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Hi, for a new project we are thinking about using Enfold again.

One short and simple question before we buy:

How can we position the tabs (.tabs) in the middle of the tabcontainer?? (center instead of float:left)

Kind regards


Yeet Author Team


Thank you for contacting us!

Would you like to center tab titles? If so, please add following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options under General Styling tab
.js_active .tab { text-align: center; }
If that is not what you meant, please post a screenshot and show the changes you would like to make. You can upload your screenshots on or Dropbox public folder and post the links here.
thats exactly what i meant but your suggestion does not work because it centers the TEXT IN a Tab but i need to center the tab-elements To make sure what i mean:

Is it possible to have the side menu/nav hide but then show on rollover?

I need to rebuild a client’s site and have already used Enfold for one site. Her site, however, is form heavy due to what she does: The forms (right side are all the links) are her lifeblood. Can I utilize Enfold’s contact form content element to create multiple forms as her site has now, or would you recommend a third-party plugin?

also, the map is a Flash file (yes, that’s how old this site is). Do I continue to use this Flash file or is there newer technology to create a map like this?

I need to get her site out of Catalyst as they will eventually stop supporting it and I want her site responsive.

Please advise as to the best plan of action with my client’s forms.


PrinceLAB Purchased

Hi, is Enfold 3.6.1 compatible with WordPress 4.5.3? Thank you


WatersZ Purchased

Hi, I purchased a further template from you and need help with a current support topic. I opened a request on your forum and it seems to be taking a long time to resolve something that should be able to be fixed as it is featured in your demo. The support request is here: please can someone fix this for us as it is slowing down the project.

Thanks and appreciated.

Okay, ignore this please, we are almost there in finding the solution. Thanks

Hi Just wondering how to change the mobile menu font colour or background. It is white at the moment on a white background. Cheers

What’s the best way to remove the title “you are here” before the breadcrumb without having to redo it every update? I want to keep the breadcrumb. Just not the “you are here”

Hi Insert correctly address and coordinate the media element “Google Maps” in contacts and it does not load! What is happening need help.


We have recently installed and are building our site but when we deleted all of the unused pages and only have the ones we are using the theme settings will not find any pages for us to set as the home page so it is stuck to default blog. Everything was great until then. I can still get to the home page without issue when following the view on the page edit screen. Very strange how can we fix this?

I’m making a product detail page. I want to show the latest products across the bottom of the page . What should I do?

Hi. Superb tool. One question: Can we insert tables in “Tabs”? I want to have a “results” page and different categories in it e.g. Men, women. I wanted to use tabs with title “men” “women” and to show the results inside each page, to use tables with ranking etc….

if not, what is best way to do it. thank you.

Hello! I love, as ever, your great theme, but if you can, I’ve a question. I fall in love with the “Startup Business Demo”, but I can modify the color of the top header bar when I scroll down. I saw that it is possible make it by the “General style” panel, but I would change it with my own css. Is it possible? Thanks for your work! :D


Hi Kriesi, Enfold theme is one of the best over the web. Thanks for it! - Only one question. Please advice, how to align those buttons exactly centered in the slider at mobil view. I see some offset, that is not beautiful. However the demos show the same thing: - Two buttons next to each other, vertically reordered at mobile view, but they are not exacly centered. Please help!

Thanks in advance.