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Any chance an update is in the works? Not keen on buying a theme that hasn’t been looked at for a year.

Probably not we are afraid

endless not working with wordpress 3.7.1 when you correct this?

Any chance of an update to work with WP 3.8?

where is the demo content here

I would like to have the comments show on the pages, not just the posts. What code can I add to do this? I’ve tried everything! Thanks.

With this theme, is it possible to have a horizontal menu? Also what is the largest image size permissible in the body/can the current image sizes be increased ?


Great Template and Almost exactly what I’m looking for.

Would it be at all possible to make it a Site Template instead of the Wordpress? Also, Would it be possible to make it Responsive?

Thanks, Jason

Live preview not working. :(

Your demo doesn’t work.