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I love the 404 error shirt. :D Anyway, it’s a grea design. So yeah, awesome job.


Thank you Pascal, the t-shit message was a great feature we taught it would be great to implement!

I’ve tired to preview this theme in Firefox is appears fine in IE8 it just comes up with a blank screen and never loads.


Hello Victorh,

We tried right now and it was all working just fine, try to clear your cache and access the page again.

Nope I tried that before, in the status bar you can see it loading images but once finished all you get is a blank screen in IE8 , Firefox etc is fine.


You are the only user that reported this issue please give us some details about your browser version and operating system.

The reviewers checked also for browser compatibility before agreeing to publish this product.

We will do our best to make sure it works, if you could provide a screen shot could also be helpful.

Thank you for feedback!

SaLiVeR Purchased

HOi ermark :-) when can i expect to get a update? love this style =)


Hi Saliver,

We designed a great drop-down menu and it will be ready by the end of the week!

SaLiVeR Purchased

thx ;)

Very creative, nice theme! ;)


Thank you EAMejia, we’re glad you like it!

SaLiVeR Purchased

Hoi ermark, can you publish the “urban.php”?


The method used to colorize the images it’s not included in the package although it can be used via Ermark Styler.

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the next Theme and the next Granade! THX for this!

I found one “problem”: In the Demo and the Download Package are the Pictures from the “Work” Screen in the wrong Directory or the Code is “wrong”.

best regards Markus

rptizzle Purchased

Hello Ermark,

Congrats on building such a great and original theme. I usually only buy WP themes, but this one was a must! 95% of all themes out there are just recycled themes that follow the same boxy pattern. I love your theme.

The only thing I wish it had is a rollover effect on the navigation menu. I.e., it’d be nice if when the user hovered the cursor over say, the ‘Work’ button, that it changed color. Currently there’s no effect.

If you make any updates to this template I’d sure like to know. I love it already. Or if you could point me in the right direction so I can implement this feature, then that’d be great too.

I look forward to seeing some new templates from you; hopefully as cool and original as this one.

Thank you so much,

Ricardo Rowe-Parker www.imagiantive-design.com


We will look into it, thanks for feedback!

rptizzle Purchased

Oh, and I had one more question. These theme was not designed to be a blog, was it? My understanding is that if someone is going to use this as a blog, that they would have to pretty much write an HTML file by hand every time they wish to do a post. Is that really the case?

I’m also not sure how to take advantage of your RSS icon in the “let’s get social” section. Isn’t an RSS feed only for a blog? If this theme will not have regular posts, then how could I take advantage of that feed for my site?

All in all, this is truly a great theme, though. I have worked with a lot of themes, and this one is like a breath of fresh air. :)

Thanks again,



Hi rptizzle,

Thank you for your feedback, the reason for this static html & css is that anyone can take it and integrate it to their favorite content management system or use part of the layouts or style.

It’s been a long time since i have done any HTML . Is there a way to pull your urban template into dreamweaver? I have cs4 dreamweaver, fireworks and photoshop and flash. I will try to attach a pic to get it styled. Would like to keep the T shirt for the message if that works. I did get the site up, but the clocks are missing from the background. How do i get the clocks and set the time? Dan


Hello Dan,

The theme can be edited using Dreamweaver without any problems, we will reply your mail so you can attach the graphics and give us the URL to look if there’s something wrong there.

For any other problems don’ hesitate to contact us!

Jee, what a great design!!

Will there be a chance it becomes available for Wordpress as well? And if so, would it be possible to hire you to design graphics that fit the subject I will be using it for?

Thanks, Tom


Hi Tom,

Of course it will be available :), we’re planning a release somewhere about the end of March. Don’t forget to follow us for future releases!


Cool, I will be waiting!

And I just noticed that you are already providing help with the images also.

Great job, thanks! Tom

Great to hear that you are planning a wordpress edition! =D

Really looking forward to it. Keep up the good work


Thank you DGN , we’re working on our next product, follow us for news! :D

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can you also add a drop down menu if we want to have an n-level menu


Hello nokiko, we already taken this in consideration, leave us an e-mail and you’ll be notified when the feature will be included in the package!

nokiko Purchased

nokiko at gmail

rptizzle Purchased

My email is info@imaginative-design.com. I too would like to be notified of any updates. Thanks!

i would love to buy this theme and change it into a DJ music theme. Can the background image be changed to a dance floor and the paint splash be changed to a beam of light?

How will I change the background image? Thanks

Hi, Sorry it has taken me so long to get back re: ie8 issues.

I’ve done some more playing and removing the themeforest frame will make the page suddenly appear in IE8 , though in Safari or Firefox the page displays with/without themeforest frame. Also, in IE8 the world clocks do not appear.

It would be great to get these issues resolved as this is an awesome theme.



Thank you for these accurate details Victorh, maybe we will have the luck to reproduce the error and after that fix it!

For any other observations don’t hesitate to contact us!

Ermark Studio

SaLiVeR Purchased

Hoi, my mail is saliver at gmail com … please notified me of any updates. Thanks!

Hello this is a GREAT ! design. I was wondering how hard the customizations is for someone with very minimal knowledge CSS and HTML . I have a very good understanding of Dreamweaver but not coding…

also I was wondering if the background of the palm tree and airplanes can be change.

sorry for all the questions as you can tell I’m a noobi..


Hi Shahri,

The background images can be easily replaced, there’s a /images/default/ folder where the the main graphics are.

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This is my first foray into Theme Forest and I picked a great template! I love it!

I’ve edited it beyond recognition but what I can’t seem to do is have a different person for each page. I have edited the CSS ’.style .person’ and created ’.style .person1’, ’.style .person2’, etc (each with a different background image) in the assumption that I can have a different person on each page. I have then updated my pages with this new CSS /div style but it doesn’t seem to work.

Any suggestions as how I can fix this problem please?

Thanks for your excellent template.