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Wow, is this a gorgeous theme. Nice job! Bookmarked for future projects..

Really unique and nice theme.

Good luck with sales

Gorgeous template :) Good luck with sales.

Beautiful, simply beautiful.

I really liked your previous theme also.

DEFINATE bookmark for the right client!

really elegant and unique :)

Thank you, we’re glad that you like it :)

Nice work guys :) Good luck with sales.

Looks great. Will this be available in Wordpress soon? Is the specialties page a traditional page or a blog category listing? Thanks, Jen


We’re currently working on other projects but a wordpress version of Adora will be ready next month.

One of the best templates I’ve seen in a while, great job! Looking forward to the Wordpress version :)

WOW Really like the spinning Logo !

How did you execute that ? Coz it’s not flash..some Jquery magic maybe??

do share – Please :)


First we tried using a gif, but gif supports 256 colors max so we tried a different approach, there is a JQuery plugin that’s changing the background position so we merged eight frames vertically.

Because the frames take some time to load the first version is static and after all files are loaded the frames are replacing the static version :).

Some features can be disabled from the theme options, animation is one of them…

This is great template!!! I just have one question, that Subscribe function… Is it real working function, like programmed?

Please let me know.



The only thing implemented there is the e-mail validation, we can send a server side request using ajax to record that email once it’s valid…

We did not implement further because every CMS has it’s own way to save and manage this kind of data.

If you have a CMS with this function we help you install it.

@ArnoldCK – It’s made using a background image that has 8 graphics (the spinning animation), and then using jQuery the background position is changed so it loops from 1st to 8th graphic, making a spinning animation. :)

Fantastic solution, never thought about doing it that way, i had a spinning animation in a project but i used CSS3 transform so it worked only on webkit browsers, but this solution is way way way better :)

@ermark – Change the demo to the light style, you’ll make more sales.

hope you get more sales on this one, it’s very nice :) good luck

This is such a cool theme. Can that nifty animation be programmed to “loop” just a few times, then stop? BTW : Echo wpCanyonThemes re light version.


Thank you, yes it could be programmed to repeat a few times and then stop :)

Hello ermarksays,

Please make a wordpress version :)

Haha I love it. Nice work on capturing the retro feel.

Wordpress? Everrr? Suchhh and amazing themeeee!! Argg!

REALLY nice theme! Congratulations! ;)

Wow! Rockn ‘n Roll! This for WordPress and you are my God! ;-)

Thank you, stay tuned we’re launching a wordpress version as soon as we can!