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So, a friend of mine purchased this awhile back ago and I’m trying to edit it for him: He wants, on the home page to have a roudabout slider but have it placed underneath the main text. How to accomplish this? Essentially i want to place class=”container page-content” then class=”roundabout-slider roundabout-holder”

yeah same here you promised an update we all need it



http://www.partouche-evenement.fr/ On my website, the red bar is not scaled under the slider on every screen i get.. how to fix it ?


3 days ago you wrote on northernhammers thread that an update will be available in no more than 72 hrs – still no update! I’m not the first post asking for the update – our site is not functional due to the theme. Clients are asking questions now & we have no answers.

Any news? Please reply!


I would like to give the author a break, however if you look through the threads an update has been promised for over a year! I’m a patient person… but its wearing a little thin now :-(

Im sorry…. I just have clients asking why the site is not working – I appreciate developers may have constraints of their own – but we also have customer constraints and I cannot tell my customers that our website will be ready / working at some point in the future. It is with sadness that we are droping this theme and using another one.

Hi, sorry for the lack of communication, I was on travel and unfortunately the internet connection was not as I was promised. I have started working now, and i will submit the update Monday. Sorry for the discomfort.

How about giving the Developer a break and allow him/her to release an update when they can.

Constant messaging on here will solve nothing! Put yourself in their shoes!

I for one am trying to get the Roundabout slider up and running but can’t so any help would be appreciated.

Any news on when the update will be available?

I’ve emailed them but had no response – the last communication was this 7 days ago.

“Hi, sorry for the lack of communication, I was on travel and unfortunately the internet connection was not as I was promised. I have started working now, and i will submit the update Monday. Sorry for the discomfort”.

So they said it would be Monday and it’s now Wednesday – I’m all for allowing developers time to do their work but it’s getting beyond a joke now – they’re just full of empty promises unfortunately :impatient:

When the update does roll out – I think I’ll put a buffet on :)

Even their website seems down … http://curlythemes.com/

Was thinking about this theme for a client but not sure it will be a good choice for the support …

PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS THEME – They are NOT answering emails anymore…. or providing any updates at all.

I personally think if they’re NOT going to update this theme, then they need to “REMOVE” it from theme forest.

3.9 is now a very unstable version and open to hackers etc…and yet they are still letting people purchase this theme!!! Which is out of order!

I’m going to wait one more week and then email ThemeForest/Envato and suggest they take action to remove curly themes or this theme from their site.



team8ET Purchased

I left a question at support center, No reply…. Could you help? column size=”1/5”? Could somebody help????? Any body here?

Just emailed CurlyThemes, quick response, update will be online by tomorrow they say

When will update be online?


AlexPeter Author Team


We are still waiting for the new version to be approved by Theme Forest and it should be up soon. In the meantime, please read the release notes for Equestrian 4.0, as we have implemented big changes that could affect your website. Some old functionalities were completely replaced by new, modern ones and others have become deprecated.

You can read the release notes here, in the new Equestrian documentation: http://docs.curlythemes.com/equestrian-v4/#release_notes

Please make sure you fully understand the changes and take necessary precautions to secure your content. For any questions or issues, please open a ticket to our customer support.

All the best.

what ? software version?


AlexPeter Author Team


Equestrian 4.0 is compatible with WP 4.0, WP 4.1, WP 4.2. All the best.


spurves Purchased

Where can I download the old theme please? I’m having issues with the new theme and it’s completely broken thank to a non complete back up also! Thanks


AlexPeter Author Team

Hello Spurves,

Please open a ticket to our support and we will try fixing those issues. We can of course offer you an older version,if you wont be satisfied with the functionalities of the new one or, for some reason, your needs are incompatible with it. Thank you.


spurves Purchased

ok will do, I prefer the old version!

new theme update breaks my wordpress site… sending a ticket now for the old install version please

Hello Voxxi,

I replied to your support ticket. I have sent you the old version and some info about the new release. All the best.