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Hi, I’m thinking in buy this admin panel, but i have some doubts:
  • It’s compatible with all html templates?
  • Could you Help me in the installing process?
  • Which kind of technology needs to connect with HTML templates? Thank you.

Hi karosso,

We apologize for the late reply. Unfortunately, I think you misunderstood the nature of our products, but we’ll try answer your questions.

1. Ergo IS a HTML template, the reason why you can find it listed in the HTML category here on TF. It’s not a functional admin panel – that includes just the interface (HTML/CSS/LESS/JS) – so it’s nothing similar with WordPress or a CMS if that’s what you are looking for.

2. Our product helps developers build custom backend/server systems, without having to worry about the design/front interface. Because of the nature of this product, it can’t be simply installed somewhere and expect it to work as a full admin system.

3. The question is really generic and the answers are many. There are just so many server side scripting languages and approaches you could take, its an infinite scenario, however PHP stands as one of the most popular choices.

Thank you.

Hi, any idea when you are releasing the bootstrap v3.0 version for this template? I really need it to start my next project.

Hi bilal414,

We are almost done with BS 3.0 for Ergo.

ETA for release 2-3 weeks.


Just wondering… Bootstrap 3 version? Any heads-up when that will be released?


Hi DeluxyMe2,

We are almost done with BS 3.0 for Ergo.

ETA for release 2-3 weeks.

Regards, mosaicpro

I am trying to add a table to my index.php page but the enhanced tables will not display correctly. I added the index to the footer and header if then statements for the datatables but it still will not work please advise why I can’t use some nice features on the index page like charts. Thanks I do love the theme.

Hei… This is a very beautiful template for me, Can you help me, how do I clear the input textbox “username / password” on page login.php,

thank you

ok thanks… very much

You’re welcome!

You’re welcome!


I’m thinking to buy this template but I have a question: - I can read that there is a PHP version for this template. can I know what php code is included (contact/login/...) or all the website with a database?

Kind regards,

Hi b_lamine,

PHP is for simple templating. Things like connections to databases you have to implement it yourself.


Hi, I’m, interested in buying this template, but I need it to be Bootstrap 3.0. Could you give me an availability day? thanks

Hi paulmc1,

Unfortunately a Bootstrap 3.x version of Ergo will be delivered just later in April.


Hi, template is fantastic , I was not able to stop myself to wait till April end for Bootstrap 3.0 version and immediately purchased. Hope the upgrade is coming soon. How about Top Menu ?? Thanks so much

Hi amitsahay,

Sorry for the late reply.. We are in development for the 3.0 version and we will include much more than just a top menu ;).


Any Updates on this release ??

How do i re-arrange the date format in the dateTimePicker? Its set to 2014-05-06 11:00:07 but i need it to be 05-06-2014 11:00:07.

Basically just put t he year at the end instead of beginning.

No updates about this? When will you release 3.0?

I love the design, this is my favourite admin UI so far but please fix pricing tables (text don’t show) also does it have a text editor?

Looks like the author has disappeared.

Whenever there is an update , the new version with boostrap 3 or more ..?

Hello, how are you?

I made a copy of your template and my httpdocs, in a folder, when I open it, the dashboard displays fine, but the other pages show the following error:

Object not found!

The requested URL was not found on this server. The link on the page Referring Seems to be wrong or outdated. Please inform the author of That page about the error.

If you think this is a server error, Please contact the webmaster. Error 404 localhost Apache / 2.4.3 (Win32) OpenSSL / 1.0.1c PHP / 5.4.7

What should I change so that you can find and display?

Thank you for your help. Best regard,

Hi Does this support RTL?

I would buy this if there was an update or information on when the theme will be updated to bootstrap 3.2. Thanks


Very nice theme. I want to know if something “similar” to your LivePreview (ideally the same Preview) is included in the zip you deliver. That would be very helpful to fully understand some of the widgets.

Thank you.


I see multiple posts that you say your next release will include Bootstrap 3 but I don't see it in the description for Ergo.  Has it been updated to Bootstrap 3?

Is there anyone who knows how to install themekit to a server? I am kinda lost in all the jibberish :D

Is there anyone who knows how to install themekit to a server? I am kinda lost in all the jibberish :D I think I’ve installed all dependencies, but the documentation is not clear of how to do things, when you are a noob like me in html templates.

please update jQuery to latest stable T_T, or at least 1.11 latest. latest bootstrap and full calendar should be kinda required too. this bootstrap was released in 2011 and a lot of the current techniques wont work quite the same with v2

oh btw using // is the recommended version if you cant figure out the dependancy issues for v2. you shouldn’t have any problems as up to 1.11 its backward compatible but has bug fixes