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I am looking at real estate theme. I would like to clarify some points below:
1) Backward compatible. Every upgrade of wordpress or your software will not cause my website to be down or not working.
2) Create/define customized fields that is mandatory for a specific group of property?
a. For example: I would like Number of Bedroom to be compulsory for all residential property but not non-residential property
b. For non-residential property like office space, the system will allow me to key in field without asking me for number of bedroom. The bedroom fields must not appear in the first place.
3) The system will dynamically display appropriate search query. For example, If I am search for office space, the system will not have display bedroom in my search query
4) Can I display my home page with different feature listings. Feature listing for a set of residential property, Feature listing for a set of office space for rent….
5) If I display my listing, can I choose what fields to display? Residential property displays bedroom but not office space.
6) There may be more than 1 users using the website. Is this possible for your product.

I’m so sorry for the long wait on this one, we completely missed this comment! Here are some answers:

1) I can’t promise WordPress updates 100% but so far this has not been an issue. The biggest issue we’ve had with WordPress upgrades is an icon in the admin not showing up. These are resolved promptly. Upgrades to our theme will definitely not break your site.

2) Do you mean that you would like some fields in the admin to be required and some option? This is something that is not available in the theme at the moment.

3) This is half-possible. If you don’t add the number of bedrooms to an office it won’t show up anywhere, so yes, this will work.

4) Yep, this is available via shortcodes

5) Yes

6) Yes, but this relies on usual WordPress settings. So admins can edit anything, authors can only edit their own stuff and so on.

Hope this helps,


Hey Daniel,

I read your comments on the idx plugin but I’d like to point out a plugin called dsidx. I’m not a rep for them but I’ve only found one other real estate theme that is idx ready (it’s on here called realia). I would LOVE to find others that are idx ready as we deal with a lot of real estate websites. For future if you cannot integrate that plugin to this theme please do another one soon! You will sell a lot more! Thanks for the hard work Daniel :)

Great reply! I will check this out. Do you do any freelance work? If I wanted to pay to customize the template so that the mls listings pulled via the idx plugin have the same styling as the theme? I don’t mind the listings never being in the wordpress database as long as they can still be styled. Thanks again!

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for answering all of our questions, your team has a great thing going on. Now I have a question. I purchased another theme (avada) for a personal site that I am doing for someone in real estate. I’ve spent hours setting it up.

One section that I need is a properties/property search page which would be more of the business side. I don’t mind paying for the theme but I need to know if there is a way I could integrate the 2 before I do.

What i’d want to do is have the header and menu for my main theme on the property search page (which would be your theme or something similar) so that it all looks like its part of the site. Is this a possibility?

Im also trying to compare your theme to another to see which one I should get. Is there a way to pm you to get further info (not to much I assure you, just trying to make an educated decision)?


Hi, I have a couple of pre-buy questions about your theme:

*I’m using Chrome as browser but in your demo the logo comes down through the red line in the header. I assume it’s a bug in the demo. Right?
  • I’m going to use this theme for the rental business. I assume the ‘properties for sale’ can be switched of at the homepage
  • I might not need the book now option at the property details. If guests are interested in a property I would like to ask them to contact me with the Contact Us Box. If I receive a message of one of the potential guest through the contactform can I trace back the property he/she is interested in? Is it mentioned as subject in the message?
  • The fields of the contact form, can they be changed? *I would like to display a google map at the homepage with all properties in the area I represent. Is this possible?
  • How are properties displayed at the google map? Based on address or ZIP code? I’m not showing the full addresses (because of competition) so can I use/mention zip code of city/area?
  • Can I change the background pattern to white?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Rob-R,

Thanks for the interest, here are some answers for you:

I don’t see the logo issue on my end on Chrome. It is definitely a bug we want to get fixed asap. Any chance you are on a retinal MacBook Pro?

  • Yep, we used shortcodes to list properties on the front page. You can choose to show properties from any category, all of them, or just remove it alltogether
  • The book now options is also optional. You can set in the admin wether or not a property is bookable. The contact email you receive contains all the data about the sender and also the property, yes.
  • This is not possible with our default setup. However, you could do this with a custom form (Contact Form 7 Perhaps) and a Google maps plugin. We are coming out with a new version in 2-3 weeks. No promises on this one but we might revamp the contact forms as well :)
  • The address is parsed out of the location fields and then sent to Google, which is how they can be mapped. If Google Maps can’t find the address based on the limited fields provided you can input the coordinates yourself :) If you enter the info into a regular Google Maps page and get the correct results, it will work in the theme as well :)
  • Sure, you can choose a solid color, a large background image or a tiled image.

