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Hi Guys,

Im currently working on www.ontdekmentneckermann.nl but the logins in the header are not working. and i can’t seem to be able to change the profile picture.

Could you guys help me out?

You can email me on joost.vanderkraats@thomascook.nl i have to finish the site within the next 5 days… :(


Email me the secondary admin info and I will take a look at it. There is a contact button on my TF profile page.


Sended you the email. let me know what you find out or have fixed!


Guys anything yet?


Great theme! Thanks for that. Just noted a couple of very minor errors in the theme which I have listed below. 1. functions.php: ”//fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=lato” does not exist. “lato” needs to be changed to “Lato”. 2. header.php: the url for importing fonts from google has “http” in it which will create issues for sites which use “https”. The fix is to remove the “http:”.


Thanks for the help! I will include these updates in the next theme update.

ArneC Purchased

Is the theme still under maintenance (last update 6 months ago)? I would like to use it with WP 4.0.x. – are there any incompatibilities?

Thank you for your feedback.


The theme is not under maintenance and everything is working properly! Happy buying!

I am very interested in buying. But I need to see the site after login, so I can see layout of the profile pages and so on.

Can you provide med with a demo-user?


So I bought it now. After installing I the “theme options” panel is empty nomatter what tab I choose. What do I do?


Ok it sounds like an installation problem. Can you email me an admin username/password so I can hop in the site and check out the issue.

Will Visual Composer work with this theme?


It has not been tested so I cannot for sure.

This is a gorgeous theme. Thank you for all your work on it, but there are some really annoying bugs on it that I can’t seem to figure out. The first issue I’m having is problems with activation accounts and resetting passwords. When an account is created it sends an email with a link to activate the account. When you click that link it loads a page and tells you to enter the activation key. However, there is no activation key that is sent in the email. Also when you go to reset the password, the password reset link it emails you loads a page that says invalid key. I’ve noticed that the password reset error only happens when using the lightbox. Is it possible to have the lightbox use the standard WordPress registration and password reset method because I’m assuming the errors are due to using another method.

Another other annoying error I’m having with this theme is the profile page. Under a logged in BuddyPress user, when you go to settings -> profile, it should load a page that lets the user set or reset an avatar. However the page that loads is completely blank. It doesn’t even have the BuddyPress menu.

The last error I’m having is the dropdown BuddyPress menu under My Account. For some reason the text isn’t aligned properly behind the dropdown menu.

I have done a lot of troubleshooting with these errors. I’ve tested them on several installations only to get the same error. I’ve even disabled all my plugins except BuddyPress and I still get the errors, so I know the problem lies with the theme somewhere.

Thank you for all your help.


Hmmm it’s not showing u the css code I used

”#friends-list-options{ position: relative; }”


there it’s that, but take away the quotes


Also the settings -> profile page isn’t what changes the users avatar, but that page still isn’t displaying. Thank you for all your hard work in fixing these errors.


Great looking theme.

I have some pre-sales questions:

1. There was mention of an update coming soon. When will it be released and what will it cover?

2. Is support for WooCommerce planned?

3. Could you share a screenshot to show how the BuddyPress Private Messaging Inbox looks under his theme?



Hi there,

I’m also encountering some of the issues user jamrizzi outlined, in particular the settings => profile page which is displaying blank at the moment.

Where are you at with the latest update?

Thank you in advance

hi how to find the page:Recover password? I got email as a user from the theme I set my server. It said “visit the following address” but there is nothing below.


I would like to buy this theme, is the demo content available?



Can I have the demo account login details please?

Please fix the bugs in this theme. You’ll make a LOT more sales and I’ll actually get to use what I paid for. Everyone reads the comments before buying. I purchased a long time ago. Now I want to finally start using it and see that people have found all kinds of problems so I can’t.


I have released an update to the theme that should be approved by TF shortly. Will make an announcement when the update is approved and live. Thanks and Cheers.

Dupsie Purchased

Hi, I have just bought this theme too and it doesn’t seem to be working like the live preview. I’ve sent you a message with the web address its installed on. Can you please have a look as soon as possible, I need to finish this site between today & tomorrow!

Dupsie Purchased

I am still awaiting a response from LayerUnion on this please!


Please resend that email if you are interested, I cannot find it. I have released an update to the theme that should be approved soon. Hopefully this will fix your issues.

Dupsie Purchased

I am still awaiting a response on my previous messages please!


Please resend that email if you are interested, I cannot find it. I have released an update to the theme that should be approved soon. Hopefully this will fix your issues.

Hi – setting the page up and clicking Add Group sends me to a “Page Not Found” any ideas on how to fix this?

Also is it possible to edit the welcome page layout at all so the Groups/groups forums aren’t showing and reorder it – ideally I would want to show Members, Forums, Blog and that’s it.


Fixed the Page not found issue was that I hadn’t ticked anyone can register in WP>settings>General


In response to your second question, you can remove lines 38-65 from the front-page.php to accomplish your desired look.

Hi One quick question am sure it’s simple but it’s driving me nuts! ;-)

I want to make a changer so in the sub heading of the blog page reads News not blog.

I’ve changed the Page title and the menu but for the life of me can’t work out where to changer the text in the sub-header

Please help!


Sorry one other thing… in the My Account menu there are a few issues.

The styling is a bit off so not all the drop downs have a white background – which makes the text hard to read, plus the pointer doesn’t line up great it can be pretty frustrating getting to the section you want and finally in the group section there was no create group section.

Currently I’ve got around this by disabling the drop down menu so users will have to use the native WP/BP menu which works fine (and has the option to create groups in it) however this means having the WP dashboard links to and although I’ve restricted the back end it just doesn’t look good aesthetically.

Any chance of some fixes around the Menu?


Question #1: Change line 93 in the header.php where it says “Blog” to “News”.

I have released an update that should be approved shortly that fixes the menu issue!



Thanks Layer Union – appreciate your hardwork – will the update also fix the issue around the registration process as well? Is a good theme at the minute and will be a great theme once these few little bugs are ironed out! Looking forward to the update. Thanks again!

Sorry me again – i’ve got another issue…

There seems to be a bug with the registration process. Some registrants are getting an issue with the link for the activation taking them to a page which requests and activation code but they don’t receive anything in the email.

Those who get this are registered so it seems to be just an erroneous link being sent out. I see from the notes someone else had this problem before – is there a fix for this?

Hello, I’m interested in buying this template but how do I check the landing page after log in so as to see other pages like user profiles and others? And if I need some help with customization, will you be of help? I’m willing to pay for that.

I want to add another section to the home page for my featured classifieds listings. I’m using buddypress with AWPCP BuddyPress Listings and the Another Wordpress Classifieds Plugin with AWPCP Featured Ads Premium Module.


Hiya any update on how that update is coming along? ;-)