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Having some trouble using the Slider / Carousel. I changed the custom.js from fade to slider and nothing happened. :(


There should not be any problem with the slider and carousel, probably some of your plugin is creating some problem. Can you first try to disable all your plugins and see if it works? If it still does not work, you can send me the theme files by email (info [at] wellthemes.com) and I will check that.


Thanks! That did the trick. My last question, how do we set up multi level dropdown menu’s? I was looking for that option and couldn’t quite figure it out


Blonde moment. Figured it out!

jeykey Purchased

Hi, i have some troubles with home page slider. When page starts loading it shows first slide, then, when page ended loading, slider show another slide, so first slide only shows at 1 second (blinks). And slides comes in random, not the way they appear on the site.

How can I fix this?

p.s. my site: http://life-hack.ru

You can adjust the slider speed from the custom.js file which is in the js folder. You can slow the slider speed, or you can set initial delay. For example you can add this line in the slider settings:
initDelay : 0 

The above line will set the initialization delay in milliseconds, just replace 0 with the number of milliseconds you want to delay.

Let me know if it solves your problem.

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Hello. Where are the settings entered for the Home Page Slideshow? I see that the only settings that can be altered in ‘Theme Options’ for the slideshow is whether I want to enable or disable this feature. This makes the theme a headache to set up. I dont want to guess the image sizes. Please understand that I dont mean the image suggestions when an image is being uploaded to the website. I am specifically speaking of the Slider/Slideshow images on the Home Page. Also, there is no ability to select where the images are pulled from (ie page id, category id), in the Theme Options. I am not saying that the slideshow/slider doesn’t pull up an image, however it takes the ‘featured image’ for a post and stretches or reduces to accomodate that size specification. Your theme documentation does not indicate the size for the Slider and although the theme automatically resizes the image for the slider, it reduces the quality of the image in the slideshow. It seems that something as simple as a slideshow feature on a home page should have controls in the Theme Options for ease of use. The fact that the slider automatically resizes a featured image to it’s specifications is a handy feature ONLY IF the image result is of good quality. The automatic resize feature on the theme does not produce good quality images. Will you be adding an ability to control these settings for the slider in the Theme Options in future updates? I cant bear the thought of having this image resize issue every time a post is published. Some themes utilize the custom fields for specific image settings, but I dont see that that would be the case with this theme on the theme documentation. Please let me know where to adjust settings for the slider beyond enable/disable. Having to dig through php files to find out hardly seems friendly. Please advise.


Hey, First of all, thanks for purching the theme. I totally understand what you mean. I will try to explan to you.

You can enable or disable the slider from the theme options. Also you can either display the latest posts or a specific cateogory posts.

Now, regarding the image sizes, you do not need to upload a specific size image. Whatever image you upload, the theme automatically crops the image (it does not adjust its size with CSS), instead it crops the image to make sure that it does not stetch.

If you have previous posts (before you had this theme), obviously those images are not cropped, so in that case the theme resize the image with the CSS. When you will create a new post and upload a new featured image then it will crop it correctly.

I hope it answers your question. If you are having trouble with this, let me know and I will get back to help you.

Hi! quick question, does your theme come with dummy content to load? Thanks!


Thanks for your interest. It does not have dummy content, but its really very easy to set up and use. You will find detailed documentation, and for rest of the issues, I’m here to help :)

is it possible to swap the first and second columns on the homepage?


Yes, it is. You can easily do that by editing the css.

hshanks Purchased

What a terrific theme! I just moved to Wordpress and this has been an awesome experience thanks to such a user-friendly product! Gave you 5 stars!


Thank you very much. I’m glad you liked it :)

I see where I can add script for the header ad under Theme Options, but I’d like to put advertising on the sides as well using Google AdSense. I don’t see any widgets to do this – can you help me?


Thank you very much for purchasing the theme. There are widgets to display the ads in the side. You can use any of them. You can also use the text widget for the ad. If you need help with anything, let me know :)


Duh! Text widget worked great. Thanks.


Great. If you liked the theme and support, please remember to rate the theme. I’ll highly appreciate it. :)

Hi Mod,

How do I get the gallery to work? Thanks!


Thank you very much for purchasing the theme. To enable the gallery, simply go to the theme options page and enable the gallery from there. It will automatically get the images from the posts.

meganska Purchased

Hi there, I have just purchased the theme and very excited to get it up & running. Could you please tell me how to add a pinterest social media button to the top bar alongside the others? Thanks M


Thank you very much for purchasing the theme. Here is how you can add the pinerest social icon in the top bar.

First of all you will need to find an 18px icon for the pinterest. You can find it from iconfinder.com and resize it. Place that icon in the images directory which is in the main theme directory. Then follow these steps:

1. Open header.php file and look for these lines around line #93
div class="top-right" 
Add this line after that: <li><a class="pinterest" href="http://yourPinterestURL">Pinterest</a></li>

Add your pinterest url above.

2. Open the style.css file. Look for this around line # 201:
#header .top-right ul{
    margin-top: 7px;
In above code, replace the
    margin-top: 7px
    margin: 7px 0 0;
3. Around line 239, add this code:
#header .top-right a.pinterest{
  background: url("images/pinterest18.png") no-repeat left center;  

Please note the above line assumes that the pinterest icon is a png image with name pinterest18, which is in the images directory.

That’s all :)

meganska Purchased

Brilliant! Many many thanks I’ll give this a go :-)


You’re welcome. :) If you need help with any other issue, let me know.