Let me know if you need any more answers :)


Hi Rob,

The theme is 100% WordPress standard which means that it is unlikely you would have so many property listings that it would clog up the system. Right now the live filter page may choke on more than 100, but this is being worked out in the new version we are building :)

Everything you see can be translated, so yes :) I recommend using either the included language files, or the WPML plugin.

You can indeed use the taxonomies for filters. I don’t know if I’ve linked this video in, but it shows how the custom data works: vimeo.com/64633677/

Let me know if you need anything else,


Thanks Rob!

I received loads of emails today and we had some issues in the morning so I’m just starting to get to them. If you don’t get an answer from me in another 12 hours do let me know here!


Hi Is it possible to put the advanced search into the sidebar, to show it on every page?

Adamis, this is such an awesome idea. This is exactly why we love receiving feedback. This is not very difficult to do so it will either be in the next version (1-2 days) or the one after than ( 5-6 days ). I’ve added it to our Ideas page, thanks again for this great contribution!


i have been waiting on your reply and its been relay long since i complained

Hello Ismail,

The issue we are facing is from the very beginning. When we first import the demo content xml file it failed to import. However as per your service provider mail we have uploaded the site to our anther server to check if this our server issue or not but it still the same. In the new server also the importing of the demo content file can’t be done. This is why it took us couple of days to check and to send our feedback. Please check the attached screenshot of the backend before and after importing the demo content file. I am hereby forwarding the WordPress backend details of the site. Please ask your service provider to check into this matter and let us know the problem .

Have frontend submission? let your users to upload own properties

Hi hotelwww,

I want to be very careful about “coming soon” type things. I do not want to raise expectations and then not deliver. The way we work is we quietly develop a feature, build it in and then advertise it as being in the theme.

I do not want people buying the theme in the hopes that a feature they want will be in the theme soon. If anything happens (we get sick here, or need to take 2 weeks off) people will be (understandably) angry.

Hi Daniel

I have checked the video on Vimeo. I am very impressed. As you know, I follow your job from the beginning, it seems it is time for me to buy your theme. :)

Can I give you a couple of tips?

I suggest you to keep separate the reservation form from the page of the property. It is always better to put the personal info in a specific page. There would be many advantages now and also in future developments.
And, because the form has its own builder, it would allow those who have an SSL certificate to make the booking form under the protection of the certificate, and so be able to ask for more sensitive data.

Finally, It would be interesting to integrate Woocommerce . Will Woocommerce be supported?

I am ready to buy! :)


Hi bonsaished D.

First than nothing congratulations for your theme is wonderfull Im really consider to purchase right now

I have a questions…

1.- Can i make something like this in my home page http://www.travelkeys.com/ I need to make this search form — 2-. Can i make diferent pages with diferent estructure? example page home: Header, Layer slider, footer copy right ( CONTENT & widget footer area eliminate ) Like this: http://www.luxuryretreats.com/ ** page services: header, revolution slider, content, footer widget area and footer copy right

3-.Your theme have option to box layout and full width layout ?

4.- can i add diferent background images in diferent pages?

I need to make my descition quickly i apreciate your quick answer

best regards

Hi There,

Here are some quick answers for you :)

1) This is not available like this in the current version. We’ll have this almost exactly in the upcoming update though :)

2) Yep, you can make any structure on any page :)

3) No, we don’t have a full width template at the moment

4) This can be done but you’ll need to use some CSS, there are no theme options to do it

Hope I could help,


Is this theme a listing product? Will I be able to allow users to list their property for sale or rent for a fee and if so can I market that service on this theme? Thank you.

International properties are not a problem :) 3-4 weeks is not an official statement at all, it may be more it may be less. I really am not able to give you an accurate time. I would rather you didn’t buy the theme than buy it and realize that the new features are coming late :)

To make it clear, users will be able to add their properties to the site, but they won’t be able to control the lists themselves. As the site owner you can create listings based on custom taxonomies, custom details and so on, and there will be a page where all of a user’s properties are shown, but the user will not be able to create a new page and then list 2-3 of his properties, that part is set up by you, and is then automatic.

We plan on supporting PayPal for payments. Our plan is to let site owners charge users for registering, for listing properties, for preferential placement, and so on.

i don’t think bulk upload for users will be available. Advertising can be done via plugins so that should not be an issue.

The update will be free, but since you have complex requirements I would suggest not buying the theme until the update is ready. If you contact us via our contact form we can sign you up for the Estatment email list if you’d like so you’ll get the news right away.


I am working with a property management company that would like to expand their existing site to include the following: 1. property listings 2. the ability for multiple agents to add properties but admin must approve before the property posts to the site 3. mailchimp integration with the property database to avoid inserting property data twice. How many of these items are covered by your theme? I’ve been trying to find plug ins that would meet his needs but now I am wondering if these theme may be the best option.

