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Kudos! Another great designed….. Wish you great success with this one.

There is a problem with the drop-down menu system. It appears behind the slider.

Hi @durk , We have tested it and it seems to be working fine. We couldn’t find any issues with it. Could you please kindly email us the screenshots of the error you getting and we will do our best to help you with it.

Clarification on the menu post I made.

At times, the menu appears behind the slider in Google Chrome only sometimes. I know that sounds strange, but when I leave your template running for a while (in Chrome), the slider seems to goof up the drop-down menu system.

Great site – but the slider/scroller is not working in IE7 . It was giving problems also in IE8 , but I added in the height for the UL in the css which solved that problem. Can you help me get this working for IE7 please? Hoping to hear from my favorite Chimp very soon.

Hi, im planning to buy this template but i want to know how looks checkout page, delivery, payment methods.

and if its pure html or its part of CMS ?

Hi@michaltimko, This is just an HTML and CSS template.

Hi I have already purchased the html template and its awesome! thanks for the great work! I just wonder that if you have any recent plan for a magento theme release?


I would really like to purchase this theme. If possible do you have any instructions on how to install it. Plus can you use oscommerce, paypal and edit it as well with this template. I have a domain name but i’m a newbie and want to get an online store up and running. But I want to make it my own.

Hello @prosell This is only html and css file you will need to have knowledge about Shopping cart to integart this theme ..

Which shopping cart system has this been developed for? Do you have a Magento version of this?


Is there a way of having the News as the landing page along with a Menu item ‘News’ in the nav bar? I’m thinking that the visitor could first be informed and then actively choose to go shopping if they wish to either by exploring the shop or by directly linking to the item and or category from the News item.

is this template fully working as aan online store after an installation on my server.

If it’s so then what do i need to install it.

Hi @ alosht, This is just an HTML and CSS template. In order to make it fully functional store you will need to customise it.

Excellent theme! I was just wondering if there is a Magento version of this? If not, would it be hard to use with a Magento shopping cart?

Thanks for the awesome theme!

Hi @ culpepperb, no magento version available at present. You will need to get it customise to use it with magento.

There seems to be a problem with this theme in IE7 . the top menu is all messed up. Any fix for this? I am typically OK with not supporting older browsers but there are still a ton of IE7 users sadly.

The Purple theme is broken can you send me a link to the fixed version please?

Please add these lines in style.css file * { padding: 0; margin: 0; }

It will solve issue for you.