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apage8 Purchased

Hi There,

Thanks for the awesome theme. I’m trying to import the settings xml file and keep getting an error message that says the file cannot be imported. Is this a known issue? How can I resolve this?



Thanks for your purchase. You should be importing a file named sample-data.xml file and not the settings xml. Pls send me a email at LiveMesh.themes@gmail.com with a temp login in case you still have trouble.

rscooper Purchased

I’m thinking about purchasing Enigmatic, but have a question. Is it possible to change the background color of the slider? I’d like to have a video in the slider like the demo site has but I want the background to be a different color than black.


If you are referring to the revolution slider, certainly yes. Almost any aspect of the slider can be configured with revolution slider. With other sliders too, it is possible to customize with some minor CSS code. Thanks.

Hi there, for some reason the shortcode options aren’t adding properly, there seems to be a bug in it that won’t let me add anything at all selecting it, clicking ‘insert’ only makes the page jump down slightly and doesn’t add any code at all.

Can you advise?


The latest version should work without issues. If you have a reason to use the older versions, pls see this post for help -


Hi guys,

I really need a 5 column layout but it seems to be the only one missing (the ‘fiv_col’ shortcode does not work). Can you please advise how to set up a ‘one_fifth’ layout please?



You will need to do the same using CSS. If you provide me the link to the page which has the required elements which need to be in five column layout, I can suggest the required change. You just need to have a CSS class like one_fifth which looks like this -

.one_fifth { width: 20%; }

Hi, I’m working with a client who purchased your theme who wants to remove the entry-summary for each of the home page portfolio thumbnails. I can’t seem to find where to remove:

<div class="entry-summary">   Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua....</div> <!-- .entry-summary -->
meteorite Author Team

Please add the following Custom CSS into theme options -

.entry-summary { display: none; }


You would have used the [show_post_snippets] shortcode probably. You can just have a parameter display_text=false to disable summary like this -

[show_post_snippets post_type="portfolio" number_of_columns=4 post_count=4 image_size="small" show_meta=false layout_class="post-snippets full-width-snippets" display_text=false]

or through CSS -

.post-snippets .entry-summary { display: none; }