Also how flexible is the homepage set up? The set up on the demo site is very focused on listings and my client would like more of a corporate homepage focused on his business – slider, homeboxes with content, etc.

Thank you!

I’m suddenly getting some problems with my theme when trying to create a site locally through Bitnami. I get this error code:

Warning: Missing argument 1 for est_get_customdata_type_dropdown_options(), called in /Users/andrew/Desktop/MEG/apps/wordpress/htdocs/wp-content/themes/estatement/framework/customdata/customdata_add.php on line 171 and defined in /Users/andrew/Desktop/MEG/apps/wordpress/htdocs/wp-content/themes/estatement/functions.php on line 2958

Here are those lines:

functions.php, line 2958
function est_get_customdata_type_dropdown_options( $current ) {
customdata_add.php, line 171
est_get_customdata_type_dropdown_options() ?>

I was able to edit my theme for a long time and after coming back to it after a couple weeks it no longer works. I tried downloading the theme again and replacing the files but it still doesn’t seem to be working. What could be causing this?

Hi Michael,

That is a very strange and until now, unencountered error. It would be easiest to ask for FTP access but in this case this is not possible of course :)

If you’ve modified your theme in any way, could you create a new WordPress installation running the latest theme from themeforest and see if you get the same error?


Hi Daniel,

Im pretty tech savvy but i’m still trying to wrap my head around the dsIDX plugin and implementation within your theme. Just need a little more clarity as im still kind of stuck (sorry I know this question is like beating a dead horse).

Lets say for example I have an account with dsIDX and have paid for the API to get the info, then installed the plugin.

Is it that in order to have properties or search for them, they would have to be manually input by me?

You mentioned that there was an issue receiving and storing information in a database due to the complexities of the MLS system correct?

So basically, it doesn’t do something like this (this site is using the dsIDX plugin and is on wordpress) Website

Really just trying to do as much research as possible before I buy. Need to understand what dsIDX does in this theme, if its just manual property management or if properties flow in from the MLS and then users can filter what they are looking for.

Thanks, really appreciate your time!

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for answering this question in detail, I have a better idea now of how this plugin works. I think that it should be ok that the IDX properties don’t show up in the recent properties or map. What would be good at this point is to simply use that portion to manually add sold properties and properties we currently have for sale.

I think for now as long as someone could search through the IDX listings and contact someone that should suffice for now until the next big update. The dsIDX plugin is also styled according your theme correct? (ok I think I’m done for now lol)


I purchased estatement today. But i am unable to import the demo content xml file.

The session is timing out when i am trying to import and upload it.

I read in one of the comments that there is a specific way to do this, by removing the images from the import…something.

I am still not able to figure out how to exactly do this.

Can you please help me with the step by step approach on how to import the demo xml file.

Thanks in advance! deepti

Hi Mohit,

This is very strange. The problem is that this is a server issue not a theme or a WordPress issue so it is more difficult to troubleshoot. I recommend dropping a line to your host and asking them, they might know what’s going on. Just in case, you might want to try smaller values, especially for the memory limit.

for the max file size 8M will do just fine, for max execution time and input time i think 300 is enough and 64M should be fine for the memory limit.

I doubt this will work, but it’s worth a try :)


Hi there,

I have two questions regarding some advanced features about this very nice theme, first one:

- Is there a way to list all the Custom Details of a property in a widget or a sidebar?


- How can I translate the english tags and words from the imperial system to the decimal system, say, to display m2 instead of squared feet and so on, both in the search engine as well as in the widgets.

Thanks and best regards!


Hi, Can I also use this for Rentals? If so is there a search by calendar option?

Hi jonnyhey,

The demo is now live, you can take a look at a rentable property here.

Talk about awesome timing for a suggestion :) Originally we had the PayPal details set up globally. Due to your comment we went in and modified things :) The way it works now is that you’ll need to create a “Book Now” page. On this page you can specify a PayPal ID which will be used for ALL bookings unless otherwise specified on a property page. So yes, you will be able to use different PayPal IDs for different properties.

However, right now we do not have front-end submission. This is planned and will be here in a couple of weeks. You CAN have multiple users and you can associate different users with different apartments and you CAN use their PayPal details but they will not be able to use a smooth system to add their own stuff yet.

If you have at least 2-3 weeks to set this up I would recommend going for the theme. We’ve now built everything needed for bookings + front end submission except the actual frontend for it. This means that you can already set up everything to be ready for the next update.

If you need this set up very quickly I recommend you do not buy Estatement right now. We’ll need the few weeks to get all the features you’re looking for in I think.

Before I forget, yes, it is 100% WPML compatible. We also have po/mo files but for dynamic valies you’ll need WPML anyway :)

Let me know if you need any more help!