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Hi, how can I remove the search icon from the header navigation menu? Thanks

add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:
#top .main_menu .menu>li:last-child>a {
padding-right: 0;
display: none;

I’m seriously thinking about buying this theme… Quick question first: Does this have a paralax feature built in? I’m looking for something that would work well for a 1-page site with paralax. Thanks!



One more question… Does the paralax feature work on tablets and mobile devices too?


No sorry, I have disabled the parallax effect of the fullscreen slider because it displays clunky on mobiles and tablets and I prefer to offer a good user experience over some unnecessary eye candy :)

Once tablets and smartphones have more rendering power and can display parallax effects smoothly I will of course change that :)


Makes sense, thanks for the reply!

comment deleted.

are the icons colors customizable?

also can we add like circle backgrounds behind the icons and can we change those colors?


Hey! All icons are provided by a icon font. which means you can edit the colors with css and also add border and border radius if thats what you need ;)

Hello and congratulations on the great new theme.

Regarding the responsive resizing – is there a system available in the editor so that smaller versions of images are automatically swapped out to reduce bandwidth usage for tablets, phones, etc?


Great – what plugin! – This is a central issue that is required actually when you consider how slow, and costly it becomes loading images, as this fine design has, that are 1700px wide to a phone. And that is just one image on the homepage…

This is not to denigrate your accomplishment, the foreground images are the huge problem for most responsive sites still, while background images we can swap out easier via media queries.

I look forward to seeing the plugin you recommend as that would interest me and make this theme highly viable for my clients. And please let me know if it’s available via the Envato Community – this is essential to complete the responsive approach. Most designers completely shy away from addressing it. Without it, the responsive factor is marginally useful for a successful website with high traffic and lots of content.


Hey! You are probably right, for fullscreen slideshows this is an issue for sure, didnt think of that. Unfortunately, since the fullscreen slider attaches the images as background image I am not sure if there is a plugin that works well with that. Will do a little research on the topic :)

In the meantime it might indeed be the only option to overwrite the image of the fullscreen slideshow with media queries :/


Thanks – Right, this is major contentious design issue for all responsive themes. So if you do think of a plugin, just for foreground images, I would be interested…

The background I can handle as I said with media queries, though that is not an editing task most clients want to deal with, that’s not a huge issue.

Lastly, like you most likely, I’ve really hated all the cross-browser headaches of the past decade, though they are much better now – but with responsive now we have a lot of variations in mobile devices, not just sizing issues, but the various hardware & operating systems – which leads me to ask if the animation on the nice responsive menu breaks down on one of them? And which one, and if it degrades smoothly?

I really like the theme, and your commitment to the work, your extended time in this community, so I look forward to soon building one or more stupendous sites with this, and your future themes.

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You deserve an award for this eco-system!!

Respect bro!!


Haha, glad you like it! Thanks a lot ;D

My enfold theme is not recognizing the custom CSS style sheet. Everything I place there is not overwriting the original code that came with the theme. Any ideas how to make the custom.css as you suggest that we use to be recognized?


Hey! Mind posting a link to your site here? What are the changes you tried to make in your custom.css?

Dear Support team, one difficult question…

pls visit… webex.gr/noslider.jpg

i have put background the same with the slider. What i want to ask is how i can remove the slider, BUT leane the gap so someone see the background only, and i will change the background after 5 seconds and it will be like full screen slider, but i must somehow leave the gap empty and to be able to see all the background. Pls guys, how i can do this…?? pls help KInd regards, xrisxal2000


Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating the theme and my support team will take care of you ;)


Please add a link to your site and to the screenshot so my team knows whats going on ;)


Ok Kriesi, Thanks ! Have a creative day! (as always!!) kind regards, xrisxal2000

Ajax Portefolio I can see it here on your demo, but i can not see how to on my purchased?


Another question. I got an email about update. I clicked the link and download it (it says its from june 6 – even you have made update later?) – and when i install its still says: KriesiVersion 1.3.1 – Soooo how do i get the LATEST update?


Hey Jane! If you download the latest version from themeforest again you should receive the latest version, which also includes the ajax portfolio :)


But i tryed to go to the link, and download – but i still do not get the latest version? :)


hey! just tried it myself and it works fine :)

Are you sure that your files are replaced properly? Would recommend to download the theme files again and then first unzip the folder and check the style.css file. the version should be 1.7. If thats still not the case the only thing I can think of is a bug in the themeforest download system. In that case you would need to contact themeforest support :/

Been watching this theme break some sound barriers moving up the TF ranks. Way to go, big time. So happy to see a new star! (And I know you are hardly new around here!) Congratulations on all the sales, comments, and updates!


Thanks a lot! :)

Is there a German translation of the theme text included?


Hey! Translation strings for the frontend are already included. Backend translation will be added with one of the next versions :)


OK, thanks. Frontend is the important one for me.

Hello how are you doing? I am looking to see where to get the demo content to set up the site like the demo.


*Found It*

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Hi Kriesi! How are you doing? I received couple email from you with Enfold up dated version, but I did not find any instruction on how to do these upgrades, could you let me know how to…



Simply download the theme again from themeforest. you will receive the latest version. You can then either delete the old one and upload the new one in your wordpress backend or do an update via FTP:


Can I make a header with a menu transparent and spread a picture from “fullscreen parallax slideshow” to it?


Hey! By default thats not possible but with some minor css changes this should work fine :)


Do you think you can help me with this?


