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Hello there Bonsaished! First of, thanks for a awesome theme!

I’ve a issue with the Property Costum field Widged. When I use it, it shows up like this in the sidebar:

"Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/local/pem/vhosts/278264/webspace/httpdocs/ungasutopi.se/wordpress/wp-content/themes/estatement/framework/widgets/PropertyDetailsWidget.class.php on line 216 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/local/pem/vhosts/278264/webspace/httpdocs/ungasutopi.se/wordpress/wp-content/themes/estatement/framework/widgets/PropertyDetailsWidget.class.php on line 257

How can I fix this? Thanks in advance! //Tobiaz

Hi torrabenet,

Thank you for the purchase!

This is something we know about and will be fixed very soon in an upcoming update. It is caused by not selecting any fields in the custom widget. Please deselect the ‘show all’ option and select the fields manually. We’ll be uploading a fix for this asap, once we do you can check the show all option.

If you’d like, drop us a message via the contact form on our profile or on our site and we can send you the fix ahead of time :)

Sorry for the inconvenience, we’ll get rid of this for you in a jiffy!

Oh, also, if you need more help i’m happy to assist here, but contacting us directly or via our Support Forum might be faster :)

There are new for the new version? I have clients little patients, I made promises that I have kept, I understand that you do not want to give a date, because you have not met for 3 times, but at least a month of release, you owe this to us.

Sorry about that, we’ve been (still are) struggling with the flu. While we are very close now, I will still not give a date due to the same reasons. I would rather you be angry at me because I refuse to give a date than because I give a date and then don’t make it.

Once we’re done with this update, which will be well worth the wait, we will not make this mistake again, new releases will not be announced at all :)


Couple issues/questions: 1. I have created custom icons for my map, but each time I go in and edit a property, it reverts back to the default map icon.

2. Is there a way to display listings in random order with the option to sort alphabetically? like on this page http://www.visitncwinecountry.com/wineries/

3. The detail boxes on the map (when you click an icon) don’t look very good. Can those be styled?

Potential customer here, as I’m sure you know, Google has rebuilt it’s maps service and has made the new Maps preview available to all users starting this week. It has interesting features but in my opinion it has slowed the response time down considerably. Have you looked into how the new Google maps will integrate with your theme? Or will the old/more simple Google maps API be available indefinitely?

Thanks! PS. your support/response to questions here is outstanding!

Hi arexcedian,

I had a quick look into this and there is very little above speculation about this right now. Since it is very new it is difficult to say what will happen.

I’m pretty sure that the new Google maps will not be “forced” any time soon. For the API I think the old maps will be used in v3 (the current one) and for the new one a v4 will be announced. Even if they announce this today, I presume it will take at least a year or more to shut down the old API entirely.

From what I’ve read, you CAN get the looks of the new maps into your maps using v3, but for now it’s an optional setting. We will offer this soon, but you will be able to switch it off.

In a nutshell, I think you don’t have to worry about the new maps being forced onto you for quite some time,


Hi there!

I’ve just purchased this theme and I’m a little bit dissapoint for three reasons:

1. Documentation is not very clear, it doesn’t even have the “first steps” to make the brand new install look like demo and customize from there.

2. Dummy data seems to be different from the presented in the demo, so I can’t get the same results, making it impossible to replicate it in another site. I’ve insalled the theme in two different hostings I’ve it all gets messy, I don’t have some options the theme has… etc. My wordpress version is 3.8.1 but as I said in point #1 there isn’t instructions on the first steps with the theme.

3. The links to the official suport directs to a website which is being migrated so I can’t have any help.

I choose this theme based on the raving reviews but now I’m a little bit disappointed. If their developers give me a hand maybe I can change my mind but it seems that I can’t get in touch with them for now :(


Hi There,

Sorry about your first impression you are completely right and we’re working to resolve it. We have a complete rebuild coming very soon and we’ve changed our servers and we’re writing new documentation to match :)

Here’s a link to the new demo content which should work for you: http://cl.ly/code/0M1y443Z162u

If you have any questions I suggest dropping us a line via our contact form</>, we’ll get back to you by email as soon as possible :)



1. can I add search by property/page id? 2. can I put horiz. search form like in airbnb in all pages?

You’re very welcome, let me know if you need anything else,


Hi Altaybek,

Sure, you’ll need to create a search page and in the search options make sure to give the search a fixed height. You can then configure the search as you like, and the and content below.

The search isn’t exactly like airbnb because we have one bar and then advanced options underneath, but it looks very similar.


Hi There :)

I don’t quite understand the question, but you can change the type of field shown in searches in the search settings. You can make the price field a text field where the user can just enter the number. Does that help?

It might be easier if you contact us via our contact form. This goes straight to our email so it may be simpler for both of us :)


Hi, I want to be able to advertise properties for sale and rent, is this possible? And also can the 25 and 500 miles filter be reduced to 0.5m to 30 miles say?

Daniel thanks very much, and very impressed with your response time, do you do freelance work if I wanted custom changes?

Hi adviserindex,

Thank you, it’s our job to be fast :) We believe good themes are way more frequent than good support so we try our best :)

Regretfully we don’t do custom work at all, sorry! However, if your requests are smallish and they make sense for other buyers we may build them in and then add them to the actual theme, so feel free to ask!


nice work, very clean! good luck..

Hi there, First of all: nice theme, lots of possibilities and the UI looks very user friendly.

I got a pretty big problem though. I’ve added one property (text + featured image). I have made 2 custom fields and linked these to this property, just to test it.

