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Does this theme work ok on WP 4.1 ?

Does the options panel have the capability to import / export the options settings?


purchased theme and added a revolution slider to homepage, now drop down main menu options appear behind the slider and can’t accessed. Code to fix this?

I have purchased this theme last year and getting tech support is very difficult! I would suggest not to purchase. It is not up to date.

Hi, I bought your theme which running good. Only the problem is I uploaded product image in woocommerce-product-product gallery. On the page Shop, the main product image is not showing, only the thumbnail image can see. What I did wrong? Can you help me?


it always show the woocommerce/assets/images/placeholder.png ,not my product image. How can I fix it like your demo

I would like to know if there is a way to disable to comments functionality that is added to each page of the site and only have this function be shown on the blog post pages of the site? Thank you.

Is theme supported anymore? I opened a few tickets on their support page and nothing.

Theme says you get the Simple Weather plugin for free but I see no documentation on it.

Hello, I recently purchased this and I see that you do not provide a PSD file and from comments already here it seems you can’t provide one. That is fine, can you provide me with a screenshot of the home page in it’s entirety? Please let me know! Thank you for any help! I also would like one of an interior page, but I am more interested in the homepage right now so I can mock it for a client. thanks.

^ RoninDigital ^ Google search “screenshot entire website” as there are loads of extensions and plugins for Firefox and Chrome that will screenshot an entire webpage, rather than what you can just see on screen.

The woo commerce files need updating. Is the theme supported anymore? I see not much has been answered here for a while…

FYI: DO NOT BUY THIS THEME. Support is no longer offered.


Hi there, i was out due to a medical problem, i will make a new theme release in a couple of days and also i will address all tickets accordingly. Thank you

Hey, I would like to report the problem to the map display of the contact section, only on the mobile device, the desktop version is displayed correctly. I am looking for an optimal solution. Thank You

Taran Purchased

Google Webmaster Tools finds this template has mobile usability issues even though it is responsive. Their issues are: 1. Touch Elements Too Close 2. Viewport not configured 3. Small font size What do you think? Are these things that you will address? Thanks – This is a really good theme.


Hi there, sorry for the delay, we will address all improvements as bugs as much as possible in order to make a release soon.

Such a shame…. I bought this theme last year for a project I wanted to work on this year and it looks like the author isn’t supporting it or updating it to run the latest version of WP (4.2)

I would avoid purchasing this theme (until they respond on here)


Hi Guys, it’s been quite a while since you said you were upgrading this theme?? Can you give us an update please.

Thank you.


Hi there, It is taking a little more than expected as we completly re-written Equestrian. We are migrating all customization to the Wordpress Customizer and decreased the code by more than 30% meaning faster loading time and better SEO. We expect to release it in about 7 days from now as testing is crucial, as we want a migrations as simple as possibile, ideally to be seemless. Thank you for the understanding.


Fantastic news chaps…. thank you for the update – greatly appreciated – I will check back next Thursday :))

Hi all,

I was out due to a medical condition, i am back and i will patch everything in a new release very soon, in a couple of days, i will make it compatible with the versions of WordPress, Layer Slider, WooCommerce. Please allow me a couple of days to patch everything up and close all comments.

Thank you for your understanding

seoguyfr Purchased

Hi i downloaded this before i read it needs update

if i just install wordpress 3.9 now can i later update without problems (once you release update?)


Hi Guys,

I’m really interested in purchasing your template just need to know that you intend to make it compatible with latest WP version in the nearly future.

Look forward to your reply

Hi, Is there an update coming soon?