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Great theme! Your framework is incredibly easy to work with. For those asking about more google fonts I simply use fontpress and can add google fonts, cufon fonts, or font-face fonts with no problem.

Again – awesome work on this theme.


Thanks a lot, glad you like it! :)

Hey Kriesi! Excellent work. Will be purchasing as soon as client agrees this is the theme for his new project (a no brainer). I did notice a glitch since the update. On the contact demo page for the captcha, the position of the cursor now falls behind the numbers to be added. I did a screen capture for you to look at.


Again, great work as always. And please add me as WooComm+1. Wish it had the portfolio your last few themes had but I think I read it has lightbox?



thanks scott, will fix that with the next update :)

Yes it has lightbox and I also have an idea or two how to bring back the ajax preview :) Woocommerce is comming definitley!

hello, i have a prebuy question.

on the demo site or here i cannot find any information or images of the themes options panel. Is there something available to see what the options are?

And is google fonts integrated?

grtz desch

Hey. You can take a look at most of the features here: http://www.kriesi.at/themes/enfold/features/

A subset of the available google fonts is included.

I also added a screenshot of the expanded options panel: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2025095/Screenshots/options_enfold.png

hello… this them look really fantastic… Just a question: is there a shortcode for playing self hosted audio? thanx a lot


actually wordpress will include self hosted audio and video with the next version (3.6) you will have native [audio] shortcode then. Thats why I didnt bother to add it to the theme ;)

dweb Purchased

Hello, PM Sent ! Thank you

Is there a way to make the blog grid show just 2 columns with bigger thumbnails instead of three?

I love the framework and want to switch, but feel like it’s better to show posts in 2 columns, like what I have here:



If you are using the template builder to insert a blog grid into a page: yes. you can set it to 1,2,3,4 or 5 columns

How to migrate on test domain and move to live domain? simple or forget it?


We recommend this plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-migrate-db/

it allows you to export a correct sql dump that can be imported to your new server then :)

if you need any help with migration you can also ask for help in our support forums :)

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There seems to be no youtube Icon for social icons?


Yea, thats the same icon set. The theme uses the same icon font everywhere, rather than individual icons. that saves a lot of requests to the server which makes the theme faster, and also those icon font icons scale beautiful on every device which makes it clean and sharp on iphone/ipad/android devices. The only problem is that I cant just add new ones and need to wait until the set gets updated….

fluentd Purchased

Ok I see, well do you think you might be able to add a feature to add image icons in that section for missing social media? else I will have to integrate it some other way and not even use the built in method that you spent time integrating into the theme.


I will see if i can find a iconfont that has a youtube icon. maybe i am able to merge them. But cant promise anything here since I have yet to find a font that fits and in addition to that have never done something like merging font files :)

The page builder is amazing! It is incredibly intuitive in design and so easy to use.

Read what you said earlier here about potentially one day selling it as a plugin or stand alone tool – definitely first to buy!


Well, very glad you like it :)

Well I already bought Angular for a project but Enfold looks fantastic !

For the wish list : when you will add Woocommerce, do you think you could implement variable orientation ratio for products : opening possibility to have vertical, horizontal, squared.. It would be great for photographers & photography businesses – to have the entire image independent of orientation, and not a squared crop as do the majority of themes, for the products. Woo did it for this theme http://demo2.woothemes.com/superstore/shop/ and you also had horizontal full images in Flashlight. Would be great to have this feature in your upcoming Woocommerce integrations. Thanks!


Noted, but not sure how well this would work with this theme. will see what I can do, but I promise if I cant get it to work properly I will build another theme that takes all of this into account :)


Thank you so much! Well, the successor of Flashlight you have in your roadmap would rock with variable image ratio woo-products..! No one is doing that with photography in mind, there is a lack of offer for a great photography theme + woocommerce + WPML that would be responsive too..

Hi Kriesi, fantastic looking theme and almost hit the buy button until I checked out the theme on a mobile. Using a Samsung Galaxy S2 and found a few issues. 1) The Navigation is missing completely 2) There appears to be some quite large gaps between items – the slider to the first of the 3 feature boxes is almost a full screen of blankness. 3) The 3 portfolio slider images don’t show. 4) The 4 grey icons that are next to the About Us section don’t show properly. 5) The round Testimonial images are really faint – almost impossible to see. All seems fine when you resize the browser on a desktop, but on a mobile, these issues occur. Now it could be that the frame that shows itself on the demo page is affecting it – and these issue would not occur on a live site. Whilst the frame can be closed on the desktop version, it doesn’t seem to show on the mobile version, so not sure if it’s just hidden or not there. Either way, I would like to hear your comments on the above before I purchase.

If you need screenshots to clarify any of the above points, just let me know, and where to send them.

