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Anyone having problems with maintenance mode not working correctly? I wanted to use it for a count down but it is not working.

Hi, This is just a simple maintenance mode, if you want to use something more advanced, you need to install 3rd party plugin.

Hi, I have requested help with an audio player issue on the ticketing system you provide – however i have no reply as yet!

This issue is I have a problem with audio players, cursor and time remaining doesn’t work. Cursor’s behavior is strange, when I click him, reloops the track, and is not visual present. The time remaining is permanently 00:00.

Works fine on mobile though?

Hi, Sorry for the delay, today I answer to your ticket.

Hi. This is a pre sale question.

Is this theme WPML compatible? I like the theme, but my project must have an English and a Spanish Version.

I hope your news. Thanks…

HI, Eprom is compatible with qTranslate (I have a special version for this theme).

If I buy the theme… will I get that speciall version of qTranslate?

Are you planning to do WPML compatible the theme in a next update?

Sure, please contact with me via ticket system or contact form on my profile page.

At that moment I have no plans to implement it.

I just noticed there is an option to link to a online radio feed instead of mp3’s. My site plans to implement Our own online radio station in the future, so I ran some tests with other radio stations, but cannot seem to get it to work. What type of feed does it need to be exactly?

Hi, You need to point directly to the streaming URL: http://pub2.di.fm/di_deephouse (extracted from the m3u file).

Hi, is it possible to buy individual songs from different artist or must the user buy the entire album?

I’m trying out the demo in here but I cant add just 1 song to the cart even though it was a “buy” icon next to the song.

I need to know this before buying the theme.



Sorry for delay, basically it is possible in Woocommerce, please look: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/selling-songs-within-albums

skdsam Purchased

Is it possible to add a play button for music on the products shop page for each product save them going to the products page?


Unfortunately theme does not have such features in admin panel. Of course if you have some CSS&HTML skills you should be able to handle this.

You can add player or playlist in product description via Shortcodes Manager.


skdsam Purchased

Thanks I have added the player in the product page section but want one on the shop page on each product just a little play symbol. Would be a great selling feature ! Can you point out any links to help with building this feature so I can try?

I really like the “New” badge, but in order to take it off I have to do it post by post, and then save for each one. How can I add badge to bulk edit in wordpress?

Hi, Unfortunately it is not possible to takie it off badge in bulk edit, only post by post. Maybe I’ll add this functionality to future updates.

Hi! Where can I change the text of the button ”All Artists”? I saw you referred somebody else to a very complex translation theme. It shouldn’t have to be that complicated. Can you please tell us where the changes should be made inside of the code? thanks!


Hi, I sent you a solution, so please check your support ticket.

Hi, How do I put my logo instead of the default one?


Go to theme Settings > General Settings > Header > Logo Image and select your logo image.


I want to know if differents This theme support members (like a social network) and every one can upload their audio files like, soundcloud for example.


How do I make a header (Slider) just like the example on the dark page with the cd that slides in. I want to copy that from your demo content is this possible please


I’m sorry to hear you are currently having trouble.

Please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

Please Note: Support staff is available from 8:00AM – 4:00PM (CET) on weekdays and will reply to you as soon as possible.

I haven’t heard anything from support staff and it has been 2 days. Can we please resolve this. I just want to be able to import the demo slider you have on your Dark theme on your main home page with the cd layout that rolls in from left to right…... I don’t need your images I just want the template to pop in my own content…...

Done, You can check support ticket.

Hello Rascal team! When I insert a large number of releases on the release side of “All”, a page function is displayed. I Order now with the top selection, then sorted only in the respective release side. I leave the so Releases sort by alphabetical order, then different releases with the respective letters appear in the individual pages. Located as the artist ABBA on page 3, will not be displayed with this on page 2 when I make sorting by A. How can I adjust it, which is always sort of all releases, no matter which side I “All” ‘m in choosin? I look forward to your response!


flensen Purchased

Thanks for the support via ticket!

Hello Rascal, i need to know how to implement the “Artists” feature to another theme.

I did not understand the ticket system. I buy the plugin EPROM in 2013. Sorry for my english , I use google translation .

Hi, In that case, your support is valid until March. Create ticket at https://rascalslabs.ticksy.com

Hello Rascals, i found my code to write a ticket but ’’invalid code’’... here is an example i deliberately hide the first and last numbers …

’’Authors may ask you for a purchase code to verify that you’ve purchased this item.’’ :
  1. - 12 Oct 2013

This may have already been answered…. On the “releases” page, the genres are displayed below the album images, is it possible to display the artist instead of the genre?

Hi, Basically, this is possible, you just need to change texts from Genres to Artists, and add artists names instead release genres.

I guess that will work, but the URL with “genre” remains. I guess I can de-index that directory from Google with robots.txt

Oh, i just saw that I can change the slug within theme settings. Sweet!


Shyller Purchased

Hello Rascals it’s me QGPROD, here is the account with which i pay your template.

Hi, Would you like to create a custom Artists posts in our custom template?


Shyller Purchased

I just installed a new template on my website, unfortunately I have not noticed that this was not a ’ Musical Template’ ’ as EPROM . I installed my new template and I have not found the ’’ Artists ’’ on my dashboard and all artists have disappeared (800 artists) ... Do you have a solution please ?

Hi, Basically this is possible, but it requires a good knowledge of HTML / CSS / PHP. There is no simple solution, you must add custom posts (wp_artists) to your template, more about custom posts you will here:

http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-create-custom-post-types-in-wordpress/ https://codex.wordpress.org/Post_Types

On the home page, below the events area… is there any way to add navigation arrows to future events, like you see on the “events” page?

Hi, Sorry but this is not possible.


My client would like to buy this theme but before we do, may I ask if this theme is fully customizable on a developer level? (eg. child theme).

What issues might we encounter if we try to change the layout a bit on the CSS and PHP part?

Thank you in advance for your reply.