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I am interested in buying this theme, it looks great! A few questions though:

1. I need to add both properties to be booked AND properties to be sold. So some need the booking module, some don’t. Is that possible?

2. Is a Dutch translation available?

3. Is, apart from PayPal, another payment option for bookings? For instance, bank payment – manually.

4. I assume theme colors, backgrounds etc are fully customizable to match corporate identity?




I bought the theme, and when i install it i don’t get any of the below plugins

ACF:Field Selector Advanced Custom Fields Bonsai Directory Estatment plugin

Bonsai Booking Visual Composer

Only I got “Layer Slider” Plugin.

Please help.



I sent multiple emails but no response. Please help me out!


does your WP Theme support multiple agents with the capabilities to manage their own properties (add/delete/edit) ?



giuben Purchased


How to exclude the Slider from Pages and Property?


giuben Purchased


Should I change the language of the booking calendar from English into Italian.

example: January, February, March, .. Gennaio, Febbraio, Marzo, ..

Can anyone help me?


giuben Purchased

Can you suggest a file to change? Thanks.

Salve, prima di acquistare vorrei chiedervi se nella home slide posso inserire una sidebar con filtri di ricerca, ultimi articoli, video, devo realizzare il sito per un’agenzia immobiliare il cliente mi chiedeva queste opzioni nella homepage slide. Grazie


Well I have the same problem as jsenthil and I see he hasn’t been answered (perhaps way down the thread he was).

I watched the videos you provide. They are very informative and user friendly. Thanks for that. The problem is, I can’t actually follow the videos, because very few of the options shown in the video are available to me. It says that it “requires some plugins but they are all free”. Maybe, but good luck actually finding them. I searched everywhere for “Bonsai Directory” for example (seems VITAL to the theme) It is extremely difficult to find. I haven’t seen anything so far in any documentation that explains how to find it. I did FINALLY find a copy of it (on the author’s site)..but it doesn’t work (I had to read the readme file and find out that you need to edit the files etc just to get the plugin to install) I finally got it installed, but it won’t activate…so it’s about as good as a chocolate teapot.

Bonsai booking just doesn’t doesn’t seem to exist on the web. Likewise with the plugin that is actually NAMED ESTATEMENT plugin!!!

It says visual composer is licensed for use with this theme…but doesn’t explain how or where to get it nor how to license it for the theme)

I tried to follow the video to make a search page, but was quickly left behind once the author says, “If you select the search template option you will get a bunch of different options…”

NOPE. I won’t.

In the how to install Estatement video, it says that WP will say “This theme requires the following plugins…” That didn’t happen for me. It simply installed, I searched to try and find out manually which plugins I needed.

It has been a very rough start.

I tried to setup a support account by clicking on the link I received in my purchase confirmation email, but I couldn’t create an account because it requires a valid license code and , well, it says mine is invalid. (Cut and pasted from the email, and after that from the actual license I downloaded.)

It has been a very tiring and frustrating weekend at the computer. I accept that I am not particularly familiar with WP, but I do know how to use a computer and can certainly follow instructions and I do know how to watch videos telling me about all the cool things I can do with the theme after I put my money down.

I sure hope you guys can help me out with this. At this point my time would have been better spent customizing a free theme, as without the options described in the Bonsaished videos, this theme is no better than a free theme.

I must admit, I am a little nervous that you answered all the questions before and after jsenthil posted the same problem I have TWICE and seems to have been IGNORED TWICE.

I can’t help thinking (and hoping) that I just happened to have had bad luck and the theme version I received was only updated a few days ago…and they hadn’t realized that it doesn’t work and has many missing features and bad license codes. That would explain a lot.

The theme LOOKS great in the videos and live previews…I sure hope I can actually use the theme I bought from Bonsaished and create the site I was hoping for.

I would say to anyone that is considering buying this theme, don’t buy it until you see how this issue is resolved for jsenthil, myself and ayone else that is struggling with the same.

If it is a big mistake and a glitchy bugged lousy download file I got, I will be certain to acknowledge that in this forum after Envato and Bonsaished have rectified the situation.

Thanks for your time.


I would like to acknowledge that with regards to the options not being available for the search page, they did eventually come up. I am not sure why, but there is a little glitch of sorts (at least in my download) but after refreshing and messing around with other things, suddenly, out of nowhere, the options like those shown in the video DO come up and the feature is very user friendly and attractive.

Perhaps this is just a tolerable bug. Once you know that you might not have an options panel for awhile but that it’s coming…it’s only a small nuisance.



I received a prompt personal reply from Daniel today.

The instructional videos are for a beta version he is working on…hence the confusion and understanding that ENVATO had not sent me the updated files.

In fairness, my problems with Bonsaished boiled down to conflicting info between the current available Estatement 4.3 and the instructional videos using Estatement 5.0 Beta.

So I do have everything I need,...and a lot easier to understand now that I know I can´t follow the instructions in the videos.

The theme is great, just stick to the manual provided with the estatement version you have…or you will be well and truly confused about why nothing you have is like the video version!

