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Hello. I’ve been using this theme for a few months and like it quite a bit. But, my featured images get cut off. I’ve tried resizing the photos, but they still get cut off from the top and bottom. I’ve been resizing images to 720, 554, but I’m still experiencing this problem. Thank you.

Featured images are resized and cropped to fit the specified size. To disable cropping, you can use the option in the post meta box (Featured Image Options -> Show full height (uncropped) image) for single post view, or use masonry layout for blog template.

hi, there,

to update my V1.2 version of the theme, i downloaded your V1.4 and do as you said, and uploaded to my ftp…but i found nothing happened, with the theme files placed correctly… why was i sitll V1.2 since i uploaded to the ftp?

Do you use a cache plugin? If yes, you might need to clear the cache from the plugin after updating the theme.

Great theme!


Thank you for the great theme. After the update, the display of the grid goes wrong. How can I in order lined up in three rows?

The update fixes an issue with 2 columns layout + sidebar, but it wasn’t tested with 3 columns layout + sidebar. If you want to use 3 columns + sidebar, please delete this css code in style.css:
.col-md-8 .blog-grid article:nth-child(2n+1) {
    clear: both;

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If you need help with editing the file, please send me your login info via my contact form. I will help you fix it.

HI i have your theme, and i love it. is there a way to put a bigger header logo in?

i want a slightly larger image but it shrinks it



Please edit the logo height from admin -> Appearance -> Customize -> General -> Main logo height, enter a bigger value, for example 100


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I’m having an issue with the content builder on the Homepage template. I can add a new block to the content builder without any problems but when I go to select an option from the drop down the select itself doesn’t do anything. I can move the new block about but that is all. The dropdown arrow is greyed out and unresponsive.

It does not seem to be working on any of my sites. I have tried installing it on 3 different sites just to see if I can get it to work and it is the same on all of them. One was a brand new clean install.

I am on the latest version of both the theme and Wordpress. I am also using Chrome as my browser.

Is there something likely to be blocking the action of this drop down?

Otherwise, this is a great theme!

Thanks for your help.

Sorry, it’s a bug and will be fixed in the next update. Please edit includes/metabox/metabox.css and add this code:
.g7-dragdrop .widget-action {
    display: block;
Or if you don’t want to edit the code, please use other browser.

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I added the code above to the file but it is still having issues in Chrome. However it works fine in Firefox. I’ll use that until the next theme update.

Thanks for your help!

You need to clear your browser cache to see the changes after editing the css file.


we’ve got an issue where we can’t open the dropdown for blocks in the content builder. Is there a fix for it?

Thank you

Yes, it’s a bug and will be fixed in the next update. Please use other browser, or edit includes/metabox/metabox.css and add this code:
.g7-dragdrop .widget-action {
    display: block;
And clear your browser’s cache.

Hello it’s me again. My featured image is not showing up on the single post view. When you click on the image on the slider it takes you to the article but w/out an image.

Please check the setting in Customize -> Single Post -> Show featured image, it should be enabled/checked.

I do have the settings as you instructed. But still not working correctly.

Could you please send me your login info via my contact form? I will take a look to find the problem.

Hi, can the CONTENT BUILDER support featured products for woocomerce products ?

Thank you !


Sorry, the content builder is only for standard posts, not for woocommerce products.

Hi, would it be possibly to support woocommerce products at some cost ? I really like the theme but woocommerce is very important for us too.

Yes, I can do it as a custom work with an hourly rate

Does it support WordPress 4.3 now ?

Yes, this theme is compatible with WP 4.3

hi im trying to edit these content blocks on home page but they are not dropping down. i wish to rename and remove some

any ideas


It’s a bug and will be fixed in the next update. Please use other browser, or edit includes/metabox/metabox.css and add this code:
.g7-dragdrop .widget-action {
    display: block;
And clear your browser’s cache.

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Hi, is there a way to show social media sharing icons for all posts automatically, like in the demo version? Thanks!

Please install Jetpack plugin and activate Sharing.


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Hello, when I’m trying to install the theme, it says that style.css is missing, is that normal?

Hi, if you want to install the theme directly from the zip file, please download the Installable WordPress file only.
Please read this for more detail: