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Any plans to integrate IDX data?

So far I’ve been in contact with Spark. I am new to this myself, so if you have any suggestions do let me know! We’ll be updating regularly, the first one will be in a couple of days with maps integration. IDX/MLS stuff will definitely be a few weeks, I need to dig into it so I can implement it properly :)

Hello, great, clean looking theme :) I have a couple of questions:

1. Will the front end submission be a proper frontend form, or is it like some other recent themes on themeforest that say frontend when they in fact mean limited backend? Prefer to ask as I’ve been fooled before ;) 2. Do you have an option to set property status – such as available, sold, under offer etc, in visually distinctive manner per property? Weather as another Featured like ribbon or any other form of banner? 3. Will frontend submission also include frontend editing/deleting/setting to draft as required? 4. Do you know how the theme reacts to woocommerce plugin? Are there any conflicts? 5. Is there pagination on the agent page? A lot of themes struggle with that, and when you start counting properties in 100s per agents it becomes practically un-browsable :p

Think that’s all, thanks for taking the time to read. Cheers and good luck with sales.

Hi horizonq8,

Thank you, and also for the questions, my goal is for you to get the theme you need, not necessarily our theme if it isn’t a match :)

1) Front end submission will be a proper frontend :) We already jabe the limited backend. If you would be ok with using the WordPress default login system you could make it work. I think that’s just shoddy work, so we don’t advertise that we have this feature :) We’ve built almost everything we need for this, except for the actual form so if you trust us with the purchase you’ll already be able to set most things up in preparation for this feature.

2) Regretfully no. You CAN add this as a custom field of course, and you can make this show up in the banner, but you can’t have the price in the main banner, and have another visual for the status. The banner can be set on a per property basis so you can have the price show up for all of them and when you sell one you can go to the property options and set the status field to be used in the banner. We have plans to add better banner customization support as well :)

3) Yes :) This is one of the reasons we are taking our sweet time adding this feature. We want it to be a proper feature, not just some quick thing so we can add it to our feature list :)

4) Regretfully I don’t know. However, the theme is coded with 100% WordPress standard code, so there shouldn’t be any issues. If there are, I’d be happy to correct them since WooCommerce is pretty big :)

5) I kind of don’t understand the question because I don’t see why this would be a difficult feature to implement :) Here is a screenshot from my local version: http://cl.ly/image/1Q3A0V3S3M29

Thanks for the questions, feel free to let me know if you need anything else!


Great, thanks so much! If you like the theme please consider rating the theme, it helps a lot :)

If you need any help setting up let me know! You can ask here as well but the best way is to get in touch via email using the contact form on our profile or our contact form.



The best theme i’ve bought !!!

Just some question…

1- how can i insert a gallery photo (properties page) as your demo. I big picture with the thumbnails below ?

2- Is it possible that the agent can create themself their account and can insert their properties ?

3- I use your search page tempalte. But when i try, he doesn’t found the result and try to find the result in the post page and not in the properties page…

Tank you


Hi microb14,

Here are some answers for you :)

1) There are a number of galleries on that page. In the gallery on the top of the page all you need to do is upload media. For other galleries you need to use shortcodes, take a look at the documentation which came with the theme for more info on this.

2) While this IS possible, this will only be useful with the front end submission update. You can use all the usual WordPress features to let people create their own properties but we’ll be building the front-end stuff soon which will be a much better workflow for people.

3) I think I answered this in the last thread, all you’ll need to do is create a “Property List” page and select it as the results page for the search page.

Let me know if you need more help,


Hello Daniel.

I am working away on the theme, but i have just noticed that the slideshow is not showing with most browsers.. it just gives a spinning black circle…

Have checked with Firefox, and this seems to be working on my computer..

but i do not see the slider in google chrome, nor safari. or Opera

My client tells me that the menu is all bunched up in internet explorer and also no slideshow.. this was also hppening with iphone..


Please could you check this.. Kind Regards

Hello Daniel.

