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Really great theme! Good luck with sales.

Do you do OpenCart themes at all? If so, will you be making this an OC theme..?


Thanks buddy. No, right now I am just concentrating on magento themes.

oalves Purchased

I’m having problems to install this theme!

I think is because os ajaxsearch.

Gives this: SQLSTATE [42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘diasmusi_mage700.mg_ajaxsearch’ doesn’t exist


Sorry for the delay, i was out, can you please mail me so that i can help you or if you can do it yourself you just need to rename DB table with this name.

I’m having problems with the twitter widget in the store-footer block. It has something to do with front-end html tags. The “&” turns into “&” and breaks the json request for the twitter api? Is there a fix?

Absolutely amazing theme! Gorgeous and perfect otherwise.

Thank you!


You need to replace your tiwtter name with “tutsplus”


I’ve done that but, my Magento install keeps returning the following after I save my block

 <script type="text/javascript" src="http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/ctmcases.json?callback=twitterCallback2&count=1"></script> 

I think it keeps converting the “&” into


I apologize for my limited knowledge of Magento. Thank you again for all your help.


Sorry for some reason whenever I post I can’t replicate the sign… it has “&” immediately followed by “amp” then ”;”.

Yikes… I figured this out. I accidentally deleted
:confused: Please everyone, disregard my previous comments. Thank you and sorry again webdziner.


congrats to this beautiful theme. I saw it and immediately bought it :)

I got a question… I need much more space (height) in the header section for my logo and also for some content in the header, where actually the “e-shopping” sign is placed.

I tried the .header tag in the css file and increase the height from 79px to 140 px. But that doesnt work, because the other content wont move down.

Can you please point me in the right direction?

Thanks and cheers



Can you please mail me through my profile so that i can help you. http://themeforest.net/user/webdziner


Hello. I want to purchase your beautiful theme. But, It’s my first time to use magento. This theme can be applyed to magento GO?


No, It is for magento community edition.

Hello. I have installed Magento community edition ver. This theme can be applyed to Magento CE ver. And if not, what should I expect to pay for settin at my webste? Thank you.


Yes it is compatible with

Referring to the “live preview” can the bottom block that has these 2 products: KODAK EASYSHARE C530 5MP DIGITAL CAMERA , CANON DIGITAL REBEL XT 8MP DIGITAL SLR CAMERA increase to, lets says additional 4 products making it 4 rows?


You can show any number of products.

Sorry I meant to say 3 rows after adding additional 4 products.

Hello! I just successfully installed this theme, and it’s my first time using Magento, so I am wondering how I can translate my website (including this theme) to another language?

Thanks in advance!


You can find here the detail about magento languages.

Just installed this theme and it works reasonably well except some parts are badly coded and do not work correctly.
1. Grouped products are broken and do not display properly. Most of my products use the ‘grouped product’ template, and I had to re-code some files to get them to show properly.
2. Layered navigation is broken. When using ‘sub-categories’ through layered navigation, they are displayed twice (see pic).

Also, if you try to choose a category for filtering (e.g. colour, size, manufacturer etc) it throws an error. The error log states ‘You cannot define a correlation name ‘color_idx’ more than once’. In the catalog.xml file for layered navigation the code <reference name="left"> is used twice in a row which is possibly what is causing the error.
Could you please provide a fix for this, as this template is currently unusable.

Ok, with a bit of experimenting I managed to fix the problem. I commented out lines 117 to 119 in catalog.xml like this: <!-- <reference name="left"> <block type="catalog/layer_view" name="catalog.lefttnav" before="_" template="catalog/navigation/leftnav.phtml"/> </reference> -->

Layered navigation is now working correctly! :)


Yes, I have updated the package, i was experimenting with nav file and forgot to remove it. Thanks for the intimation,


im having problems showing the description and also the short description. The output (frontend) doenst show any formated text, nor a list, nor bullets and staff like that. The description is formated well with text color, some
, li, underline etc.

The output is straight into one line without any formated text, colors…

See an example here: http://themeforest.net/item/eshopping-magento-theme/full_screen_preview/2491348

There is no break or any bold text, colored text etc. Seems that this template doesnt show html formated text!?

Can you help?


Can you please mail me your site detail and problem.

Great theme, and if you can confirm that I can tweak the following then I shall purchase ASAP , thanks

1) I need the header links to be drop-down, as there are many sub-categories. These categories & subs will then also need to be clearly displayed in the left hand column

2) Facebook like button? Really need this to be highly visible, so ideally this would be a banner image with a button inside it. Possible?


Yes you can add dropdown and facebook like.

Bought and rated! Great theme mate. Thanks for the clear installation instructions.

Hi, Have few questions before I buy

1. Is ‘e-Shopping’ already updated to the latest Magento version? Do you mind future updates? I’m asking because some of good themes here are poorly supported.

2. I would like to have more menus in left column instead of “shop by – - – price, color, manufacturer etc.”. Is it possible with this theme?

3. Does ‘e-Shopping’ supports wide drop-down menus (as, for example, feautured theme ‘Fortis’)?

4. Do you provide theme customization services?


It is compatible with 1.7, i am not providing mega menu with theme, we can implement left menu like your madame store “http://themeforest.net/item/madame-responsive-fashion-store-magento-theme/2791232” We are available for small customization. You can ask anything through mail http://themeforest.net/user/webdziner


Thank you for prompt response. What I whant (and I suppose everybode else would) is to use left menu as submenu to main menu. So that every main menu tab opens page with it’s own left submenu column.

As for the rest, I like simplicity and suble color scheme of this theme. To my taste ‘e-shopping’ should be feautured on ThemeForest.

Theme installed great, but I have one small problem.

When scrolling to the bottom of the site, it just keeps on scrolling. It does not stop. How can this be fixed? http://www.rcfunshop.com/


I will try to check it, please contact me through profile, http://themeforest.net/user/webdziner

hexquare Purchased

Right after installation looks neat and perfectly rounded. This theme stands apart from anything I have tried before, so clean, one might not find even a slightest spot or wrinkle. The fine exapmle of minimalistic design with nitro power. Actually, I loved ‘e-shopping’ from the first sight. .. and now I’m going to have sex with it :)

Hey .. amazing theme .. does it ‘run’ with ? :-)


It does, You can use it.