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I’ve also found reference to something called ‘InGallery slider’ in the CSS . I know this is not the stepslider. It also uses this image: ‘back-project-more.png’.

I can’t find this slider active on any of your pages. I’ve added extra images within but nothing happens :(

What I really want is to be able to put captions on the lightbox images that link from the thumbnails in page ‘work-single.html’.

Please could you point me in the right direction?

Ta everso,


THIS IS AWESOME ! any plans to bring this to wp?? an eta?


Hello, Urban Blog Wordpress was planned for the end of Mach, we can’t promise any exact release date.

Follow us for future updates!

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any eta on the new n-level menu?

Any update on the project. Your website has been under maintenance for almost a month now, and just wondering if the project has hit a dead end, or if there is any development in the background that the rest of us doesn’t see =)

Was really looking forward to the wordpress edition of Urban


Hi DGN ,

Unfortunately Ermark Urban will be delayed a little bit…

Awesome template and great after sales support!

Best of luck with sales!

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Any more info on the n-level menu yet?

Please. Create wordpress version. This is total incredible design :)

I really need the wordpress version too! Great design!

This design is awesome, I can’t wait to buy and use it for Wordpress. Do you know when it will be available? Thank you very much

I can’t wait for the Wordpress version too… please let us know the updates!

This is amazing. Best thing I’ve seen on Themeforest in a while. Good luck with sales. Im speechless on how amazing this is.


Thank you Priscillak we are doing our best to prepare the wordpress version as soon as we can!


However, is the blog just plain HTML to be done in an Editor? Or is it WP?

wow !! cannot wait for the wordpress version ..

I love the design! Purchased and using. But, I am having an issue with the shirt message not going away even after setting the js to custom? Any suggestions?

Any closer to a wordpress release? I love this design so much, but due to my inept knowledge in wordpress theme I got no chance in converting the theme myself hehe.

And would gladly pay ~50$ for a wordpress version of urban here on themeforest.

I just hope it doesnt take to long. Anyway, continue the good work

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hi, ? buying & using.Great job..

How do I change person jpeg to my jpeg? Please help this discuss.



Please look in the documentation we tried our best to give you an idea how to do that..

Thank you, Ermark Studio

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Theme is fantastic. However, when I tested my website on an iPad, the footer seems to hover halfway up the page and doesn’t stay affixed to the bottom of the browser window. Please let me know if you have any solutions to this issue.

Here is a link to my site: www.oceancidedesign.com


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Pouvez-vous indiquer la procedure a suivre pour le traitement de la et personalisation de la photo.

Merci d’avance

Can you indicate the procedure to be followed for the treatment of the and customization of the photo.



What photo are you referring exactly ?

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I speak about the photo ” back-person ” I shall want to replace her(it), and I wanted to know the procedure with Photoshop to refrain(abstain) the same effect.

je parle de la photo “back-person” je voudrai la remplacer, et je voulais savoir la procédure avec Photoshop pour abstenir le même effet.


Hi, It’s a little difficult to explain here the whole procces of customizing the image, we intend to publish a tutorial, but for now it’s better if you just send over the files to be modified.

Are you still offering the side photo customization?


Hi, of course, just send your files to office@ermark.ro