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Hi there I am having trouble with the gallery options I can only get a full screen or a grid to work. Is there any reason why? http://brokenbaypearls.com.au/gallery/


What Gallery were you trying to make work?

For support, it’s best to use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com.

Also, it’s worth taking a look at the “How to add a Gallery” guide in the documenation: http://themeva.com/docs/epix/how-to-add-a-gallery/

If you have any further questions, please post onto the Help Center :)

Hello, congratulations for the theme, it’s great! I’m having trouble with the menu layout in boxed mode. When I go down the site (scroll), the menu goes from the center to the left, as you can see here: http://tomazmiranda.com/apresentacao

Can you help me please?


Thank you for the kind words! :)

I’ve fixed this and it will be in the next version. In the meantime, please post onto the Help Center ( if you haven’t already ) and I’ll post up the fixed files for you to replace.

Thank you! I need this help urgently. Posted in Help Center entitled: PROBLEM WITH MENU MODE IN BOXED

Hi, I have turned off the preloading animation in the admin, but it still appear on each page load? Is there anything else I can do? Thanks in advance!


That’s strange, it should disable it. Are you using any caching plugins, if so, please ensure the cache has been flushed.

If you’re still having issues, please post onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com and reply to your thread with your WP login details ( click the set as private reply to hide from public view ).

Thank you, I’ll try with a caching plugin first and post if still no change.

The front loading page animation has only ease IN or do we have options for each image that we can set it to? ease in ease out like that??? its just one kind of zoom in for all the images on Home???


You can’t change them individually. For this sort of control, I recommend using the Revolution Slider plugin with the theme, this allows exactly that.

Do i have to buy the revolution slider plugin again???

If you’ve purchased it already, you can use that license. :)

Any suggestions on getting the portfolio items to line up like the demo? It seems to randomly move pics around and I’m ending up with dead space at the bottom.


Please post a link to the page with the issue on http://help.themeva.com. Please also ensure you’re using the latest version of ePix.

Hi, I put some photos in my homepage but The last is a epix’s video that explain how Customize The site and I can’t remove that. How can I do.?

Hi, I found my invoice on my profile but there isn’t the Vat number on the total amount invoice. And it’s all signed in dollars. How can I do for print it and maybe in euro? Thanks a lot!


Sorry for the delay. Unfortunately I have no control over this side of things. You would have to contact Envato support here: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us


I’m having a major problem and cannot fix it. The galleries are not loading. Whenever I click on one of the gallery pages, I get a long string of errors like this one:

Warning: DOMDocument::loadXML() [domdocument.loadxml]: Empty string supplied as input in /home/content/w/o/r/worlddrift/html/wp-content/themes/ePix/lib/inc/classes/slideset-class.php on line 178

The site is www.terencejenkins.com


It looks like there is no “Data Source” selected. Please edit the page and ensure each Gallery has a Data Source selected, e.g. Slide Set.

If i purchase this would you be able to load the demo version as is on to mysite????


Yes you can, with one-click.

Hi, how do I remove the “Post Categories” from my main navigation?



You’ve either got them set in Appearance > Menus or they’re in one of the Widget areas.

It’s best to post a link on the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com and I’ll let you know where it’s coming from ;)

Your answer to my question last week did not solve the problem. The problem is that the Visual Composer does NOT work. When I open the page, and select “Visual Composer,” I see the pictures for one second, then they all disappear, and there is no option or menu or button I can press to activate the Visual Composer, so I cannot add images to any gallery.

I have wiped by install of Wordpress off my server twice and re installed; I have reinstalled your them twice; Both times, I reinstalled the demo content;

You cannot update Visual Composer from anywhere…not even Code Canyon. They keep referring me to you, the theme developer.

Here is my purchase validation: c124f278-7e5c-4bd3-8f36-c851afb83673

Please open a job ticket and contact me directly at craiglieberman42@gmail.com, or kindly refund my money.

The site is www.terencejenkins.com


I’m sorry to hear you’re still having issues. I can guarantee you the Visual Composer does work and so does the Theme.

As I stated on the Help Center, if you’re still experiencing issues, please post your WP login details and I’ll take a look at what the issue may be.


