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Hi Kriesi,

Thanks for an amazing theme :)

I was wondering is this can be achieved: I have an image with hubspots that is a map. Then I have an ajax portfolio, with all the countries tagged in the map. What I want to achieve is to anchor link the hubspot to the portfolio item when open. This wouldn’t open into a new portfolio page, just the ajax with the preview with some information about the country.

Is this possible, and if yes, how?

Thanks in advance


Kriesi Author

Hey! I am afraid thats not possible out of the box and a customization thats a little too much for our default support but it would probably not be too hard to pull off for a freelancer :)

All that needs to be done is catch the “click” event to the hotspot via javascript and then trigger a click event on one of the portfolio items.

Something that can probably be done within an hour or so. If you want to you can use our customization form which will connect you to a freelancing service:

Hey! Thanks for your answer :)


cbesett Purchased

It says retina ready but i still don’t see an option for even a retina version of the logo. And i’m having trouble finding where to set the size in the css as well.


To make it as simple as possible for non-technical users we recommend to simply upload a logo twice the size of what you want on a non retina device. the theme will take care of the rest, there is no need to change any options in that case :)

yeah i saw that in another comment and for some reason it didn’t do it. i finally found the css to resize it.

My best guess is that you are using an older version of enfold with a newer wordpress version.

Please make sure to update the theme and wordpress to the latest version. If the problem persists feel free to open a thread in our support forum: ;)

Hi Kriesi,

I would like to host this theme to one of my website first (, after that just transfer it to actual host ( Is that will got any issue of licensing problem?

Thanks in advance :)

Hi Kriesi, SOmehow i was not able to upgrade Enfold from the admin panel so i went ahead and uploaded a fresh latest Enfold folder to ftp theme folder. But under admin panel updates section, it still ask to be upgraded and also i see a weird error messages in the avia layout builder. Please see

Hi Kriesi,

I am using a blog grid view listing page. But there is a requirement to show the latest single blog item on top of the grid in full width view. I am wondering how can i achieve this with Enfold. Can you suggest? here is the screenshot what i am trying to achieve

By default there used to be a activity log on the pages/posts but i dont see that on the wordpress setups using enfold. please suggest. is that feature deactivated in Enfold?

Hi, my shop single page is coming out awkwardly…there are no sidebar and everything is displayed in one single long page. What is wrong…I imported the default shop page by the way

In addtion, my blog page is not coming out as mansory grid. I have tried all options possible – including adding masory inside the blog page


Warum rutscht das Layout-Element nicht nach oben? Bleibt ((schön)) auf dem Abschluss der rechten Spalten hängen… Kannst Du mir bitte helfen… – Danke!


MIST – Klapt doch nicht, alles gut auf einem großem Screen, sobald ich auf MacBook 13” schaue geht es so nicht… – HELP…