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I really like this theme! I have a questions before I buy. Can I change the colors of the categories to whatever Hex# I want?

What about a picture with the text, like on most blogs?

You can display images with html code, or use Image Widget, see this tutorial

Hi, I’m having an issue with the theme. I configured different colors for each post category, it works; but when I use other browser such as chrome or safari all categories are displayed with one same color. Any idea why does it happens. I found no solutions.


Do you have a live url where I can see the problem?

What plugin would you recommend to use if I migrate to another hosting provider? I used the wordpress import and export function on my first try but the featured images does not appear at all.

I don’t know about any plugin to migrate WordPress, but I suggest you to download your database and files manually and then upload them to the new hosting provider. Please follow the steps here:


how can I translate Content builder block titles in pages?


Sorry, the content builder can’t be translated from the theme. Have you tried using a translation plugin like WPML or qTranslate?


my site runs under I use the template without sidebar. I want that text area is about 700px ready. The images are also more than have this size. Where can I change this in CSS file? Thank you for your trouble afschin

So you want to change the whole site’s width to 700px ?
Please try changing the container’s width:
.container {
    max-width: 700px;
and please test it in all pages because it may break the layout.

bleachjt Purchased

Something strange is going in with my site now using the Entrance theme. The pagination system is not working. When I press page 2, 3, 4, next or last it just goes to the front page. My site is

Any idea why?

The pagination links already point to the correct pages: , , etc, so I think this is not a theme problem.
Please try to temporarily disable all plugins one by one to see if a plugin is causing the problem.


bleachjt Purchased

Well, when I go to Settings -> Reading Settings and change from Static Page to Latest Posts pagination works fine. I use a custom homepage with Grid setting. I tried to change that to Masonry for example, but still not works.

Hi, if you still use WordPress 4.4.1, please update to the newest version (4.4.2). It has a fix for this problem.

Dear gawibowo, I am in desperate need for help. In my last three posts on my website the comment section has disappeared. Can you find the problem so I can solve it? In all the other posts the comment section is normally working. I use Disquz but that not seems to be the problem. Only in the last three posts it disappeared. I really hope you can help me out with this. I’m trying to solve this for already a couple of weeks now. Thank in advance for any effort in this. Regards, Henk

Problem solved! You can remove this message!