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Nice design – but it looks like it’s slightly more to the left than central. Any reason for that?

Sorry meant right, not left :)

Hi, Nice theme.

Does it allow batch upload of images for a gallery?

Hello oneilldesign,

Thanks for appreciating my theme :) It doesn’t allow batch upload for a gallery because this is not a CMS it is only a Static template. :)

Thanks, louiejie

I have purchased the template, its very very good…

I just want to ask, how can i change the google map in the contact.php file?

Thanks and once again, very good work!!


Hi tokaderventa,

First you gonna do is go to the contact.php then find the javascript of a google map.

Find this code below: var latlng = new google.maps.LatLng(57.0442, 9.9116);

Try to change this portion (57.0442, 9.9116);but before that you must find your latitude and longitude of your place.

Thanks :)

Nice but click features / about

And it takes you to another template…?

the contact page on the site goes to a php file not an html file…please correct

Hello yra4000,

Thanks for a comment.

Actually the contact page is working and that is a php file.

Thanks for purchasing my theme :)


Does it allow for YouTube videos to be placed in the slider on the home page?

Hi aaronlutze

I’d try a video to be placed on slider and it doesn’t allowed.

thanks :)


I am looking for a template that allows users to login and create and modify there resume/portfolio for everyone to see.

Can this site do that.



I love this theme. I have a question before I get it. Envato has advised us to contact the author for showcasing your theme on our website.

Is it possible for us to showcase your theme in live preview on our server so that our clients get to know how this theme works?

As you know, it’s not easy for us to sell our custom service without showing our clients how the theme works.

Of course we’re going to purchase the theme first, showcase this theme on our website in live preview, and then we’ll buy each license for each domain, or website for our clients.

I hope this will help increase the sales volume of this theme for you, Envato, and us.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Hello ritzbrown,

Ok, you can showcase my theme and be sure to buy it first before you showcase as you’ve stated above.

Best regards,

Hello Louiejie

Thanks for your reply. Of course we’ll buy it first.


Can I remove the “add to cart” functions and things like that? I want to use this as a directory without the add to cart and purchase functions.


Hello xstortionist,

Yes ofcourse! You can remove it. See the “breadcrumbs” container at the html page then remove the “add to cart” function.


How much will it cost for a miracle to make, CMS

F*ing nice Template Man !!!

Nice Docs, Nice Style Nice all man !

Nothing bad to say !

Thanks olivierapex :)

I purchased the WP version before, and I recently noticed that it’s no longer offers any future support or updates. Why is that so? I’m rather disappointed. :(


The theme is not supported WordPress version, this is only html/css.


I have an older version of this good theme. What is the difference between the NIVO slider and the Business slider?

And what is pt_slides on the Dashboard menu used for?

Wrong theme in mind, sorry!