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Hi, I’m interested in buying Your template from themeforest:
“Esatto – One Page Responsive Bootstrap Template” .
But before I’ll buy it I would like to ask a question. I want to make portfolio based on this template, but I will need more “gallery sliders – You’ve one on home page”.
Is it hard to make more sliders ?
My sections would be:

  • Home – gallery slider( best works)
  • About me – normal page
  • Environment/Illustration – gallery slider2(other gallery slider)
  • Characters – gallery slider3
  • Vehicles – gallery slider4
  • Other – gallery slider5
    Thanks for an answer
  • AngeloM

    Sorry, you can’t duplicate slider, thanks


    :( too bad, template looks perfect. Thanks for an answer

    nikip Purchased

    hi again,

    how can i make the menu not 100% but to have the size as the blog (center and not 100%)?

    i try it but there is many issues in responsive…

    is there is a way to make the menu not 100%?

    and the mobile version menu have no sublinks and also you can not see all menu horizontal is not scroling down… is like is frozen…



    Just remove class=”navbar-fixed-top” and add the navbar in a container div (like bootsrap structure), responsive is the bootstrap one, i have no problem on my devices.

    Hi Angelo,
    Please let me know before purchasing: can I have a link to open in new page by clicking on the icon “under Slider”?? thanks


    Sure, just add an external link, it is east

    Does this answer to *webosk means that the external link loads via iframe so that external homesite opens within template?

    I would like to know whether more photo inside one project? Thanks!


    You should add more single item, there is not a single project detail


    u mean there have no project concept?


    correct ;)

    I tried to upload this theme and I received the following error: It says I’m missing, style.css stylesheet

    How do I fix this?


    Hi, upload where? This is not a Wordpress template, it is a Site Template… i’m afraid that you’ve done a bit of confusion. You can find wordpress version here: http://themeforest.net/item/esatto-responsive-onepage-multipurpose-theme/5030194

    quick question, I am quite interested in the template, however when I use safari to open up the live preview (http://themeforest.net/item/esatto-one-page-responsive-bootstrap-template/full_screen_preview/4697425) the screen flickers every time the slide changes. Anybody see the same thing ?

    mgxii Purchased

    GREAT template, my question is how to stop the sliders on top from automatically sliding! It cancels people out of their mobile keyboard when it has to refresh each time… THANKS


    There is an option in settings.js (superslides) just inser “play 0” ;)

    mgxii Purchased

    Thanks buddy!

    I’m not being able to insert the map properly, as long as it is always placed at the top of the page in front of other content. I figured out that I must asign “map-cont” class to the row, but can’t add a class to the row.


    But my main problem now is that when I hover on a “Service list” other plain text of the page gets duplicated and overlays itself. www.nexolub.es


    the thing is that I’m getting the div wrapper with all content duplicate, and in one of them it puts the tag strong at the begining… That makes the FAX- MAIL- PHONE buttons to move down when selected, but the other wrapper doesn’t move, so all that part gets overlayed.


    Another user sell wordpress version, i sell site template version

    Hi There,

    I purchased this theme and I wanted to know how can I change the Google map at the bottom of the contact section? It’s currently set to New York city and I want to change the city to something else.

    Where do I specify this?



    you mean settings.js? I don’t see a function.js in the ‘js’ folder.




    Also, I forgot to ask: Do you have an index of the letters (character map) used for glyphicons-halflings.png? I want to use some of these icons at different areas in the page but I don’t know all the letters (ie: some are ’:’, others are ‘a’ or ‘c’ etc). At this point, I’m just guessing by looking through the HTML files but if you’ve got a character map of sorts that would be great.


    I have some troubles with Internet Explorer 8 & 9. The circles (around the pictures for example) are displayed as squares and my customer is unhappy.

    How can I fix?



    You sell with compatibility with IE7 8 and 9 and after is not. At least you should offer a solution or at least some ideas about how can be done.

    Please, we need your help.



    It is compatible with ie means that tere r not errots and some view, many parameters of css3 cannot be displayed in ie. Replace images with icons


    I’m dissapointed. I expect other staff and other design, and for sure, another support.

    I feel bad…

    I need help with the icons on the homepage slides (heart, dialogue box, etc).

    Do you have an index of the letters (or, a character map) to use to call up the icons? I see that they’re all organized in the glyphicons-halflings.png and glyphicons-halflings-white.png files but I don’t know how to call them up.

    At this point, I’m just guessing by looking through the HTML files (ie: some are ’;’ and others are ‘a’ or ‘c’) but I don’t see anything in your instructions for all the icons.

    Please let me know.



    Please read documentation. There is a link with all availble icons

    Sorry for all the Q’s but I’m new to this format… I normally work with WordPress. Anyway, how do I setup the contact form on the contact page so that I can start getting emails?

    WordPress plugins normally handle this for me so I’m not sure what to do in this case. Do I need a script to make this work or do I need to modify one of the js files? If so, which one.

    Please let me know what I need to do.

    Thnx :-)


    Hi, this is a site trmplate, it is not for wordoress. You should add php code on your own to make the contact fform. Php code is not included in download files. Thanks

    is it possible to get the slider above the fixed top nav?


    sorry it is not possible

    How do I change the nav links to going to a new URL? do I need to uncomment some js stuff?


    I just changed below line in nav.js which works, prolly not the best way thow.. this.$nav = this.$elem.find(’’);

    Hi Love this template by the way..

    I have redesigned my site using this template but the only issue I’m getting is that when i view on a tablet iPad or iPhone when in portrait view the main content moves over the the left. In Landscape view everything is perfect it’s only when i turn my device to portrait view that it goes left, would you know how to fix this problem?

    Kind Regards

    Carl Rogers carl.carlrogers@gmail.com

    it depends, 4 – 5 days, thanks


    Can you not just contact me and help me resolve the problem?


    sorry, please wait the support.

    When I go to my website the fullscreen image first gets loaded its normal size and then it takes about “a second” to go fullscreen. Is there any way to hide the image till its completely loaded fullscreen? It also happens on the template you made. The bigger the image gets in filesize the longer it takes.


    Much of the “responsive” functionality in this theme is broken. For example, the portfolios don’t display well. Help please.