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g_khatri Purchased

Hi there, firstly like all other user, I am feeling great using your theme. so far its great theme to work with FUN ! :)

one quick question, How can have “phone number” info on the level of social bar when i use “header with social section and bottom” as header option.

regards G

Hey Kriesi
First up I hope taht you had a great vacation.
This is a GREAT theme that a client of mine purchased and I’m using for their new website.
And I have a question re the latest version
In the Item Details on ThemeForest it says that the latest is version 1.4 but when my client downloaded it yesterday and I installed it, it shows as version 1.3.1
Is that just a mistake, or hasn’t version 1,4 become available yet.

its 1.3.1 or 1.4 ? ;)

is their any demo content for this website with images to help get started and do I need to know code to use this site as I cant decide between this site and another

hello Is there a way to set a protected gallery? have a nice vacation! :)

Hi, Can u show us a link for different websites that was built using Enfold theme.

Do you have in any of your WP themes, a way to publish a newsletter and email it to clients from inside the theme?

Love your theme! If I choose it, will it be easy or require a designer or programmer to include a similare Social Media widget / top of page, as used here: http://themeforest.net/item/coworker-responsive-retina-multipurpose-theme/full_screen_preview/4608484

And can I also using Enfold theme include nice icons like on above FAQ?

And final question; If i purchase the Ignition Deck Crowd Funding Plugin for WordPress and installs and tests it sharp so that you can include in list of compatible plugins, will you if something doesn´t work well with the Enfold theme be able to assist, in order to get it up and running, as on many other themse, such as forexample: http://demo.krownthemes.com/goodwork/crowd-funding-1/

Thanks Christian, appreciate your hard work!

visitart Purchased


How do you get the background image behind the text on the page “help”

Please advice / J

blingcart Purchased

How do I add the 3 support boxes like shown on the bottom of your live preview just above the footer? I need this section on the theme i purchased.

A few more questions :)
1) Can I change the title text color of the icon box? http://www.kriesi.at/themes/enfold/shortcodes/iconbox/?skin=Navy
2) can icon list to be insert into icon box?

Hi Kriesi,

great work! We consider to switch our theme to Enfold, but have some questions concerning woocommerce:

- Is it possible to show a product category image (like in the Replete theme)? - Is it possible to show a description text on product category sites? - Is it possible to have a “second” text line under the site name?

Thanks a lot and all the best! Maike

wow great update! I would immediately buy, If the slider could be 100% height / fullscreen.

It would be nice to have the portfolio thumbnails in other layout options like masonrye style too. And option to greyscale the thumbnail images would be nice to, so the they turn to color on mouse over.

manv83 Purchased

Hi Kriesi, you done a good job! In the new update, when I turn the theme into boxed mode the cart doesn’t appear. Can you fix it please? Thanks in advance. Cheers


The cart should appear as soon as you add a product. If it doesn’t please post to the support forum since I am currently on vacation

Hi Kriesi, can the theme show woocommerce product on the home page?


Yes that works :)

Support Questions

Hey guys! I am currently on vacation. Please post any support requests in our support forum at http://www.kriesi.at/support/

My team will take care of you :)

rsalex Purchased

Needs a fix: There is no top border for the socket. When you cut-out a footer, there is no border line between main content and socket.

domibit Purchased

This is the “Theme” that was expected, excellent work as always, you are the best! :)

Please I Want it to Support RTL I’m Arabian I want to purchase the Theme Please I want to right from Right to left :((

Hello, Enfold is an really amazing theme. I need to use a plugin for making members. The members won’t pay but I need to control the process: I don’t want anybody become a member and wp-members is perfect for that. Does WP-MEMBERS work fine with Enfold? Do you recommend any other plugin for this task? Regards.