Regarding the slider, The images have been changed.. here is one of them online.. http://marbellaskol.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/marbella-skol-beach-apartments.jpg

I see them here in the backend, but they do not show when live…

Kind Regards

Why can’t I access your website :( And where are these vimeo videos.? I want to know more about this theme. Im ready to buy.

Hi There,

I’m not sure, the demo content should be right here: http://estatement.bonsaished.com/ There are two sets of videos at the moment. There is one video which depicts the current theme: https://vimeo.com/64633677/ We also have a new theme in the work which has been sent to beta testers. We’ve created tutorial videos which show off the new version here: https://vimeo.com/album/2781482

This version is not yet available though. If you purchase now and drop us a line via the contact form we can send it to you, but be aware that it’s still a beta version :)

Let me know if you have any more questions,


What’s the status on the major theme update. Been waiting almost 6 months now :(

Potential customer here, as I’m sure you know, Google has rebuilt it’s maps service and has made the new Maps preview available to all users starting this week. It has interesting features but in my opinion it has slowed the response time down considerably. Have you looked into how the new Google maps will integrate with your theme? Or will the old/more simple Google maps API be available indefinitely?

Thanks! PS. your support/response to questions here is outstanding!

Hi arexcedian,

I had a quick look into this and there is very little above speculation about this right now. Since it is very new it is difficult to say what will happen.

I’m pretty sure that the new Google maps will not be “forced” any time soon. For the API I think the old maps will be used in v3 (the current one) and for the new one a v4 will be announced. Even if they announce this today, I presume it will take at least a year or more to shut down the old API entirely.

From what I’ve read, you CAN get the looks of the new maps into your maps using v3, but for now it’s an optional setting. We will offer this soon, but you will be able to switch it off.

In a nutshell, I think you don’t have to worry about the new maps being forced onto you for quite some time,


Is there a way when viewing each property’s details page, to have a set layout of the featured image, the textual content, the map, then gallery, etc. rather than having to put shortcodes (i.e. [map height=200px]) into each property page?

Hi scrivostyle,

Sorry, this is not possible right now. I’ve added this to our feature list as I think this would be a nice feature though!


Hi scrivostyle,

No problem :) I recommend creating a child theme, we have a tutorial here if you need it.

The place too make this happen would be the layout-property.php file. You can add shortcodes in the file by using

<?php echo do_shortcode( '[map height="200px"']' ) ?>

You can add this above or under the content to make sure it’s used on every page.


No worries, let me know if you need anything else! You can also get in touch via email if you drop us a line via our own contact form or the one on our profile here :)

Thanks for the purchase!


ionluka has a Valid point here. It is very unfair of you to keep posting us unnecessarily when you knew the front end would not be ready. I can fetch from the comments how many times you mentioned 2wks, 3wks, 1wk, 5wks and so on. That is pretty unfair. Understandably we shouldnt quote you on your words but some of us bought your script in the pretence that it will be ready sooner, it might not be that 2wks you kept metioning but sooner. However, it seems that sooner will never come until sometimes in 2014. If your newsletters subscribers had told you they would rather wait then you should have been real with us all, rather than using the front end expectation as a marketing gimmicks.

As good as your script is i have decided to abandon it and use something else.

Please dont be mad at me for speaking the thruth and i hope you wont invalidate my license for speaking out either.

Finally, i wish to commend your good customer service skills and prompt response BUT keep it real

Hi Taerese,

You are both completely right on this matter, it is not a mistake we will make again! I am actually about to post a video on our progress. While it will still take us a bit of time to wrap up, I assure you it will be worth the wait :)

The issue with the newsletter subscribers was more of a miscommunication on my part. We had many of the new features ready about 3 weeks ago, but we wanted to rebuild the theme, which is when we asked our subscribers. So the quote of 3-5 weeks was actually for two different things. Regardless, we are late with it and you are right to be mad.

I don’t see why I would invalidate your license for speaking the truth, especially if you are right :) In addition, you bought a product, so the license is not mine to take away.

I will post a link to the progress video to you and ionluka so you can see where we’re heading. If you do not want to or can not wait, I understand if you go another way. If you will not be using Estatement, I suggest asking Envato for a refund. I think this would be fair in this case. Please tell them that the theme author is perfectly ok with this, I will be backing you up 100%.

If you have any questions feel free to let me know here or via our contact form. As always, we welcome constructive criticism and while we do make mistakes, we are working hard to rectify them.



Could there be an issue with the print button? It doesn’t work on my site.


Hi Daelom,

Indeed there is, the third party service it relies on has not been working very well. We are coming out with a new version where printing has been improved a lot, hopefully this will help!


Hello! Sorry to bother you again, but i have an issue with booking page. I created a booking page with booking layout. I have linke that page on the booking widget for a property. When i click on book now, it brings me to the booking page but its totally empty…

That is interesting indeed! Could you try going to settings->permalinks and just saving that page and then trying again? If it continues to not work can you drop me a line via our contact form? I will need an admin login and it’s probably not a good idea to paste that in here :)


message have been dropped

Hi Daniel

I ve been looking to do the full width slider you have on the home page for the demo and found this previously answered to expansionfactor

Hi There,

I think all you’ll need to do is to go to settings->reading and select the “home” page to be your static homepage. We’ve just modified our demo site so you might need to change some things.

If you want to get the exact same slider you’ll need to buy Layer Slider from codecanyon and set it up. This slider does not have an export setting and the image we use are licensed so we can’t share them, sorry.


further down you mention RoyalSlider too, which one is the one you have on the home page of the demo shown here http://bonsaished.com/estatement/?

now, I think I might ve made a booboo as I cant find the home page under settings>reading, what do i do if i deleted it?

bear in mind i have about 60 properties uploaded so far and i wouldnt want to do anything that would get them erased ;)

Also im not quite sure what im doing wrong with the booking page to get a property to be bookable,i ve put in the paypal email,prices,got the calendar and book now widget showing up but once the dates and guests are selected the price remains zero and if I click on submit booking, it takes me to the booking page for the total price to remain zero and when I click on final review I get an error page, any idea what i ve done wrong?

many thanks J

Hi jem3232,

We use Layer Slider ourselves, I find it much more customizable :) If you deleted the page it’s a bit difficult to get it back because we only have full-content import files. Have you tried looking in the trash?

The home page is basically just content and shortcodes, we used the propertylist shortcode to pull some properties, take a look at the documentation for more info on that.

Once the slider is created you just need to paste the shortcode into the option box in the page settings :)

It’s a bit difficult to troubleshoot a page from here, could you send me a URL to it? Also, if you use our Contact Form to get in touch with me directly via email and we can continue there :)


Hello there Bonsaished! First of, thanks for a awesome theme!

I’ve a issue with the Property Costum field Widged. When I use it, it shows up like this in the sidebar:

"Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/local/pem/vhosts/278264/webspace/httpdocs/ungasutopi.se/wordpress/wp-content/themes/estatement/framework/widgets/PropertyDetailsWidget.class.php on line 216 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/local/pem/vhosts/278264/webspace/httpdocs/ungasutopi.se/wordpress/wp-content/themes/estatement/framework/widgets/PropertyDetailsWidget.class.php on line 257

How can I fix this? Thanks in advance! //Tobiaz

Oh, also, if you need more help i’m happy to assist here, but contacting us directly or via our Support Forum might be faster :)

Hi. Your theme will work with Cyrillic fonts?

Hi there,

Nice Another World avatar :) Yes, the theme should work with Cyrillic fonts. I think I’ve seen a Russian version somewhere and I know I saw greek and arabic so this should not be a problem :)


No problem, that’s what we’re here for :)

”While the way we worded it is widely understood by our buyers I appreciate that it is not clear. We have bought an extended license of the plugin so I will be sending you a copy via email right now.

