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Hi, where can we view the changelog for the latest update 5.5.2?

thank you


I set it at 5000 on my server, usually :-)

Hi again,

I manged to incease the php execution time from 600 to 1000, and the php max input vars to 5000.

it seems the problem still exists, i am unable to add more menu items as before.

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Could you provide the shot of the System Status printed by WooCommerce on your backend (path: WooCommerce -> System Status).

Manuel :-)

Hi manuel, I’m very pleased with your theme, but having some issues. Hope you can help me:) :

Updating the Enfinity theme after installation on my new website resulted in the following error: The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature. Could you advise me for a solution?

Second issue has to do with saving changes. When I try to save adjustments in the dedicated Enfinity Theme option/admin panel. When I try to save a new color, font, price table, or import a txt file for a skin, nothing happens. The “save changes” button seems unresponsive.

Yours Dirk

Hi manuel, thanks for your quick responses. Without taking any action, the save changes button is working properly now!:) I LUV the import/export skin function btw!

Hi manuel, thanks for your quick responses. Without taking any action, the save changes button is working properly now!:) I LUV the import/export skin function btw!

Yikes! My customer hasn’t updated your theme since version 2.2.7b. Running WordPress version 4.2.2. Will I have any issues with updating the theme from 2.2.7b to the current version? Any tweaks I will have to afterward updating for any layout issues?

Honestly I haven’t ever tried. Just make a backup and contact me if you have any problem, I’ll try to fix it.

Manuel :-)

Well, almost everything worked perfectly. Header and footer are giving me problems. Header is missing and Footer is off to the left. And the footer text shows the html coding. In the admin panel for re loading in the logo, my “Save Changes” seem to be unresponsive. ( I thought I was crazy, but I just noticed someone else had that issue). Can I send you user name and password info to check it out?

Sure, here is my email address: manu[at]pixedelic.com (remind me this thread in the email).

Manuel :-)


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Where is the change log and version number? I don’t understand why you won’t post this info like everyone else?

Hi, sorry for that, but you only have to click the button on the option panel:

Manuel :-)

First… thanks again for this template. I love it and get lots of impressed comments. I have been using Enfinity for a few years already and everything is functional. Yet, in my themes management I have the following:

Broken Themes The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Name Description custom-widgets Stylesheet is missing. Delete documentation Stylesheet is missing. Delete licensing Stylesheet is missing. Delete psd Stylesheet is missing. Delete

Is this a mistake? Your template uploaded and like I said, I have been using Enfinity for a long time already. It appears to function perfectly.


it seems you have uploaded some wrong files in wp-content / themes. It doesn’t seem an issue due to Enfinity. To check this just switch to a different theme and check if the problem persists. I guess it persists.

To delete those file I’m afraid you have to use an FTP client and delete them manually.

Let me know. Manuel :-)