P.S. Please remove your Purchase code from the post above.

When I’m adding images to the Slide Set Manager, can I only do this by scrolling and adding one-by-one? I have thousands of images and the filenames have been named in a particular manner. Is there any way I can search and add photos instead of having to do this one-by-one?


In the next update I’ve introduced an option to add images much faster using the Media Library :)

Love the theme! Is there a way I can remove my logo from the sticky menu? That’s to say, with my logo and navigation menu both up top, when I scroll down the tag line disappears leaving my logo and nav menu. I want my logo to disappear as well. Thanks for any help!


Sorry for the delay. If you post onto the Help Center, I’ll be able to give you some CSS to use to hide the logo when scrolling down.

Hello theme is so handsome! Quick little questions in the case of a home page with grid type http://epix.themeva.com/grid/

a) it is possible that with a page refresh the items are random and then change their position?

b) I can enter 20-30?

Thanks I need this before purchase. thanks Matthew


Thanks for the kind words!

a) Yes, as long as you use Portfolio Posts, you can set to Random order and they will shuffle each time the page is loaded.

b) Yep, you can add as many as you desire.

Kind regards,


I’m leaving a comment here because the support forum says it has my purchase code but will not let me login or send me a new password. I tried 3 times to get a new password. JUST GREAT.

I have two questions about the theme.

1. When we add a Gallery to a page via the Slide set, it shows up ABOVE the content (Page name and text). This looks stupid. How can we fix it.

2. How many levels is the main menu (top wp) styled to? We have 1 set of subpages, but beyond that it seems to go wonky on the desktop version. Mobile version opens vertically, which is fine.


The login details may have been caught in the spam folder, please check to see if they are and contact me if not.

1. You can add Galleries via the Visual Composer to appear within the content.

2. Can you post up a link please ( if you prefer, you can click my avatar and send it to my email via the contact form ).

I finally found the the login reboot in GMail spam folder, which I can only see online. Now my purchase code is already in the system so I still can’t get anything done. Can you fix that?

We are using a grid gallery and the data source is a slide set. Classic entry is defective and puts the photos above the page content (header, text). Then I used the visual composer and guess what? It puts the NAME OF THE GALLERY in the slidesetid=”” field, so it doesn’t work (VC: slidesetid=”Agra, India”) if I shift to Classic Mode where I can see the short code and change it to slidesetid=”1892”. SO PLEASE FIX.

VC page looks correct after I change slidesetid by hand: http://watsonworldview.com/agra-india/ Build in classic mode, displays gallery above content: http://watsonworldview.com/world-galleries/agra-india/

The menu problem I can’t post a link. We split the menu into two because of the problem. I can send you a screen shot. If you have two a sub-link with it’s own sub-link. It renders over the other links. Only desktop is a problem, mobile okay.


I’ve reset your purchase code, you should able to login and re-enter your code.

If you post your question on there, I’ll be able to provide you with a solution to implement.


Sn4ke87 Purchased

Hi, I just updates the theme and visual composer. After that I got the following error message on my startpage (www.visagistin-wokittel.de): Warning: extract() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /www/htdocs/w00b1531/mama/wp-content/themes/ePix/lib/adm/functions/BFI_Thumb.php on line 454

What do I have to do?


It seems like you need to add a Width value to the Gallery you’re using on that page.


Sn4ke87 Purchased

Yeah..thats it. Thanks a lot!

Hi, I want to purchase this theme but there’s a crucial feature I need – Vertical Menu. A few days ago I could see you had a vertical menu on the demo, now I don’t see it anymore. Is the option still available? (Hope it is). Regards!


Sorry about that, yes it’s still available. I’ve added the “Switcher” back in so you can preview the Vertical Menu again.

Thank you very much! Regards!

Hi I have set the grid gallery for the title to show on hover. The thing is when seen from mobile device the title is not shown. Not even If I set for the title to always be shown. Is there a way to have it to show on hover for desktops and on mobile to always show the title?. (Sorry, I don’t know if I explained myself) Thank you in advanced.


Yes, it is possible with a bit of CSS. I’d need to see the page you’re working with. Can you post it onto the Help Center @ http://acoda.com/forums/