Please note that this license allows you to use the plugin in the Estatement theme only”

I strongly disagree with this. You should get everything you need for the design included with the purchase. Your theme isn’t cheap. Based on the description, price, and live demo I assumed that the slider would be included with the demo, which is extremely common with wordpress themes. I’m glad I came across this ticket thread, or else I would still be pulling my hair out to figure out how to enable the beautiful slider you advertise on the live demo. To say ”the way we word it”… come on. The way to word it would be ”warning, layer slider license not included!” You shouldn’t include the slider in the live demo if it takes an additional purchase. You know you included the slider because it makes the theme beautiful, and without it, it’s rather bland and looks like every other theme on envato.

I thank you for providing the license for this plugin to the other users. I went ahead and purchased one for my copy of estatement. It’s a very nice slider, probably the best on the internet. I’m not asking for a refund for the theme because I’m so impressed with layer slider, I’ll be using it on every project in the future.

Please don’t condescend to people in the future. I really can’t stomach it when I see a customer have a legitimate concern and you try and sweep it under the rug. What about all of the people who purchased this theme who can’t get the slider to work who haven’t gone through past tickets? The slider is the first think people see on the homepage. It’s kind of a big deal to most designers.


I’m currently installing the theme and slider on http://callkelsey.com I think it will come out really well.

All and all, it’s a nice theme. Please include a slider with the purchase for future customers.

Hi sjohnsonpcs,

I agree with you an all counts except the “swept under the rug”. i personally purchased the slider on the spot for the first person to mention this, and we bought the extended license a day after. While we did not mean the response to be condescending I see why it might have been taken as such, we will be more careful in the future.

Your website is looking great, I hope you are enjoying the pic of our dog above “Bonsai Shed Mascot Dog” :)

If you have any questions or constructive criticism like the above in the future please do share it with us here, or via our contact form. We’ve only been selling themes for 9 months, we’re learning as we go along :)


hi daniel!

i have another question.

When i look the site (live filtering: http://themeforest.net/item/estatement-powerful-real-estate-management/full_screen_preview/4522669) with my smartphone, the filter is shown on the bottom of the side. Is it possible – to show the filter on the top? Above the properties?

Do you know a good plugin for printing the detail site? the integrated plugin doesn’t show the pictures and the sidebar? It would be perfect, when i can print the detail site with every content on the site.

best regards and thank you for your perfect work!

Hi hscom1,

We’re on vacation until Monday so I won’t be able to help you a lot, I will get back to you on Monday. If it is not possible to put the filter on top, it should be, we can definitely add this feature for you, ill have more info on this next week.

Also, i am aware that the printing api we use is not great. I can not research plugins for you from here, but i will take a look when I can. Also, i will overhaul our own printing soon.

Could i ask you to send us a message via our profile, or our website. That way we can contact you via email and we’ll be sure to remember :) if you could copy paste your message from above that would be great!

Sorry for the inconvenience but we’re almost shut out from the world until Monday :)


hi daniel! I’ve sent you the question via your website contact form… thank you!

I would recommend NOT purchasing this theme. I purchased the theme a couple days ago. The slider does not come with the theme (it is a for purchase only plugin), there are no instructions on getting started, and when the demo XML file is loaded the site does not look like the Live Preview/Demo site. I read through all 14 pages of the support forum website and have submitted two requests and neither has been answered, even though they state: “We provide 24 hours response times for support on weekdays – and we usually keep to this on weekends as well”. It was not a weekend when I submitted my initial request. I need this for a client. I will be requesting a refund from Theme Forest later today. It is too bad, as this theme looked very promising, but without the slider and support, it will not work as a solution for me or my clients.

Daniel, I would be interested in keeping and working with the theme, if I can get the plugin and license and also support for the theme. I can wait for 48 hours (I will inform my client), I will check back in on Monday morning for the updated theme. I am not trying to be condescending, but it would probably be best to make sure you answer the forum (paid users) before answering the posts on here. I hope you get caught up on your emails.

