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great work ! all the best for sale!


Thank you Janitej, We’re doing our best to make a good impression!

Very Impressive and unique! Wish you the best of luck! :)


Hello weblusive, Thank you for your feedback we’re glad you like it!

Love it!! Will there be a Wordpress version soon?


Hi Patrick,

We are planing to release a wordpress version in the future, there’s no release date for the moment, thank you!

Oh, I love this one!


Thank you Kailoon, we appreciate it! :)

great template!!

can you include a dropdown navi?


Hi Saliver,

We will take this in consideration for a future update, thank you for your feedback!

nokiko Purchased


I bought the template but I am missing the background style changer from the demo where can i find that. if its not included can you reupload a version that has it especially since it was in the demo and one of the reasons I bought it


Hello Nokiko,

Offering the styler and the serverside solution to allow every user to make live changes to the theme is a difficult process.

We will allow the users to customize the theme on our servers changing colors, text, font and download the images and CSS if needed to replace them with the originals.

Configuring file permissions, PHP versions and cache system, is not in every day user’s routine, there can be more trouble in this part than the theme itself.

We’re doing our best to make this feature available ASAP .

Honestly , this is on top of the world. I can’t wait for the wordpress version.


Thanks Thuksa, we can’t wait too :)) ...

Yayyy, you got it approved! And without having to drop that beautiful background! It will sell like wildfire, congrats! I think this is one of the best templates here, I am planning to buy this in the following weeks!


We’re glad that the problems were about structure not design so “the theme was not injured” during the review process :D

O sa fim cu ochii pe blog pe viitor! (al tau desigur) :) Multumim pentru suportul oferit!

wow nice layout design.. great work…

Very nice visual style, but the structure seems to be geared more for a blog, and not a static HTML /CSS site. Just sayin.


Thank you for your feedback, the reason for this static html & css is that anyone can take it and integrate it to their favorite content management system or use part of the layouts or style.

SaLiVeR Purchased

Hoi ermark!

nice :) i’m waiting

Wow, amazing theme, great job.

Only small issue I’ve found is with the footer not sticking to the bottom of the browser window on my iPad. All other browsers I’ve tested works great…even IE 9 :-)


Hello Broomm,

We didn’t have any IPad to test but a mobile version is included in the package. If you could tell use the browser version for future research it would be great!

Thank you for your feedback!

One of the best looking templates on the site! Felicitari!

Great style, I like it. :)

awesome work, i will buy the wp version :)

Great template. I’m confused about how the watch/time function works, however. I can see the time is supposed to be called dynamically but in the template files included with the download, that area is static. There’s nothing I can see calling that date.php file, unless I’m missing something.


Hello johnnyspade,

If you look in custon-urban.js at line 76 :

$.getJSON(‘date.php’, function(data) {
$(’.watch-01 h3’).html(data.urbanTime.time01);
$(’.watch-02 h3’).html(data.urbanTime.time02);
$(’.watch-03 h3’).html(data.urbanTime.time03);
$(’.watch-04 h3’).html(data.urbanTime.time04);

The javascript automatically replaces the static time with the time returned by date.php :)..

To customize this you must follow two steps:

1. change the proper time/zone in date.php
2. change the location text in the html files at .extra-wrapper

Ah, I get it. Thanks for that. I’ve turned this into a Wordpress theme (for my own site) so those html calls weren’t working.


I hope it works fine now!

Awesome design/file. Is the person/man to the right of the main page easily replaceable with another image?



Hi gluegl, the side graphic is very easy to replace. You can also send us the image for the side graphic to customize it in order to fit this urban style. 

nokiko Purchased


do you have instructions on home te make our own graphic to match this instead of sending it your way. perhaps a photoshop action ?



there is no Photoshop action to achieve that effect, but we intend to publish a tutorial that will explain step by step. Until then we will gladly help you.

Love it! Keep up the great work!


Thank you stmcansays! We’re doing our best!