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I replaced ‘the_excerpt’ with ‘the_content’ in the content.php file and that didn’t seem to do anything. Any ideas?

Hi Scott,

Can we continue this over email. We don’t get notifications of comments or replies here. cristian[at] if you please :)

I downloaded and paid for The Novelist. I just wanted to separate my blogs into two categories:

a) blogs to ebook publication and b) articles related to the blogged book

Hostgator told me that The Novelist cannot do this. Pauline Gallagher

Hi Pauline,

This is not the comment area for the novelist, you should contact the author via their page:

Regards, Cris

Greetings Sneek,

I’m a potential buyer, and I’m curious about the update you mentioned earlier in this thread. Is this theme responsive yet, or will it be soon?



Hi gejones,

unfortunately we were unable to make this theme responsive without alot of errors and bugs, we’re not ruling it out but its not high on our list of priorities at the moment

Hello, do you provide xml file with sample (demo like) data with this theme?

Great Theme!! We’ve been using this for a while now and are loving it! One quick question. We are having an issue with the comments section squishing the lines together. Can you help? and click on a post. I left a question in your forum but didn’t get any responses.


Hi, sorry for missing your thread on our forums. You seem to be using another plugin for the comments. Also there are a lot of other customisations to the theme. Sadly I can’t give you a simple CSS rule, but you will need to adjust the line height. This is a CSS property. usually a line height of 1.625em is a nice relative unit.

ok, thank you. I thought it might be some other plug-in but couldn’t tell if the theme was overriding it or not…

I would like to ask two things: I’m going to upgrade wordpress to version 3.5. Is the template compatible with this core version? I would change “categories” in “categorie” on the demo home page. What is the file that I need to change? Thanks Mario

Where is the support for your theme? I posted a question and requested help, almost 4 days ago, on your website without any answer at all and I am not alone there. You made a great theme but without support it is not worth much. I have no doubt that you could have made a lot of sales if the support was good or you were answering pre-sales questions. This will only turn people away. If you do not have time for the theme any more, you need to take it down, so that no one will buy it and got stuck with it. I hope you understand and will act accordingly, business is all about serving people and serve them right. Thanks

Hi Majama, we work on GMT time, and don’t work at the weekends. Sorry about that! I have replied to your email. Thanks for the comment about the great theme, we love it too.

I do not remember seeing your pre-sales question so I am sorry for missing this, we do have a variety of clients and we often receive a lot of email communication.

As the Envato policy states, theme support is entirely optional; thus it becomes a lower priority when our paying clients request changes or commission new work.

Regards, Cris

Hi, very nice theme! Is it possible to add language translation like Google translate or Transposh WordPress Translation to this theme?

Hi Jesper – these have been answered in the forum

Hi Sneek, hope you will answer the above question and the ones asked in the support forum. Thanx … Jesper

Hi Jesper – these have been answered in the forum

Hi, just bought the theme and I’m happy with it. There’s something that I think you could improve which is the infinite loading, some posts stay below the previous posts when the loading is happening at the scroll down. New posts should always be below those posts even when loading, do you think you can fix it?

Hi Cortex, we have only just seen this. Can we redirect this to our support forum? It should work as normal. Can you send us a link to test. Also please disable all other plugins first and see if this resolves the issue.

Thanks, Cris

Can we add this to the auction items to the website on the home page?

What I wanted is unlimited items listing on any page and box containing the auction details. If its not possible, do you accept custom works, if yes, what would you charge to get this integrate with the above word-press theme. I just need approximate figure.

Hi there,

It would definitely be custom work. Depending on how you want to work it, to integrate an ajax loading into the page could be 1 – 2 days work. However, there is a plugin which might be just enough for what you want. try some of these types of plugins. To create a smoother & slicker experience custom integration / development is always best.

If you would like to continue this discuss; it would be best via email

Thanks, Cris

hi, please tell me how to change between 3 blog styles: Facebook style staggered…? Thanks you!

... Oh I found it!

Glad you found it :)


i do have that theme on my blog ( but it only shows 2 new posts and not more untill you click on “show more” how to change that to more posts?

Hi, I believe we spoke over email :)

Hi, I don’t have photoshop. How much would you charge to change the text of one of your retro logos?


Hi Patrice,

Im assuming you mean the badges that come with Endless? would you email me please



Hi, I don’t have photoshop. How much would you charge to change the text of one of your retro logos?


Hello. Where can I find and or set-up the line that you have in the demo site (under the slider, above the blog posts) that says “I’m your never ending story…”? I can’t find it anywhere and I would like to set up something similar. Thank you for your help.

NEVER MIND. I see you have to set it up as a page to get that to show as a title.

Glad you have found the answer

Will this work with Wordpress 3.5.1?

Yes is does,

kind regards


Please please please, make this responsive, have already seen the comment above about the bugs etc but please give it some priority, will help a lot :) Cheers!

Responsive would be great!

+1 !