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I am looking to purchase this theme, if i allow user use and post ont the site for free but take a % fee for each rental they make will i need to buy the extended license ?



Dear developers, if you read this comment board, can you tell me why my support request about a live filter bug is continuously ignored?

Because there has long been no support. The author does not communicate and removes any attempt to contact him outside of this site. Unfortunately, this theme continues to be sold with a promise of support.

I agree. The advertised forum doesn’t exist (404 page) and if you contact them via email, you get an initial answer (if you get it) but then further help doesn’t follow. I guess I’m gonna downgrade my rating.


catzip Purchased

Can I change the banner to say “SOLD” or “UNDER CONTRACT” instead of the price?

Thank you

Hi there, I’m interested in purchasing Realia. I would like to add area stats on each area in which the house for sale is situated, I also want to compare it to another area. Below is an example from Zoopla. Is this possible?


Sorry meant estatement

we have installed Estatement on http:\\jonarealestate.al . Now it’s working very slowly.We have dis-activated the plugins and the guys that have hosted the theme told me that i have to check the theme , because it takes too long to load. even on the dashboard, when it’s active. Can you instruct me about this issue. Kind regards.


I saw the demo theme , Seems all functionality are ok , can you please confirm on thing , is that support Realtyna WPL ?


Hi, if you decide to no support anymore a theme, IMHO, you should have to retire it… but it’s just my thought, I should had to check better before buy it.

On your website you write “Estatement was coded with WPML in mind so you’ll be able to create multilingual content in a jiffy.” That’s partially true, always IMO, you forgot about WMPL in several parts of your code. It’s being a nightmare to get translated all parts of a website we’re working on based on your theme.


Please Respond!!!

I have asked this question months ago with no response.

My question is Can I change the banner to say ”SOLD” or “UNDER CONTRACT” instead of the price? I still want to keep FEATURED

Please respond!!!

No one will answer. The author has long ignored everyone who bought the theme. Here is his website – http://danielpataki.com/

catzip, it’s a fairly easy setting to update if you haven’t already figured it out. Goto the Theme Customizer. Once there, the option you want is: Featured Property Options. Edit the option under: First Custom Field To Show. Change this to whatever field you want to appear in the banner. We used the Availability field so it either shows Available, Sold, Rented, or whatever else you put into the Availability field. You can set this to ANY field including a custom you create for only this purpose.