I will check back in on Monday.

Thanks for the quick response.

Hi cubestudio,

We usually really ARE this quick :) I get notifications for comments here and my emails, but I don’t have notifications for the forum, I’ll have to get around to adding that!

if you drop me an email you won’t need to wait 48 hours, I can send it and provide support right now :) I CAN also look at your issues on the forum, but emails are usually much quicker.

I’m sorry for the negative experience you’ve had with us so far, it’s completely our fault, we hope to rectify it as soon as possible!


I am looking at real estate theme. I would like to clarify some points below:
1) Backward compatible. Every upgrade of wordpress or your software will not cause my website to be down or not working.
2) Create/define customized fields that is mandatory for a specific group of property?
a. For example: I would like Number of Bedroom to be compulsory for all residential property but not non-residential property
b. For non-residential property like office space, the system will allow me to key in field without asking me for number of bedroom. The bedroom fields must not appear in the first place.
3) The system will dynamically display appropriate search query. For example, If I am search for office space, the system will not have display bedroom in my search query
4) Can I display my home page with different feature listings. Feature listing for a set of residential property, Feature listing for a set of office space for rent….
5) If I display my listing, can I choose what fields to display? Residential property displays bedroom but not office space.
6) There may be more than 1 users using the website. Is this possible for your product.

I’m so sorry for the long wait on this one, we completely missed this comment! Here are some answers:

1) I can’t promise WordPress updates 100% but so far this has not been an issue. The biggest issue we’ve had with WordPress upgrades is an icon in the admin not showing up. These are resolved promptly. Upgrades to our theme will definitely not break your site.

2) Do you mean that you would like some fields in the admin to be required and some option? This is something that is not available in the theme at the moment.

3) This is half-possible. If you don’t add the number of bedrooms to an office it won’t show up anywhere, so yes, this will work.

4) Yep, this is available via shortcodes

5) Yes

6) Yes, but this relies on usual WordPress settings. So admins can edit anything, authors can only edit their own stuff and so on.

Hope this helps,


Hello Daniel,

I liked the theme and want to start my real estate website with Estatement. Main reason for choosing the theme is the support you provide and simplicity of the product which makes it easier to use. I am new to website development and don’t have idea of how to go further. Can you please guide me from step one which I need to take in setting up my web? Your help will be appreciated, Thanks! :)

Hi itsankitm,

If this is your first time setting up a WordPress website I definitely recommend getting someone you know personally to help you.

Estatement is actually a bit more complex than most themes because of all the customization you can do. It’s not difficult if you’ve been working with WordPress for a while but it will definitely cause you to raise an eyebrow now and again if you haven’t done this kind of thing before.

I recommend taking a look at the default WordPress theme (twentythirteen), customizing a blog running that theme just for practice. I also recommend learning about shortcodes, page templates and posts and pages in general before you purchase the theme. This will help you out a lot in the beginning.

The WordPress Codex is a great place to start :)

Let me know if you need anything else,


Hi itsankitm,

I have absolutely no experience with WordPress.com so I can’t help you there :) I was a bit confused about this when I started out so just in case: Automattic is a company who makes WordPress which is 100% free, there is no such thing as a premium version or membership.

Automattic also owns WordPress.com which is a place to host your site. You basically pay for the hosting and services there. The website you get there runs WordPress as it’s content management system.

If you manage your website using WordPress.com I don’t quite know how it works. If you have a domain and WordPress installed on it without WordPress.com it will work fine. Paid themes work exactly like free themes, except you pay money for them.

Commonly (but not always) paid themes provide more advanced features and better support, this is essentially what you’re paying for here.

If you are able to install any freely available theme on your WordPress site you’ll be able to install Estatement (or other premium themes) for sure :)

Hope that helps!


Because there has long been no support. The author does not communicate and removes any attempt to contact him outside of this site. Unfortunately, this theme continues to be sold with a promise of support.