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hi, i cant sent messages using the form native your template, how i fix it?? thanks. i have installed wp-smtp and contact form too but dont resolved..


i need this urgent


How can i have the slider in the home page under the header, instead of behind the header?


I posted a question on sept 25 in the support center, but still no response.

Still nothing… What happend to “short reply time”?

Hello, could you please advice me how to remove the map from contact page? Thank you for your quick respond! Kristyna

God DAMN – the support is horrible – they DO NOT react!! It is 5 days without any replay. I tried this page and also contact them via support.

Bad service!!!

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I have been having problems with Simple weather plugin, with access to the image library and with many others simple things that made my experience with this theme something quite annoying and the worst thing is that nobody answers my questions…

Still no news from the support ?

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How do I make the map go to a general area rather than to a specific area? My client doesn’t want to rule anyone out

SLKKDC Purchased

How do I make the menu background have 3d linear shading? rather than the flat white colour?

SLKKDC Purchased

I have put 2 tickets in and have no answers from support – it has been 2 weeks?!! :(

Come on guys. Where is that fantastic support you talk about?

Great Theme….it would be perfect if there is an Custom Post Type called “Horses for sale” with custom fields for eg. sex, height, color, age, breed, price categories, images, youtube video and a pedigree of the horse :o)

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With the update to WP 4.0.1, I’ve lost the sidebars on all the pages. But it did not happen until the editor made a change to the home page. I cannot get them back and I’m totally at a loss to figure this out as it seems there are multiple ways to add a side bar and none seem to have the desired effect. Please help!

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i was going to complain about pending ticket but then I saw all the posts above also waiting for replies :(

Are you responding to tickets? I have opened 2 tickets can somebody reply please?

Has anybody here had any problems with product images / thumbnails not displaying? I have added products but no images are showing up, any ideas? Thanks.

Still nothing…

Is there a way to actually get the gallery captions to display on the page for this theme? I can’t seem to find any documentation, menus or CSS to find them to either activate or change things to make them visible. I also entered a ticket (#247) into your support system website. Thanks for your help!

Not sure if the author is still lending support, but I just recently started working on this theme and noticed that some of my changes aren’t being saved. I checked them on other browsers, and they are only showing up on my computer. After logging in to the dashboard the theme changes on that browser, but not others. Any ideas?