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hi, nice work , i can’t change the copyright text and i can’t find footer-a it seems that the change i do to the gantry dose not take place on the site. pls help.,


Hello, You can find it /template/th_espresso/features/branding.php file :)

Hi guys,

I I just bought your template and I think is great. But I have a small problem. I just install quickstart 2.5 but after instalation my site looks same as I just install only joomla. There is no modules, no espresso template… Nothing. Just like I install only regular joomla.

Can you thell me sthat is the problem?

Regards, Matko

Hello Matko, Would you please provide your admin access and site url?

You should open a ticket to http://themehippo.ticksy.com/


Hi guys,

Yesterday, I purchase this template and I honestly think it i amazing. You did a great job. And your support team is superb.

All the luck guys.


Thank you very much for your kind word :)


I’m very much interested in purchasing this theme, however, I have a question, only one.

Did you guys stick with the Gantry framework? Because I’ve purchased one of your templates before, Enterprise and that one uses the ever amazing Gantry framework.

The reason I’m asking is because in using the gantry framework, I have total control over which logo’s go onto which pages by just flipping the logo switch in the template manager and creating modules with the various logos and publishing them on the respective pages.

Thank you.

So in this template, you are using the gantry framework?

Hello again, Yep this theme is using gantry framework, Our joomla developer is also Helix-II core developer, so you can do anything which is not documented in helix framework :) thanks

this wont work on 2.5 would it? :(

Hello mattipoo,

Not like this, We release this template with Joomla 3.0. Joomla 2.5 will stop developing on 31 dec 2014 see here: http://docs.joomla.org/Category:Version_History


When I change the template with Gantry. The changes are not updating, do you have a resolution for this problem? Also, how do I set a preset?

Thank you for your help.

Hello AvalonStories, Clear the cache from system.

Please open a support ticket for further assistant.



Thank you for a fantastic template. It’s such a breeze to work with and it looks amazing. Great job!

Just one thing? How and where can I customize CSS?

I need to give the main-navigation a background colour to set it apart from the rest of the site?

Thank you

Also, for some reason, my logo, which is placed in a custom HTML module and published to the header a position, just got small when it’s actual size is much larger. I have taken a look at the layout in the template manager as well as the image in the module and all seems fine. In fact, the logo displayed correctly until only recently and I haven’t made any changes. Not as far as I know. Could someone please assist in this matter?

Thank you

You can change color or background from espresso.less file, please go to templates/th_espresso/less/espresso.less

for further assistant please open a support ticket from here http://themehippo.ticksy.com/


Hello, I’d like to know the team page does not allow for any formatting of the individual team members? I tried adding html tags etc in the th_team module, but it just does not do anything. We’d really just want to add paragraphs.


Hi themehippo;

I can not change this ; footer; Copyright © 2013 Espresso for Joomla! All Rights Reserved Design By themehippo

Your answer another questions mark ; Hello, You can find it /template/th_espresso/features/branding.php file

But i can not change;

Hello fedorabilisim, please open a support ticket http://themehippo.ticksy.com/


We have purchased this product and its working great thanks, BUT on the iPhone view, it shows my product page with the logo and header running over the K2 item picture. How do we fix this, and is there a way to style the smartphone menu view on the left hand side. So that it does not show children and without the navigation bars?

Hello gustav939, Please open a support ticket. support: http://themehippo.ticksy.com/

I bought this theme a while ago and I m making it our company personal page I notice you don’t have any pics in your demo and that’s fine, but I want to ask, how you did those funny pics from the team page? they are absolutely hilarious and I want to make some too to my company team. thx (absolutory outstanding theme works perfect)


Hello there, Please open a ticket all about your needs :) http://themehippo.ticksy.com/ thanks

I installed the joomla 3 version, however the module “Are you interested in our offer?” does not show up. How do I fix this? Also the width of the contact form looks different than the demo

Hello smpillai11, Please check your support ticket.

Hi, The quickstart only works with Joomla 2.5, please can you help me?

Please open a support ticket on themehippo.ticksy.com

Hi need to know where I can find folders icons ranging in feature position, and created my porpios icons but not where they are located, and searched the css but can not find, appreciate your help.


i have pasted {loadposition team} on one page, but the team members dont load. Can you help me?


hello as I remove the effect in the slideshow that disappears when under the scroll?

Please open a support ticket at http://themehippo.ticksy.com/