Many thanks – Toby


Hey Toby!

Thanks for the input. Very strange, the frame is visible on my current Android mobile devices, so this could indeed be the case. you might want to try this url: kriesi.at/themes/enfold/

Other than that: Unfortunately the Galaxy s2 is more than 2 years old now which is an eternity in the mobile word and lacks a modern browser. I have tested the site on an s3 and also on a google nexus7 and it works fine. If I get my hands on an older device I might do a quick check but at this point the galaxy s2 is like internet explorer 6. To old to be taken into account with too little market share.


Thanks for the quick reply and alternative URL. I’ve tried it and still appear to have the same issues. I understand your comment about a 2 year old phone, but I’ve never had this issue with any of the other themes I’ve bought. With over 20million S2s still in daily use, I’d be careful about dismissing them just yet! Also, my Nokia 3310 wasn’t as bad as Internet Explorer 6 ;)

Thanks anyway Kriesi, good luck with the theme, I’m sure you’ll do very well with it.


Thanks a lot!


there is a bug in boxed mode on:

1. the ‘Blank Page’


2. the ‘Maintenance Mode’ page


3. & the ‘Coming Soon’ page

The whole page is pushed to the very left side.

I am sure this will be fixed in no time.

Thanks! ;)


So true, blank pages should be blank, whether stretched or boxed :)

Thanks for the notice. Already found a solution.


Beautiful theme!

Any chance of a styled responsive menu instead of the “ugly” default menu?




Not sure about this. I consider the “ugly” menu by far more user-friendly, especially when it comes to large menus. maybe I will add an additional option to switch between menu and styled but its not a high priority right now. There are requests like woocommerce integration which need to be done first :)


What a truly beautiful theme! Great work! I have a pre-buy question also, how easy would working with a template like this be to a novice, with no experience with HTML? I see you have drag and drop so that appeals to people like me! Just wondering if buying this template I could basically work it out myself or do you really need to have a HTML background or web development experience. Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question :)

Cheers, Rose


Hey Rose!

If you are able to work with the default wordpress theme, despite the fact that you know no html you shouldn’t have any problems with this one either.

When I set up the demo page I think I didnt use a single line of html code anywhere :)

Briger Purchased

Little Question how i can edit the Socket Text? Now i See: © Copyright – Website.ch – Enfold Theme by Kriesi

I have not found any Option to Edit this. Thank you


Hm, currently the easiest way to remove it is either to edit the footer.php template file directly or if you are using a child theme or rather want to use a filter anywhere else (functions.php for example) you can add remove it by adding this line of code anywere: add_filter(‘kriesi_backlink’,’__return_false’);

Briger Purchased

ok thank you try it out.

Dunno if this had been answered, but Woocommerce ready?


Coming soon :)

Also if the nav menu is under the logo above the slider can I get it to follow you down the page??


Currently not possible. I didnt consider that option because the menu would still be quiite big and use up to much screen real estate on laptops and other smaller miniitors


eh not really, but I like the way your thinking! Do the same as you did with the original, just carry the menu not the whole big header, just the menu.


Well its possible to just do that but it would require lots of css changes. Will maybe add it as a far future request when nothing else needs to be done, but for now it unfortunately has no priority:


Oustanding work, can’t expect to see it with woocommerce! Fall in love with this theme ;-) Definitely the answer to Avada.

Question: Do you consider that woocommerce can be on the homepage? Is it possible to have the url taxonomy www.domainname/product/specific_product? Then it would be possible to migrate from another theme with woocommerce. With the taxonomy www.domainame/shop/...... it would break the existing URL path and give up SEO juice in Google.


Since the url structure is defined in woocommerce + wordpress and not by the theme the url structure shouldnt change if you switch. I see no problems in that regard :)

Beautiful work :) Interested if these would be included in the next update:

1. Woocommerce integration

2. Ajax Portfolio

3. 1170 width option



I plan to add all of those feature in subsequent upates over the next few weeks, yes


Great thanks Kriesi. Just saw the info on the support http://www.kriesi.at/support/topic/enfold-feature-requests

Sending regards from South Africa


When I load the demo theme ( http://www.kriesi.at/themes/enfold/ ) with Safari or Mercury Browser on iOS (all latest versions) and then rotate the device to landscape orientation, the browser crashes. Have not tested with other browsers.

This is a big problem. Has anyone else tested this?



Interesting. Which iOS version and device? Doesnt happen on my iPhone or iPad…


I’m testing with an ipod touch 4th gen, iOS 6.1.3 (Build: 10B329). These browsers crash on rotate: Safari, Chrome and Mercury. Puffin and Opera Mini do not crash on rotate. However, Opera Mini seems to have other display issues including missing icons and the page needs refreshing after rotate to fill full width.