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evanlau Purchased

where can i find the HTML code template to get my contact us page to appear like your demos ?

evanlau Purchased

is there a reason why this appears whenever i choose Portfolio templates whenever im setting a page attribute on the bottom of my page?

“Apologies, but no results were found for the requested archive. Perhaps searching will help find a related post. (with a search field box)

Is this theme compatible with version 3.5 of WordPress?

Is it possible to change the colors of the theme and if so how many options are possible? Thanks.


I sent a private message last week but haven’t received a reply.

Please can you help with a bug on the template. The footer on pages with sidebars is outside of the main body of the page content www.theema.org.uk?

3.5 compatibility?

Does this template allow you to choose any color you want? Are you limited to only a certain number of colors?


Great theme! It’s very nice and clean, I like how simple it feels and looks. The only issue I am having is getting the H tags to work in Internet Explorer. I usually use Chrome, but I know there are still tons of people who use the IE browser.

Do you have any information on how to resolve this issue? I love using the H tags for headers and to keep content looking separate and organized. Since IE is showing up as blank white spaces, it doesn’t look right. =/


please update the cufon js, if you still have problem please send your questions via http://www.templatesquare.com/tf-support/

Spindex Purchased

hello i can not get my backdrops or logo working as it should could you have a look?

I just wanted to say that the preview/demo of this theme greatly misrepresents what it can do “out-of-the-box.” The homepage shown is not provided as a page template. The author does provide the code for the USER to place into the HTML view on a page. But the average WordPress user should not need to know the in’s and out’s of HTML to make a theme look like it was promoted.

We will be removing this theme from the WordPress themes we offer our clients.

Also, it would be nice if the theme documentation was actually accessible from the WordPress dashboard instead of having to go back to the package that was originally downloaded from TF.

thejrock Purchased

Is there a mobile companion theme for this theme? If not, is there a mobile theme that you recommend that won’t require significant additional modifications to use with this theme?

canito Purchased

Do not buy this theme if you don’t know how to manipulate .css or php files, this template has the worst control panel I have seen.

These are the only options you get, http://cl.ly/image/0R2R3g3f3T0o Everything else you have to do it yourself.
evanlau Purchased

would this theme work alright if i install it in a Wordpress v2.92 (WIndows version)


a few questions:

- Does this theme have a left optional sidebar? - Is it compatible with QTrranslate or does have other translation features?

- Is it compatible with Spider Cataloge from Web Dorado?

- Is it compatible with JQuerry Vertical Mega menue

- Is it comaptible with Table Press?

Or if there are any problems, can you solve theme? I am a complete dummy for html, css and so on, so I need support in those cases.

BR Johannes

Is this theme now responsive? Do you have a responsive version? or better still How can I make this theme responsive?

TanyaT Purchased

Will this theme work on WordPress Version 3.6?

n47412 Purchased

Hello author,

I was sent you a message through contact profile.

hcanning Purchased

I’m getting the following installation error: The theme is missingstyle.css stylesheet – during zip installation … any fix? Thanks

Can you hide the header contact info on the homepage only?