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plusquare does not currently provide support for this item.

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Hello! Nice to write you again. Essenza is a great theme. I’ve a cuestión about… How I can delete the icon and the shadow to go to image-link? I mean… https://www.evernote.com/shard/s138/sh/3c404088-cf62-49ac-91e6-cadbc6bd0a08/82542dc1b37d66fc3dec35e52641a1a5

Thank you in advance! Regards, D.

please check ticket #407913


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Hi Google Maps error

An error occured loading google app options!


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Hi, after the latest wordpress update – some buttons do not work in the wp-admin panel. For instance, at the ‘add new work’ page all the blue buttons are not working. These include ‘choose image’, and ‘add other content’ buttons. Thanks for your support.


This is a wonderful theme, but I have some issues when trying to configure the theme’s colors and font styles. Every change I do is saved in my options but it ins’t displayed in my website. http://tallerlux.com/

I’ve looked into the main.css and fontstyle.css permissions in my cPanel folder and it is 777 as you recommend.

Hope you could help me quickly because I need to have this site working this week.



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any word on when you expect v3 to be released? i remember many months ago you said you were working on it – so still waiting patiently…thanks in advance :)

URGENT Hi can you please look at ticket #424270. Site homepage is showing: “This is a modern site which require a more recent browser to work properly. Please upgrade now!” on GC and Safari.

When I try to add a contact form I get the following error message at the top of the page:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /storage/content/26/120626/williamleach.net/public_html/wp-content/themes/essenza/plusquare_admin/config-common/config-shortcodes/shortcodes.php on line 2668

I have set up Google API, I only get this message when contact form is added. I have version 2.5 installed

....and now all fonts don’t work. They did….then I changed a colour (and then back again) and then for some reason this resulted in the following fonts error message: “You haven’t configured your google app correctly, make sure you have checked google fonts in your app for example.”

What app? I have added the google API..




TICKET #424740

Piss poor support and a theme that brings out the worst of the already clunky and frustratingly un-userfriendly Wordpress. I’m bailing, don’t waste your money.

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately we no longer have the time or enough return to provide support. The theme still speaks for itself and it’s a great product for anyone with a fitting product. The current version has been tested out for a few months and is really stable so you shouldn’t have any problem with it.

If you’re having some trouble you can still check our faq page:


Or you can try search for the issue in our support system to see if someone already had the issue you’re having at:


Best regards to all :)

How to translate with WPML the welcome message?

Dear Plusquare, how can i show all my portfolio-items? Without using the «Loading more items» function. For the Filter its much better, if they are many Items. Best whises, Dom


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No Support anymore. Is this the End of Essenza by itself? So no V2.5 future Plans? I have build a big Website-Portfolio with your Theme. What happens now :(((( Any Feedback would be nice … best regards, dom


Unfortunately not, as we communicated a few comments above we no longer have the time to provide support here. We’re really sorry about it, we wanted to provide continuous support for our customers but it proved unsustainable for us :S



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How do you change the background of the masonry portfolio and gallery? by default it is black with orange hover on the images? how can i make the image hover a different color and make the background of the grid white?


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Plusquare, guys, I can certainly understand financial challenges but why not offer some paid support for those with problems instead of just withdrawing support? Why not email out a notice to your 1215 essenza customers and tell them that an upgrade will be available at a cost. I personally would pay money to keep my portfolio alive. I have spend weeks and weeks building it and now I fear that a future plugin or WP update breaks my site and all of this will be in vain. Bad karma to you guys if this happens.


We really value our customers, the problem is not only financial unfortunately. We’re working on a big new project outside themeforest scope so it leaves us absolutely no time to provide support or updates. Also we don’t have a way of emailing buyers here on themeforest which is a bummer.

I believe essenza is stable enough to prevail for a lot of wordpress updates and you should be fine for a really long time with it :)



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BUYER BEWARE: Plussquare should update that they DO NOT OFFER SUPPORT, and not that they offer “limited support” as above. I bought this a week ago and have been having a lot of frustrations, and the documentation is pretty useless.

Now the site won’t show any logo image I upload and I only found out on the comments page that they refuse to support this any longer. So it’s been a complete waste of money.


We’ve updated the support tab settings. Sorry was our mistake. The product does work, make sure there is no plugin messing with essenza, by disabling them all before checking anything else. Good luck with your project.



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You guys really are assholes and shouldn’t be in this industry if you can’t honor your customers & your work. You’ve wasted months of my time & left me completely screwed financially because of your lack of integrity. Can only imagine how many other people are in the same boat. And no compensation? Just turn your back & move onto bigger & better things. Well good on you. May they fail dismally as you so deserve.

So, a theme that costed you 48$ in a stock market which works and does exactly what it advertises screwed you because we no longer provide support? I’ve supported this product for over one year, at the expense of hours per day, we dropped the support because we no longer have the time to provide the free support nor the income from it to do so. We did assure that the product was stable enough to speak for itself, and we released multiple versions at that time when we knew it wouldn’t bring more sales but it would make our customers happy. What we’re working on will be available for everyone to use, including essenza users, don’t speak loudly when you don’t know the story behind.


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Hi, You state that all work well. Unfortunately it is still not possible to adjust the appearance of Google maps. Is there a solution? Greetings, Alain