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Hi, I have a pre-sale question.

Can i use this theme with another auction plugin without losing the themes functionality? I hope its not bound to use the build-in auction plugin because its limited, and will not suffice for our needs.

I love the theme, but this would be a dealbreaker for us.

Looking forward to your answer, Nova

Hi, it should work, but you will have to test it yourself.

I liked this theme and I used it in rtl mode, but still having this message even after installing these plugins: “This theme recommends the following plugins: WooCommerce and WooCommerce Simple Auctions.” one more thing : no xml file to import

Please go to http://essential.prospekt-solutions.com/documentation/ and there is download link for sample content – http://essential.prospekt-solutions.com/documentation/essential.wordpress.2013-11-05.xml.zip

As for notice you can disable it. But we suggest you to install those plugins because many theme features depend on them.

thanks I did but the problem persits : nothing is shown : no menu, no content in the shop

That is because you need to setup it a bit. You need to set homepage, menus, footer widgets. Importing dummy data will not magically setup everything. If you still have problems you can send us your wp-admin login and we can do that for you.

Hello, I buy This theme and i want to as In the Shop catalogue, there’s a plus (+) button to open view product, add to woshlist,etc in front of product. If i dont wanna use that animation and (+) button. Which js and CSS i need to delete?

Item no 15 is about how to remove cart, so that might be useful for you too.

This might be a simple answer but I cannot find it… where i can find a setting to change number of item displayed in product category and change the number of product showed per row in that page?

I already use it before, but it’s Still showed as 4 product.. Here the link of my website: http://www.galeritiedye.com/merchandise/

Hi, we are unable to open your site url.

Hello, Sorry for give you so many question. I want to ask about Zoom that you use for woocommerce product. Can I change the zoom type since your zoom the pict so detailed? Can I set how detail the product zoom(not so big)?

Sorry, not possible. Use smaller images with less details.

How If I want to change the zoom as Click and open popup image? Which js i need to delete? I try use plugin Imagezoom(https://wordpress.org/plugins/image-zoom/) but the plugin can’t overwrite your zoom

In themes/essential/js/custom.js you have part Product image zooming just comment out that jQuery function.

hi there i purchased this theme and have been running it for a couple of days just launched my site and realised the registration is missing in the login/rego page. the log in, lost password ect works fine and there is another bit my host has showed me were people can go to register but would prefer were its ment to address is: www.awesomeauctions.com.au and address to the rego bit is: http://www.awesomeauctions.com.au/wp-login.php?action=register

No, only 1 auction can be in cart.

ok thanks can i make a suggestion if possible that you put that feature in your next update as most of my customers usually bid on more then 1 item and with postage and credit card charges it would be much easier to bundle together i have been looking for the perfect auction theme for so long and this one is the best by far but that would make it perfect :)

Single auction per basked / order was implemented like that due to security issues. We’ll see what we can do in future.

Hello, I want to ask about this theme. I use this theme for my website. But something strange happen when the browser screen about 760 px to 960, the menubar lost(not displayed as selection nor standard menubar). How to fix this bug?

I’d suggest you to install in another directory fresh install of theme and see what you did wrong. I just tested this on our demo and it works fine.

pre purchase questions:

Hey, I hope all is well. I have a couple questions. 1) does the site come with visual composer? or any page builder? 2) can multiple users be able to add products for the auction? If so, is there a designated area (or private account section) for them to “add new product” with a customizable form that we can create for them to fill out and submit? 3) what kind of back-end email notification for users is integrated?

one more question. Can you provide me with a demo login and password to see what the backend looks like for a customer?


1) we have our own version of visual composer, much simpler

2) only administrators / shop managers can add auctions, if you want users to add auctions you need multiple vendors plugin

3) please read simple auctions feature list to see all available email notifications

We do not provide logins, you can however register on simple auctions demo. But there are screenshots you can check.

one more question. Can you provide me with a demo login and password to see what the backend looks like for a customer?

No, sorry.

Hi I have problem uploading the demo content. When I try to upload the zip I get errors. So I uploaded it with the FTP but the only page showing is the SAMPLE PAGE that I had before?????

Also when I upload with the FTP there is no plugins – shall it not be that? Please advice

OK found the demo file but just get errors all the time. 3 hours now with this!!!!! The 2 Woocommerce is installed and still the system say install it again and when I try I cant!!!!! so irritating!

I sent mail to you please remove all if you want and install it so it look like your demo site!


Can you please send us FTP info to email so we can upload demo content for you.

Problem with uploading demo content was that your php timeout was set too low so WordPress was not able to import all data at once. Demo has been setup.

Hi essential theme,

I want to ask you is it possible to just display 9 products in bid page?

because now it show 10 products and the display in front end quite messy.

here the link: http://www.galeritiedye.com/bid-the-artwork/

Can you help us to fix this.



Infotech Digivers Team

hi essential theme.

I tried to use the code but it still not working.

can you help us to fix this. I will give you the login detail. just provide me your email here.



Infotech Digivers Team

Hi, this is woocommerce issue and is outside of theme support scope.

Hi we purchased your theme but need some help with the auction plugin.

1. Once we’ve entered the bid increment on the product page, how, do we link that amount to the minimum amount the first bidder needs to place? The set bid increment seems to work for the second and third bids but the first bidder can enter any amount? This also relates to how we make the ’+’ button move by the increment amount and not by single units.

2. We want our product pages laid out in the list or row format and not the grid layout. It automatically defaults to grid. How do we change this to diplay horizontally ala eBay? We’ve contacted Avada (our theme) as we think its a styling issue but they’ve said it relates to the woocomm/auction plugin styling.

Direction to fix the above would be appreciated. We’d be happy to send our login details for you to check it out.

1. FAQ item no 4 http://wpgenie.org/woocommerce-simple-auctions/documentation/#faq

2. You need to copy plugin templates from plugin/templates/ to youtheme/woocommerce/ and edit templates so you get right layout. This is something you will have to code yourself, it will not be possible without custom coding just via some switch. Also I don’t understand why you are asking here for help if you use another theme and not essential. Custom modifications are outside of plugin support scope.

sorry for my english

I wanted to know how permetetre to participate in an auction only after having paid a deposit predetermined. (there is a plugin (addon) sepatato or already is in simple auction?)

plugin which do you recommend for the revival automatic?


First thing is not possible. For second you have relist button which appears once auction ends.

Hi All works great. Just tell me what is the optimal size of the photos for the single product?


Cheers ;)

is support for multiple users create auction (after registration can create own auctions)

No, you need to install WC Vendors plugin for that. So it is possible via 3rd party plugin.

your system can support register services and bring product to auction with the admin approve before ? if not, what other plug-in i can buy for use with your theme ?

If you want to enable your users to have their own auctions you can use WC Vendors plugin.

Dear sir, I’ve notice that both in my installation and in your demo site, cart-page doesn’t link to css or to any javascript, maybe: when cart is not empty, font type, for example, in cart-page seems to be “Times New Roman”, not same to the one used anywhere on other pages. I don’t like that and I ask you how can I fix it. Thanks.

Hi, just remove file essential/woocommerce/cart/shipping-calculator.php issue on our demo was fixed too.


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great! thanks!!! Another question. I want to disable zoom effect on mouse hover in the single product page and restore the original woocommerce lightbox effect (I can’t explain better: I want display the image in overlay on page), how I can do it? Thanks a lot.

Please read FAQ in documentation, it’s described there.

Hi, I have a question.

Does it come a built-in payment system? With a feature to get a comission on each sale?


No, you need to implement that via WooCommerce.