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albrix Purchased

Hi and congratulations for the template. Can you help me with some things? I added more items to the menu, how do I resize so they get on the same line? I have a problem with the position of the search and the top contacts, I want to reverse them but putting the positions (a,b) they are centered. One last thing, I can remove the article from the homepage? Thank you!


I am sure that I am doing something wrong here. I am getting this error message upon install:

JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file


nabawi89 Purchased


I got this message “CURL is not installed!” why was that??

DLyngas Purchased

Hi there, I Just purchase the EOS template which is great.. But i cant find way to remove complete the FrontPage article. Is there any solution on this?

thanks, Demetris

DLyngas Purchased

Hi, i find solution finally, thanks!

albrix Purchased

Hi xrysospathis, can you explane to me how to remove the fronte page article? Thanks!

Hello, I am cosidering purchasing this theme, just 1-2 questions… - multi-langage support? Will it work? - Can I add EVENT Modules ecc, for creating events (under JomSocial), including registering for the event ecc? - Can the big MAP be displayed on any page, or just on homepage? -Could there be an EVENT Page, for example, with the big map slider?

Thank you very much for your answers, best wishes, Markus

@mzohner (Markus)

Multilanguage support is that one from Joomla 2.5 and is working. JomSocial is not part of this template, you must purchase it separately. The template is JomSocial Ready, that means is compatible with JomSocial. Big MAP you make reference is the MAP from Contact page I suppose. Depends of what module position you are using, I don’t see any inconvenience to use it in all pages. About JomSocial pages, as I said is Jomsocial Ready template. Big Map is in slideshow position, indeed, but is not a slider.

flipmode Purchased

Hey Hogash,

i´ve used your template over a few months, but with one of the last updates the “twitter-module” on the home-site don´t show any tweets. -> cms.boxlaser.de

On your Demo-Site it was also display “loading tweets” but nothing happened.

Hi Marius! Where is it possible to change font and color of the main menu?

Have a nice day.



nuyu Purchased

HI, i cant get the image in our-team to show? It show the image when clicked but does not show the thumbnail. Any ideas??


Is this template responsive?

I can not get this template to work with JomSocial or Virtuemart. Please help me. I thought these would be already installed, at least Virtuemart should have been. I just see a coming soon page.


No, JomSocial must be purchased and the cost of this extension is near 100$. Virtuemart version from demo is old, we’ll update the template for this as soon is posible.



No is not responsive.


Please sign up to support, I will publish there some fixes for last version of JomSocial (2.8.3)

the virtuemart doest work well with this template, probably because you have coded it for older version of virtue mart. can you help me make it work fine with virtue mart?



Please sign up to our Support (http://www.hogash.com/support/), and even if virtuemart is a 3rd party we’ll try to help you. Indeed, is an old version of virtuemart.

Regards, Daniel

Hi Marius, is it possible to have the stand alone version of the template?

Have a nice day.


MAO ;)


After we release Kallyas version for Joomla, we’ll take in consideration if we publish the standalone version of EOS. Thanks for your appreciation.

Regards, Daniel


Thanks Marius. The problem is that we have try to install joomfish but the slideshow is crash! Please do you help us? There is a solution to reinstall the template or the slideshow? Have a nice day. Regards. Maurizio

flipmode Purchased


not sure how, but why i don´t get help or information about my posted problem ( support-forum )? -> http://www.hogash.com/support/discussion/3343/portfolio-tabs-dont-get-it-work#Item_2


gvales Purchased

HI Maruis,

I have sent you several messages and also Daniel about assistance with the EOS template. Daniel has stopped responding to me after he responded once and now I am stuck with this major issue. I have also sent you and email but no response. I am running out of options. I have updated my site to the latest gantry and now the full-screen slider and the Google maps are not working. I have made all the updates as much as i can and still noting. This is a live site and it’s already been almost a week since I’ve heard anything. Can you or someone there please acknowledge if they can or can;t assist me? Thanks, Sorry to post this here but no one reply’s back to me using your form or emails.

gvales Purchased

Thanks Maruis your a superstar and your awesome templates really rock that for the fixes and the great support. So far your have been the best developer in the Enveto community!

Cheers, Gilroy


Thank you so much Gilroy, i really appreciate!!

Do NOT buy this stuff if you want it to use it with virtue mart. You will just waste your money as i did.


Hi @sitecom, i’m really sorry if you feel this way, i did my best, everybody knows it’s hard to customize VM. I will kindly ask people to study carrefuly the VM part because what they will see, that’s what they’ll get.