I have to blame my hangover for not noticing the following part: Import posts and categories, you just MIGHT have to go in the posts and reclick the category button and update. one post for each category was enough :D

Now if I only could figure out how to increase the single post page width.. :D

Glad you sorted it trograin!

Thanks, Gaz


Does you theme have SEO built into the posts section?

Hi Snagglepop,

i’m afraid it doesn’t, sorry




I just purchased your theme. I have a couple of issues: 1 – Favicon still shows Sneek’s one 2 – ALL posts are showing, including my DRAFTS 3 – Some posts are showing more than once 4 – In some posts, the pictures do not resize properly to cover the width of the body of the post, as shown in the “demo”

Thanks! Silvina


It would be nice to get a response, either here or the thread I started at your forum.


Hi guys,

I have to say I was really impressed with the Live Demo and purchased the theme after seeing how well the test site performed. Unfortunately, I quickly learned that there are some glaring bugs in this theme and while I’ve generally had very good experiences with themes purchased from ThemeForest, this is the first time I’ve been disappointed. I would also like to point out that I am not new to Wordpress or getting themes to work for me. I’ve done it dozens of times and I’m not afraid to work through a few issues. But this goes beyond a few issues.

Frankly, I’m surprised this product is able to be purchased as there is functionality that just simply doesn’t work as advertised, there are significant gaps in your documentation, it doesn’t seem to be compatible with several major plugins (was this theme tested?), and your support is almost non-existent (just look at the myriad issues going unanswered in your support forum).

I understand you may have a small team, limited resources, etc., but as professionals there comes a time when excuses are just that – excuses. The fact that many users are facing such drastically different problems (draft posts showing to the public, staggered view repeating posts, slider appearing on pages it shouldn’t, twitter widget rarely working, post pictures not resizing or being cropped as advertised, short codes do not function properly, etc.) shows me that the theme is not ready for prime time and should not be bought until significant updates have been made.

I myself am having issues with all of the above mentioned except for draft posts going public (lucky me!). I will update this post when appropriate fixes have been made.


Hi jbibaud

Sorry for the late reply, and yes apologies there appears to be a major bug within the theme showing draft posts aswell as many other bugs. Our dev has been on holiday, and is now working on a big update for the theme fixing all known issues and including lots of cool new additional features. As you say there is no excuses, everything seemed to be working as planned on launch – we obviously didnt test enough and have learnt with our first wordpress theme ‘the hard way’.

Please look out for the new update



regards Sam

Worrying reports jbibaud. The general lack of harmony and slow support is not ideal.

Hi, I also had those two issues (both for the same reason, as it turned out):

- Unwanted display of drafts - Repeating of posts

I made a quick bugfix that works fine for me. Maybe it will help you too. I posted about it in my blog in german language, but added a short note in englisch. Should be enough for everybody to understand. I you need further advice, feel free to ask :)

Hi netZw3rg

Sorry for the late reply, and thanks for pointing out your solution to the problem, we are working on a large update to the theme at the moment and hope to release the update and fix soon



when we see a new version of the theme?

Hi rstachayra

Sorry for the late reply, we are working on a large update at the moment




In your demo, you’ve inserted Porfolios in the menu. May I ask you how you did this ? With my Wordpress admin, I can only insert pages, article’s Categories or custom url ? Do you use custom urls to insert Profolios ?

Hi there u-lounge,

Thanks for purchasing! You will need to add a page called ‘Portfolio’ (or any other name) Then apply the Portfolio template from the Page Attributes box.

Then add the the page via Appearance > Menus

Let us know if you have any other problems.



Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to wrap the text around the featured image in the single blog post page. Most of my images are quite small, e.g. 300×300, so it looks odd with just a small square on top. Is there something in the php or css for the single.php page that I can change, so the text will wrap around and the featured image floats left?

The duplicate post, and draft post problem has now been fixed. please download the updated version this time tomorrow.

in the meantime here is the fix if needed..

Hello! First off, I’d like to say I love the theme! Well done.

I’m considering buying it for a client, but I would need to change the colors to make it darker. I noticed in your future update features that a darker color scheme would be added. I was wondering if you had a timeline on the release of the update yet, so I could plan for it. I’d rather not spend time reworking the color scheme just to see an update in 2 days haha.


Hi Calleynye,

I have started the darker design but its not complete at the moment. I’d be happy to send over the CSS and images for what we’ve started so far though?

We are super busy at the moment so I can’t really give a time when it will be finished. Here is a quick preview of what it looks like:

If you do decide to buy and would like the files please email me: gaz[@]

Thanks, Gaz

I’m wondering how I can get the theme to center featured images. Even if I select the “center” image radio button under the featured image dialogue, I cant get it to center… help? Thank you!!

Hi outomyelement,

Would you be able to email a link to your site to: support[@] so we can take a look at your problem.



Hi, I’m having the same problem can’t centre the featured image. I posted previously about maybe wrapping the text around the image for smaller images. Didn’t get a response, I’ve sent an email to that address now. Thanks

Try adding the following to the custom css field within the theme options:

.single .hentry .feature-image img { display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; }