As for ENVATO…not hugely impressed with them. I have an invalid purchase code so I can´t actually make a themeforest account to get into support so GOOD LUCK getting a hold of them to sort anything out!!! I guess I could make a call to the one phone number they list in Australia.

Thanks Daniel and BonsaiShed…I apologize for the misunderstanding.

Can you provide updated xml files for the theme’s content and slider?

The files available on your website are outdated.

I’ve reached out via the contact form on bonsaished.com several weeks back regarding this, and have yet to receive a response.

With the lack of support for the previous comments here, and the fact I haven’t received a response through your specified support channel, I’m hoping this theme hasn’t been abandoned by the author.

Ive tried to reach support a number of times with no response. Hoping i can place my question here.

On the home page with the map, is there any way for it to only show properties that are published? If I set a property to pending or draft, it still shows on the map.

Thanks for your time.


Still no response…

Hy there, I tried to contact you now several times over months. The theme is not completely compatible with WPML, as you said. Please help us, or at least come back soon with any answer. Michael

Support does not answer letters :(

Hello, anyone has an idea how to add a “clear fileds” to the live filter ?


no one knows?

1) I have a problem with the booking. It’s all setup but when I click on “book” I’m taken to the home page instead of the booking page. 2) I also have a problem with the live filter, that simply doesn’t work, and gives me a “ops” page. 3) third problem is I can’t get rid of the “more option” tab in the map search mage (of course it’s all setup to “no show”).

Any help from above? Thank you

My markers popup are showing too big, i.e. the size of the featured image. How can I make them all at one size?


no one knows?

This theme is highly customizable. It has its own logic but once you understand it, it’s fairly easy to move yourself around. However I have a couple of thumbs down:

1) the live filter can easily be spoiled by one single missing information in the properties. If, say, you choose not to show the price of one property, or the sq.mt. (and you have included those info in the live filter) then the filter will stop working not only for those properties but for all others as well 2) the booking system is not conditional. It treats each property as a unit and will only calendarize daily/seasonal booking for that unit. If for instance you’ll have more units in one property (say, a hotel/B&B) you cannot assign them to their own booking. It is impossible to come up with workarounds, like creating seasonal booking with different names, because the system doesn’t allow overridings/prioritization.

I believe the above features should be improved.

On top of this I think there should be a real support forum where users can interact and help each other. This comment page goes unnoticed and the forum as advertised here is just a page with a few questions answered.

Is there any support for this theme?

Support? Well is basically down to what mood they’re in. It’s been over 4 days that I have asked them to solve major bugs and still got no reply. The way it is right now, I purchased something I cannot use. I really hope they can’t reply because they are on holiday, otherwise I’m REALLY looking forward to hear their excuses for not assisting me… oh yes, I’m really waiting!


Unbelievevable! Completely ignoring my requests of solving a broken theme.A big thumbs down to their support and their attitude towards customers who are free to raise criticism anyway!

...and then you come across something like this (last post): http://themeforest.net/old_search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&term=estatement&type=forums&type_id=

and you wonder who’s blabbering

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Hello, is available the beta version ?


EvoRod Purchased

........ daniel ????

EvoRod Purchased

are you a live ? what happend with this delay ?

on my site www.luxuryhomegate.com is not working properly ..

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Hello. First off, thanks for creating the theme. It’s going to be great once I get it up and running.

However, upon initial set up, I’m running into some problems.

First off, I’m using a godaddy powered Wordpress. I purchased and downloaded the estatement theme from Themeforest, within the Envato Market.

Once downloaded, I uploaded the theme’s zip into Wordpress and activated it. So far so good.

According to the “documentation” found on your Bonsai Shed site, the 2nd step was to upload the ‘estatement-sample-content.xml’ – In the Estatement Package 4.3 I purchased, there was no ‘estatement-sample-content.xml’ – However, there was a ‘demo_content.xml’ – Seemed close enough. SO, I then installed and activated the Wordpress Importer, as the documentation suggests, and then subsequently imported the ‘demo_content.xml’ -

After importing the ‘demo_content.xml’ I began running into problems. The importer page gave me numerous “Failed to Import” messages. After clicking the “have fun” link, and proceeding ahead despite the multiple “Failed to Import” messages, I entered in my first test property.

Upon doing so, there were no problems until I visited the “home” menu page on the live web page. Once there, the newly entered property, along with all the demo properties, had what looked like broken code listed with them. I assume it had something to do with the “failed to import…” stuff.

I revisited the documentation and saw in the FAQ that importing errors sometimes deal with a lack of storage. I contacted Go Daddy and they assured me I had PLENTY of space to import a file like ‘demo_content.xml’ & that the issue either lied with the theme’s provider or with me.

So, here I am. I’m on somewhat of a time table and I really need the problem resolved so I can move forward. I’m more than willing to provide screen shots if there is a place to send them.

To See for yourself, please visit www.copiafactorem.com


Thanks, Sincerely -David