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Hi, how are you?

We’d be glad to purchase the theme in the event you can assure me it works with languages like Portuguese, Spanish, French and even Russian. We had the opportunity to play with this theme using the English language on a friend’s server, and when trying to use words from other languages like those I mention, we had problems displaying the characters on some specific parts of the theme, as accented words and ‘special characters’ would not be stored correctly in the database.

It is important to mention that the database is using UTF8mb4, and the MySQL server is default to UTF8mb4 as well, PHP is configured as UTF-8 compliant, and everything is properly setup. Everything works fine in the WordPress itself when it is with the theme deactivated, but when we activate it and, for example, try to load some parts of theme with special characters inserted on it, the words with accents are displayed correctly. Thereafter, I suppose it may be an issue with character encoding on the theme, as WordPress and other applications alone works fine without these issues.

Again, most of it works absolutely fine and correctly…
And it is a great theme for sure!
You did a great job! :)

What may be going on? How hard would it be to fix it? Any advice on it please? Could you please share some comments on this regard in a manner we can purchase and use the theme?

As a side note, I’ve found these other great articles, which may be of some help on further development of this theme as well other projects you may run:
1. http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2012/06/06/all-about-unicode-utf8-character-sets/
2. http://iconoun.com/articles/collisions/
3. http://infopotato.com/documentation/core/utf8
4. https://www.bluebox.net/insight/blog-article/getting-out-of-mysql-character-set-hell
5. http://www.w3.org/International/questions/qa-html-encoding-declarations

And this thread as well:

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Hey! Truth to be to told, since a lot of customers are using our site with the languages you mentioned it kind of surprises me that it does not work for you. Probably the easiest explanation is that you use a font set in the theme that does not contain the special characters.

Other than that, without seeing the actual installation and checking the server settings I really cant say much about the issue :)

It should and does work fine for most people and if it does not we will certainly help and get it running but if it is indeed a server issue my knowledge about server configuration might be to limited and I might not be able to fix it for you. So there is a little risk involved :)


Thanks for your feedback Kriesi!

It does work for sure as far as I’m aware of. Since I couldn’t test it myself, I can’t tell you what was the specific portion that showed up the double-encoded and/or useless data, probably due to multibyte characters. I’ll need to ask the employee who tested it and provide you a feedback about it, to the exact point that matters – That be, where the issue is going on.

It is important to mention that, as I’m aware of, most of the things did work absolutely fine. But there was something specific that had an issue with characters. I’ll need to check what it was. In any way, those articles seems a good reference on some good practices to make all the ‘stuff’ welcome to the vast majority of the languages.

Additionally, I’d be glad to answer anything you may want to ask in a manner we test it in a better manner. If it involves giving you root access to a server, it is okay as well.

I’ll get back to you up to Saturday. In this while, if I can help on something, please let me know it.

Thank you pretty much fellow,


I am unable to edit any of my pages since updating to wordpress 4. I have reinstalled the theme (the newest version), I have deactivated all plugins. I have tried different browsers. I have contacted Bluehost for support and when I change the theme I am able to edit. So the issue I am having is with the enfold theme and wordpress 4. Please help!!

I have yet to be able to do anything with your theme. I cannot find a demo content import option, the slider is unable to import properly, the front page option will not allow any selection, I’m not seeing a template builder etc….its been several weeks now and I have gotten no where with this theme. Maybe its the wordpress 4 I don’t know but this has been very frustrating to say the least.

joe_en Purchased

Hi: I am using wordpress 4.0 and just installed your theme. But it seems the page builder does not work. Pls advise.