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Pls, if i buy this theme can i will manage members? And you will setup this theme to my hosting because i don’t know setup theme to hosting?


Can i disable the bbpress and buddypress function and just use the theme as a blog?

Can i also only show blog posts on the home page? So at the bottom there are now 3 excerps. Can i make this for example 9 and fill the whole home page?

Cheers, Jim

Hi I bought this and have set it up locally using a bitnami wordpress install. I can create forums and apply them to a group. I then add a topic to a groups forum but it does not show the topics or their replies but it does count them in the message saying this topic has two replies etc.

When I switch the theme over to use 2010bbPress it shows the forum as I would expect. I have bbPress 2.5.7 and buddyPress with no other plugins installed. could you help please.

thanks Andy

Hi Does this theme with with the Genesis framework?

It has not been tested within that framework.


beesyst Purchased

Hi. When do you do update? Thanks.


beesyst Purchased

Hello. Some words are not translated through .op. Main page not translated – beesyst.com.




sflwa Purchased

I’d like to change the home page member display from recent members to all members – I was able to update the buddypress lister to default to alpha – but can’t find the home page one

Thank you


Has anyone translated this theme to French?


My client purchased your theme and got issue with using the Event Manager https://wordpress.org/plugins/events-manager/ . Using BuddyPress default theme, no problem with event manager plugin but using the Engage theme got problem on the event’s tab at group. It always redirects me to the /events .

Hope to hear from your reply soon.



My “featured Images” on the front page are not lining up properly – the site is www.bnbnightmares.com

My purchase code is: 552d061e-a7f7-43cb-87d7-d03c774bc8dd – 1 Nov 2014 REGULAR LICENSE

Thank you very much


I am interested in buying your Engage theme but i have a question.

When i click on “Account Signup” i cant see what happens next. Does that normally lead one to sign in?. Is that normally where i would register?. I cant see a registration tab, or a sign up tab for the site.

Also, in bbpress it says that “User registration is currently not allowed”.

So, i like the layout but am not sure on how one registers or signs in for the site.

Thanks for your help.



armo88 Purchased

Hope you can help

I have purchased this theme and for some reason certain aspects in the forums are not showing – i.e some topics and replies – if i disable the theme and activate the basic theme these all then appear. Please help




armo88 Purchased

Are you still supporting your Engage theme as i have issues and i need to get my new website live asap




Before I make my purchase, I had a few questions for you. I hope that you’ll be able to guide me a bit in the functionality of your Engage theme.

1: Could you show me an example of a page that is not in blog style (without sidebar)?

2: Would the admin be able create and regulate membership levels/permissions?

3: Does the site allow for payment for registration/subscription?

4: How does the member profile information entry page appear in this template? Example: A member joins and enters in profile info., what does this page look like? (Please send example if you have one)

5: Could this theme support banner ads (leaderboard & side)

6: Can I limit visibility of pages to members only? Example: if the site is indexed, upon landing on a “members only” page, it would prompt visitor to register to see content.

7: Is there a way to tag member profiles (by information entered in at profile information entry form)?

8: Can members opt out of notifications (if applicable) to thread replies and/or new messages?

9: Can we customize the profile questionnaire?

Kindly let me know when you’ve got a chance. Thanks!

Sweet theme and I did find an issue with your demo. When you choose activity, the sub-menu for Buddypress hides the links and only shows when you hover.

I did a screen cap: http://gyazo.com/a07e28f4dcc9a7b6ad1b2f0e940fe62a

Is this typical in the purchased version?

Your theme overrided my favicon I have installed. I deleted the favicon.ico file from the thme folder, but it still shows up

Hi, I have another issue, and you haven’t responded to my previous one still. But the theme is advertised as responsive, and it sort of is, but is very buggy on iphone, and some of the elements, like the activation pop up dont fit on the screen.

When on Activity page, menu items under Activity on drop down, show white text against white back ground when on the activity page. Does this on your site as well.

Tested in Chrome and Safari

When on Activity page, menu items under Activity on drop down, show white text against white back ground when on the activity page. Does this on your site as well.

Tested in Chrome and Safari


watrall Purchased

I’ve combed through the css and can’t figure out how to change the hover color for the main nav. Help?