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I just bough this theme and cannot get the t-shirt message working. I edited the .js file where the string is but that appears to be associated with a slider of some sort.

Looking through the code I see there is an image overlay for the right side that says “I hate 404 errors!” but I do not know how to get the text to appear.

Please help.

Finaly we launched the Ermark Urban Blog, the wordpress version. The release was delayed because we wanted to integrate one of the most important feature from the HTML version, THE DYNAMIC COLORIZATION FEATURE . Happy blogging…

Hello ermark,

i would like to buy this template, is there a contact.php page included?

bye bye ^^



The wordpress version contains a functional contact page :).

tamarush Purchased

Hello, Very good work! thank you. My problem is that i purchased template but didn’t saw any notes about “contact page” form. How can i fix this? i don’t need wordpress, i already spend few weeks for needed update on HTML version content ,and wanted to do : “mailto” but as i understand it is not work. Could you please help me to finalize this issue. Many thanks.

MYOB Purchased

Thank you, this is great work, I applaud the quality and creativity. A few things:

1. Same comment as Shermandos’ (can’t get t-shirt message to change despite editing the .js file and the 404 message is an actual image); 2. Where’s the style switcher? Files do not seem to be included. This was a part of the live demo, it’s assumed by the purchaser that everything in the demo will be in the package. Someone else also made this observation about the style switcher. 3. The code calls an external server so I’ve commented that out. This product should have full functionality as the live demo without calling an external server in another country. Just sayin’. This is a really nicely done product but I can’t rate it until there’s satisfactory resolution to the items above. Thanks.

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I have buyed the great Template.

Now i want the t-shirt message script alone, without the color options and the other staff.

Can you send me the script for that?



Hello, we can’t provide that unfortunately…

I purchased the theme and almost have it to my liking. See here: http://marvincummings.com. What i can’t figure is how to remove the excerpt text which appears at the beginning of the pages. Is this an unchangable feature of the template? Is there any way to have it adjust to smart phones and tablets?



Hi, try adding a space character ” ” it should work fine :)

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How do you make the logo (transparent bg)?

how to fix the error? [an error occurred while processing this directive]


heloo??!! I will be glad to answer….