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hi Is there a way to get the same mouseover effect on the top menu just like i have here on this site ?

i am thinking of buying ur enfold theme. And I was wondering.

and if i can do that how to do that using ur theme ? I am of course using the 2013 default theme that came with my wordpress. I like a menu where u can clearly visually see where u r at in the menu before u click..And in my 2013 theme i am not using any other external plugins to get this effect.


Yes thats possible. There is a styling editor in the backend that lets you set the hover color of your menu items :)


Well i have been trying to get the css to work but it never will has no effect so i just use the no code edtor but doing that i can not find any hover color setting or any hover time setting. I also have another idea solution to this isue. I was planning to buy this menu u think it would work with ur Enfold theme ?The one called MeanMenu. its here.. http://www.meanthemes.com/plugins/meanmenu/ i like to keep my text menu but like some more clear mouseover effect on it with no anymation of change of the design or any one of those pop out menues either just want a classic menu and only one menu have a topmenu the one with all the menu points on the page. I do not want an image menu either which is cleassic for many of the third partty jscript menu i tested for my wordpress blog.

Hello Please help ,

I want to add just one image to show contact number , email on top right corner of header (opposite of logo). I cant find where to put or where is logo code in header.php. Could you please tell me where to add this or how ?

Thank you so much.


You need to put it into the file enfold/includes/helper-main-menu.php ;)

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Hi Kriesi, I used content elements “Blog Posts” on this page for the 3 columns. Check out the page here I would like to make the “post title, date, read more” align center under the thumbnail, can you kindly help me for the quick css code? Thanks!

that should do: add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->General Styling:
.slide-entry.flex_column .slide-content {
text-align: center;

Hello! I have a small question, the copyright in the footer section can be removed? Thank you!


We have purchased your theme a while ago. Now we have updated it to latest version and the theme doesn’t work well anymore. Your page builder won’t load and we are missing some parts on our website.

Do you know what the problem is and could u help us please?


Hey! I am afraid I cant tell without seeing your installation and your backend.

Please open a thread in our support forum:


Please also add a link to your site as well as the login credentials (in the “private data” field) when opening the thread, so we can take a look at your backend.

Cheers! Kriesi

Hi i asked if you could help me install latest version and also if you could help me to have the video on the home page



Here are some instructions to update to the latest version:


If you need help with certain elements on the page please open a thread in our support forum:


Please also add a link to your site and describe exactly what you are trying to do and my team will take care of your problem :)

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any known bugs with the newest version of wordpress (4.1)? Im going to wait to upgrade to see if you guys release an updated version. Thanks.


First tests indicate that everything seems to work fine with WordPress 4.1 – However its quite early and if you want to make 100% sure I would recommend to wait a few days until we have thoroughly tested the theme and got some user reports :)

I’m trying to use a custom video player, but no matter how I embed the code it doesn’t show up on the site.

Here’s a page I tested it on: http://www.yifatcohennetwork.com/test-vid-player/

Here’s the code: <script type=”text/javascript”>// <![CDATA[ jwplayer(‘playerEuwqFnnZaVic’).setup({ file: ‘https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEMOvVV4Aak';, width: ‘100%’, aspectratio: ‘16:9’, skin: ‘stormtrooper’, primary: ‘flash’, ga: ‘{}’, sharing: ‘{}’ }); // ]]></script>

And here’s a site it is working on – http://www.snaphix.net/2014/05/jw-test.html