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Can you create different transitions, like Nivo Slider, etc?

Hello, There is no Nivo Slider for Adobe Muse templates =( Wishes


could you please explain me how to make the 2 photo sliders at about me and services. There are photos where you can see just a little of the photo when you go up or down the page. But the problem ist, that i don’t know how to make this in muse. Thanks for the answer!

Greetings, Tim Böhmerle


Do you want to add more pictures with scrolling effect?

No i want to know how to make the scrolling effect like this at ‘about me’ oder at ‘services’

You need to use scrolling effect feature on muse, you can have a look that grey rectangle on eshra photography( it has own values for effect you want) wishes

I’ve got the Eshra Photography template. It appears to be missing the assets “next.png” and “nexthover.png”.

The strategy I’m planning to use to customize the template is to replace the files in the images folder with my own images, but keep the same file name. I’m trying to identify how to size my images correctly. It looks like the image height is typically the most important factor. Is that correct?


Its one of muse bug. Actually design has next and nexthover.png (its in porftolio) but sometimes adobe muse dont recognize it. You dont need to replace them.


You can display the EXIF data of photos, in the portfolio

Hello, we didnt understand your question, could you explain please?


Sorry, In the photo slideshow I would like that photo metadata such as title, aperture, focal length, etc. will be displayed.

When I view the site in Muse Preview and in Safari, it does not center, it shifts to the left. The page separation lines do not run all the way to the right side and run off the left side. If the bookmarks are open on the left side, the verbiage is cut off on left side of the pages. Please help.


I think there is a rectangle or text area out of workspace(grey background on muse) could you check it please?

Hallo, how can i change the header pictures ?

Hello, Please have a look documentation file to solve header problem. You can find it in source rar file.



gpaw Purchased

Need a little assistance with portfolio widget. Need to add two additional sections. Is this possible.

Hello, yes its possible. Just click on category section and you will see plus sign near of category name. You can increase the category number. Then just copy on of gallery and paste it to new category.


Can’t open with Muse v5.0 :( why?

I’m considering purchasing this template and need to know if it’s completely customizable? I’m a video producer and plan to add links to Vimeo to showcase my videos.

I’m a novice attempting to modify the video_eshra-photography template. In the Portfolio section I’ve deleted the elements and applied the Vimeo Widget with my Vimeo Channel. In the Design mode everything looks correct but when I Preview the Portfolio section is blank.

Also, when I look in the Layers tab and under Anchors there is no Services Anchor even though the navigation stops at Services, or at least close and it needs adjustment. There is not an Services Anchor marker on the page so I’ve placed a Anchor for Services and when I look under the Hyperlinks I now see 2 Services Anchors.

Another issue I’m having, when in Design mode where is the navigation bar and Esher logo so I can replace the logo.

What am I doing wrong, with that said and my lack of experience there’s probably several things to check, please point me in the right direction.

Michael Harrington

Hey there, I´ve just purchased your template and am looking foward to use it! However when i open the Template (Full Screen Slider version) in Muse the Background Images (3 Images which should be changing in the background) are missing. Also the pictures, which are in the background while scrolling down on the page are not there eighter. It gives me a hard time, because im unable to see the sice and position of where the images have to go. would be happy about a solution.