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I noticed you have a darker theme and looks like this: I bought the theme in light color. When will these other features and updates correcting problems covered over last 3 weeks be worked out? Will you notify me when the dark background is ready so I can use this?

Hi Broyhill,

Thanks for purchasing, The issues from the last three weeks (dupe posts, etc) should have been fixed in the update from last week, so please re-download this.

yes we have a black version we’re making at the moment. Unfortunately were in the middle of a large project so cant guarantee when this will be complete – please drop us an email if you would like the CSS of what has been done so far



Hello i actually use the theme version 1.2.1 Could you tell me when you think the update will be able to download ? Thank you

Hi 22h43

the latest version (v1.2.4) is available to download now.

We are working on another update at the moment which will add more features and visual updates like a darker skin.



is it possible to make the navigation “fix” = non scrolling on a fix position when the content scrolls vertically??

Hi Mylander

The following code will fix the whole sidebar.

”#secondary { position: fixed; }”

The problem with this is the whole of your sidebar will not be viewable to smaller resolutions. We are working on a better solution to this. A future release will allow you to change this setting via the Appearance ? Theme Options.



Hi Sneek,

Thank you for your nice work and theme!

When do you plan to release the big update? Will It be responsive ?

Hi mscoaching,

Thanks for your kind comments! we are working on an update at the moment which will include a dark theme and lots of other cool updates to the theme. unfortunately i cant give an ETA of when the responsive will be released as we have encountered a few problems with this.



Hello, Great theme

But i have a problem with the box show slideshow, does not work on the blog pages, contact etc. That works only on Home page.

Regards David

Hi Davco

thank you, please could you head over to the support forum and someone will be able to help you out




Love your theme, so I bought it for a new project…

I would like to show YouTube vids on the homepage-posts though… Any way to do this ? So I mean, on the home page, where the posts appear “staggered”, I would like to immediately show the video.. As featured image/video OR without featured image, but as first “content” of the post , so as summary…

So, if there’s a YouTube video I would like to share, I’d like to show it immediately instead of letting the visitor click 2x to see it…

Hope there’s a solution for this… I tried some plugins but none work properly….


Hi JovaSolutions thank you, please could you head over to the support forum and someone will be able to help you out Cheers Sam

Hi, Is there any news about the darker skin? When will it be available?

Hi nikmikyok,

We are hoping to release it next week.

Thanks, Cris

Hi I wanted to make an accordian navigation as opposed to the flyout. Is the flyout generated through HTML /Javascript, or is it php? Is it relativly easy to figure out?

Hi ashleebeggs,

We use the WordPress menus & WordPress custom menu widget to create our menus. Then we add a sprinkle of JavaScript to make them animated; We have used CSS to style the menus in their sub navigation, but this is a matter of a few lines which can easily be removed. Hope that helps!

If you have any other questions please feel free to use our forum.

Thanks, Cris


I would like to konw if is possible to show the complete post instead of resumed post in the time lime?


Hi Evomaster,

This is possible however you will need to edit the theme files. It’s a simple change, if you know your way around a little code. We can help you with this.

Thanks, Cris

when we see a new update?

Hey rstachyra – apologies for the late reply, we’re pretty stacked at the moment, updated WP version has been worked on but we had to stop due to client demands! It is in the pipeline i can assure you but i cant give an exact timescale sorry

Hello! I love this theme! Can you tell me if the badges can be removed and replaced with a logo or not?

hi G1Girl,

Thanks for your comment, yes the Logo can be replaced – it tells you how to do so in the documentation supplied. If you have trouble then our support team will be able to assist please note they currently on holiday until tuesday 23rd October




Really tempted to buy this theme as it’s simple but a very nice layout that is very different from what else can be bought on themeforest.

However a few issues I think that make myself a bit wary of purchasing.

I noticed on your website there is a problem with duplicate posts with this theme. Is this fixed?

The theme seems to have not been updated since the middle of the year and does your theme support wordpress 3.4 ?


When will you release the updates ? (to make the theme responsive…)

Thank you,

When will you release the dark theme? We are waiting for 1 month!

Hi Nikmikyok.

It’s in the queue. :)

Sadly we have to prioritise client work over this as it pays our rent!

Regards, Cris

Hi, are there any news about the dark theme? :( When will it be available?

Hi nikmikyok,

its available to download now, you will need to re-download the theme and its within the new theme options -

Regards, Sam

Awesome! Thank you :)

No problem :)

I would like to show my whole post on the home page, not just previews. How can I do that?

Hi Scttfahrig,

If you open up the content.php and replace ‘the_excerpt’ with ‘the_content’.

Hope that helps, Cris

I love this theme!

...but I really need a responsive site. Is that update coming soon? Please? :)

Hi guys,

I am thinking about to buy that pretty theme but I was wondering if the theme is compatible with multi-language plugins as well. I need to run the blog in two languages and want to know if you can recommend a plugin that runs with the theme.



I got 2 questions:

- how can I change the “loading” and “no more post” at the bottom? - how can I change the “serach…” text inside the search widget?

Thanks for help

Hi Johndoe, we provide translation files for the theme; or if you prefer a hacky way, you can edit the source code.

I hope this helps, Cris