How do you install this theme within wordpress?



Sure, sending you a email right now.


I just sent you an email – please confirm once you have received it.


Yes, I got your email, I will get back to you quickly.

Hello I need to remove the Title from displaying on each gallery image page generated. They look doubled. Where can I do this from?

Thank you in advance for your quickest reply, and if you need the license code let me know ;)



You can remove the title from the single image page by editing the image.php file. Just open the image.php file and look the line which has the_title(), its around line # 20, simply remove that line.

You are welcome to ask any questions you have, I’m here to help you, however I’d request you to kindly post your questions with the account you purchased the license, so that it’s easy to verify. :)

Thank you for your previous answer, Id love to post from that account but it’s my clients and I’d rather not ask if it’s ok, I can still mail you the license code if you want ;)

I have another question. I have Recent Articles and Popular articles widgets on the left sidebar and I need to make a couple of edits to the lenght in characters of the title and change the date formatting. Can you tell me where the lines of code are located for those widgets?

Thank you!


Its ok, but could you register on the support forums (forums.wellthemes.com) using the license key?

Regarding your questions, you can change the length of the titles in those widgets. You can find the widget files in the framework/widgets directory. Open the widget_recent_posts.php file, and look for this line around line # 74.

the_title('','',FALSE),0, 30);
Change 30 to the number of characters you want. And then after couple of lines, you will see
$short_title) > 29
Change 29, to the above number -1. For example if you set 50 characters above, change 29 to 49.

You can do similar change in the other widgets you want.


Thank you so much for your tremendous support. I manage to do what I needed to do. Thank you.


You’re welcome :)

Hi, I really like this design but have a quick question before I could decide buying or not. Is it possible to integrate a video library page in this website? I currently use WordPress’s Cool Video Gallery Plugin and All Video Gallery plugin to make a video gallery page so I’d like to be able to continue having that page if I use this theme. Also want to know if this theme support video display more than just YouTube and Vimeo. Thanks!



Thank you very much for your interest. This is standard WordPress theme, you should be able to use your video gallery plugin with this theme as well, there shouldn’t be any problem. You can add the Youtube and Vimeo videos with the shortcodes, but you can embed other videos using their embedding code.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask :)

Just wanted to say that I’m loving your theme so far. It was extremely easy to switch to and I’m very happy with it!


Thank you very much for purchasing the theme and for your kind words. If you would need help with anything, please do not hesitate to ask. You can post your questions on support forums (forums.wellthemes.com), and I will be happy to help you :)

Also, please remember to rate the theme. I’ll highly appreciate that. Thanks :)

Hi there!

I have an issue with the display of social links within the single image page (single image of a gallery).

As you can see on this link ( http://bit.ly/VP7T75 ) the social links do not layout horizzontally but make up 2 lines. This happens only when you view the page in Safari.

I know it’s a small thing but I need this perfectized :)

Can you let me know what to do to make the social links display in one line?

Thank you tons


I will check that.

hello anyone tell me how I can get this issue, and advise me on all installed?


Hello, What issue are you talking about? Have you purchased the theme? If yes, can you please leave message from the account from which you purchased it? Thanks.

Hello, The template is great! Congratulations! I have two questions: How do I increase the size of the logo. I would like to occupy approximately half the space of the header. Is this possible? The Popular posts widget does not select my most popular posts, but random posts. My site is www.maneirissimo.net and am using the WordPress platform.

Thank you for your attention Carolina de La Vega

Thank you very much for purchasing the theme and your kind words. 1. You can increase the logo width easy. Open style.css file, look for this around line # 171
#header .logo

Change the width from 300px to what you want.

2. The Popular posts widget displays the posts with most comments. Once you will have comments in the posts, they will appear in order.

If you have more questions, feel free to ask.


Thanks. I’ll try this!

I’ve been looking for a good theme with left and right sidebars, not easy to find but this one looks like it could replace my current theme which has had no support for a number of years.

Is it possible to include a header image approximately 990×235 in size where the Eris/magazine title is?

Also, can the width of the sidebars be altered to say about 190 px wide each?

Thank you


Thanks, rated 5 stars and well worth it for the support alone :-)

Another little thing I’m trying to change, as i mentioned before, i have the content area set to show the latest posts. How do i set it so it shows the entire post title and not just a one line summery? I’ve included a screen grab:



Open content-excerpt-php file. Look for these lines starting from
//display only first 70 characters
till this line
(about 6 lines).

Remove them and add this the_title();

It should display full title.


Thats perfect. Thank you.

Hello – love this theme. I’m a noob, and I’m not techinal. Can i find out to use this theme, if i can use WordPress?


Thank you very much for your interest. Its very easy to use this theme. You only need to have WordPress installed on your hosting (not on the wordpress.com site). If you would need any help regarding the theme, I’ll be happy to help you :)

Hi, great theme, thank You, just one question, I have noticed yesterday on my local tested site that there is some issue with slider on homepage (it wasn’t like that before), when the page is loaded or refreshed i can see all slides one under another, and it last about 1-2 sec. I ve checked preview of your theme and there is the same issue. Any idea what is causing this problem?


Thanks. This could be because of any plugin is taking a bit time to request some resource (for example google fonts or any other resource hosted on external server). If you are using any plugins, you can try to disable. You can also use some debugging tool such as Firebug to see which resource takes time to load.