Of course. Once you have set up your site post me a link so I can check the source code (each page gets a unique class) so we can make sure to target only the necessary page with those css changes ;)

small question:

With the IconList, can you have text left & right of 1 icon? So the iconlist is centered, and the text is left and right?



Hey! No sorry, thats currently not possible

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For some reason the images I am posting do not contain the ALT tag or Title. I am adding it on the MEDIA page. Can you PLEASE help me?

I am reading around and it seems this is missing somewhere: alt=”<?php echo get_post_meta($att, ‘_wp_attachment_image_alt’, true); ?>”

Can you please help?

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OK so, I changed everything in config-templatebuilder/, and now I see the fields when I add the image. However it doesn’t render on the output HTML. Where could this be?

ctaborda Purchased

Ok I ended up reinstalling, and it works. Now off to re-customizing :(


Hm sorry for that. no Idea why that didnt work out, I re-checked it once more and replacing the config-templatebuilder folder should have definitley worked.

the search box doesn’t work, and the header cannot response to the scrolling. please help me, thanks. my site is www.verysense.com


i really really appretiate it~ Thanks very much! the problem is solved! i’ll keep buying your awesome themes, thanks again!


the last thing is, i set up websites for clients, i used some wp themes, it seems some themes’ menu system can response to asian character, maybe, although not very necessary, in future could this theme support asian character like chinese or korean menu? it’s just a little suggestion, :> have a nice day!


Will see what I can do ;)

Hi Kriesi,

very impressed with your themes and the comments you get. Are your themes future-proof as Wordpress updates? (obviously I know I’ll need to do updates myself). I just want to make sure that down the track the theme is still working with the latest version of Wordpress.



Yes we will support the theme for years to come, so no worries about future wordpress versions ;)


Great thanks Kriesi

Hi Kriesi, This theme looks like it has an incredible amount of scope. Quick pre-purchase question: does this theme support a ‘boxed’ layout, with a full page background image? Instead of the edge-to-edge design.

And one error I found in the demo – when the ‘Header with bottom menu’ is selected, the top menu ‘Help’ item – the drop down menu items can not be selected? Needs roll-over fixing.

cheers, H


Also – does it support Cufon fonts?


1.) yes

2.) yes

3.) Guess you are talking about using woocommerce as a catalogue? I think there is a plugin for that: http://www.woothemes.com/products/catalog-visibility-options/ (you can of course also hide elements via css, thats possible as well ;) )


@cufon: sorry no. Cufon is an outdated font display format. But the theme supports google web fonts, with a lot of pre-installed fonts for headers and content, and you can also add new font on your own with ease ;)

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Hi Kriesi,

First of all, congratulations for your awesome theme. Secondly, I uploaded the full Spanish translation to the support forum, but though it´s working in most cases, some strings are shown in English at the front and the back end. Please, check this issue.

Questions about the footer:

1. Could you please paste here the dummy code from the 3 columns at the demo footer?

2. I have inserted a Contact Form in the col3 (using the shortcode in a nuew page and pasting the resultant shortcode in the widget). How could I format the fields size, the vertical space between them and the button size at the footer section, if they are shortcodes? The default Contact Form is too large for the footer. Could you please give us an example?

Thank you in advance.


hey! Will do, thank you. might probably be because the latest version introduced some new text strings?

1.) the footer I use doesnt use any code, those are simple widgets that are added to the footer area but I have listed it in detail here with the html code for the last one: http://pastie.org/8078833

2.) If you prepare the contact form within a footer in your site and post me a link I will help you with a small css snippet ;)

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Thank you Kriesi for your fast answer.

1) Regarding the strings (I have 100% translated to an es_ES.po and .mo files all the sentences that I´ve found at en_EN.po), but in some places at the site (most of them at the back end), there are sentences or sections that aren´t shown localized, though I am working with the 2013 June 18 – Version 1.7. http://bit.ly/enfold-es_ES

I.e. all the strings of the “LayerSlider WP”, al the strings of the “Enfold” (theme settings), some sentences at Avia Cosntructor (like: “Color Section, “More Recent Entries”,...), etc. I think they are some of the strings that I´ve already translated in the .po file, but don´t know why they don´t work. Please, take a look to the es_ES.po file, let´s see if you get fix it.

2) You can see the Contact Form in the footer at: http://www.aediga.es/contacto Note: In the first column there is a little newsletter form (a field and a button) that you can use as reference for dimensions. It would be a good idea also to put the contact form field titles (Name, Email, Subject and Message) as tags inside the fields (like in the newsletter form) reducing the space between the fields.

3) In column 2 you can see that the Recent Posts widget shows the entries with a plain format. How could i format it for showing the entries like in your demo (image caption + link and date at the bottom)?

4) Another little issue: in the “Special Heading”, special characters (like tilde) are not supported in the admin area, maybe due to the encoding. I.e. It is shown “r?pidamente”, instead “rápidamente” (but it is shown correctly at the front end).

Thank you.


1.) thanks, I will take a look

2.) add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:
#footer .ajax_form p {
margin: 0 0 11px 0;

#top #footer .ajax_form .text_input{
padding: 9px;

#top #footer .ajax_form .text_area{

#top #footer .ajax_form label{

Thats a starting point. Putting the label inside the form field would unfortunately only work with heavy customization of the framework from generator. not sure if thats a good idea…

3.) I use the “enfold recent post widget” :)

4.) Thanks, will check that as well ;)