Everything seemed OK, but when I want to view the property, I’m getting the folowing error:

“Oh No, a page is missing! It seems that you have stumbled on to some missing content. Try going back to the main page and give it another go.”

I’m getting an error as well when adding a search query that should lead to this property: “Your search yielded no results :( Go back to try another search”

I checked out what it could cause these errors, but coulnd’t find any issues. Could you please try to help me out here? Thanks in advance!


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your quick answer. The first part with the permalinks: solved :)

Second part, with the search results page: did not succeed yet. I created a test page called “search results” and made it “property list”. When looking at the page, I don’t see the property list, but the search-checkboxes I made under “Custom Fields”. And I I don’t see the search settings where I can select this page as search result page… Which search settings do you mean?

Thanks, Michiel

Hello! I’ve been buying some templates this last year from REAL ESTATE, some here at themeforest. Although there’s some things quite common between all of them, I leave some suggestions for future upgrades that this template could take advantage.

A) A lot of them don’t have front end submission and when it has it’s quite rare (found one) that the front end submission it’s not just back end acess to wordpress that makes a lot of confusion for some agents. It should be a front end like a form submission. I already saw some wordpress templates doing this. It would be perfect!

B) Agents should manage there email requests in the site instead of just getting the email. This gets a problem with booking as we can’t control if the agent books from other place after getting the email. It should be great as AIRBNB.COM does. Agents can exchange email with customers but never have acess to there email. So customers would always have to book from the site.

C) Real Estate are quite focus in BUYING and less in just RENTAL only. It should be given attention to manage different bedrooms in one advertise.

D) I didn’t got to find how it works the book calendar, can I see the dates it’s already booked? For different bedrooms?

E) Very Important. Leave the booking pended till agent confirm it’s still available or it becomes a caos. As this advertises some times are not updated by agents (or are in different sites at same time), we may be accepting a payment that’s already rented. If this goes with 100 advertises it becomes impossible to manage and to much time consuming.

I do think this template it’s still very good and above it’s just some user opinion that I do think it can improve the template, although some may be harder to do or not even profit enough to sell globally I don’t mean in ANY CASE to pull here for negative aspects.

I still suggest for my experience to purchase this template.


I had a few questions about your theme. Aesthetically, I think it looks great! I’m curious about some of the features of the property management portion.

1) Does your system allow for child properties? For example, could I make an apartment or suite a child property of a complex or commercial building?

- If so, to what extent is the child/parent relationship extended? Can I decide whether it inherits things like pictures from the parent property, or possibly populating the parent property’s attributes it shares with its child properties?

2) If child properties don’t exist, is it possible to make a property non-searchable? My thought would be to create individual apartments or suites that are non-searchable, then just link to these properties from the complex or commercial building while filling in the attributes of the building manually.

Thank you for very much for your time.


No worries on the response time. Thank your for your informative and very helpful support.

I look forward to working with your team soon.

Hello, maybe its silly, but cant figure out, how to make map search to show your properties

Hi Altaybeck,

You’ll need to create a map page, this will display the properties. If you don’t see any properties please try filling out the coordinates for the property instead of the address. If it works with coordinates but does NOT work with only the address it is a server issue, you will need to ask your host to enable curl or file_get_contents() on your server.


You’re very welcome, let me know if you need anything else,



is the theme fully WPML compatible?

I would also like to know if it is suitable for short term vacation rentals, separating houses, apartments and so on. And if it is possible to set up a search option with for example: Spain (country), Catalonia (province), Costa Brava (area) and town.


Hi spain,

Yep, the theme is fully WPML compatible. You can also translate via the pot file in the languages folder if you prefer.

The search is completely customizable. As long as you create a custom field for province and area you will be able to create search fields for it :)

What IS a problem for short term renting is that we don’t have explicit support for rooms. You CAN get around this by creating a custom taxonomy named “House A” for example, and then assigning that taxonomy to each property you create (these would be the rooms). So if you have rooms for rent, as opposed to apartments, you will need to do a little more work, but it’s still possible easily :)

Let me know if you need anything else,


Hi spain,

Availability calendars per property are available. You can also set seasonal rates which will change the rates in the given time period. We do not have a way of specifying weekend rates right now though. You could add seasonal rates for each weekend, but that would be very unwieldy with the current system. We’re a bit swamped right now so I can’t build this function in for you, but we might get to it at some point, thanks for the idea!


Hi, I am getting this error in theme customization page and also on the home page front end. Can you help please? Thanks

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/swayesco/public_html/wp-content/themes/estatement/functions.php

Hi there,

This seems to be a stupid bug we left in, it occurs when you don’t have any taxonomies. We will fix this asap, until then if you create a taxonomy in custom data you should be a-ok :)

Feel free to drop us a line via our contact form and we can send you an update :)


Thanks very much Daniel. I just figured out how to use Taxonomies and started adding them so that should go away. :)

Hi Daniel,

Just purchase this theme but there’s an error when uploading to my wordpress website..I am using word press 3.9 version. Hope you can help in this eror.


I think this may be a file size issue. In 99% of the cases this is not a problem, it seems like your server has a very low upload limit. If you ask your host they can increase if for you. I think the theme is somewhere in the 5MB region, if you ask them to increate it to 8-12MB you should be fine,


Hi There,

I’m not sure what could be going on. We don’t have any reported installation issues, the theme will work with WP 3.5 and up for sure, including the new 3.9 version.

Are you using the installable file? When you download the theme you can grab the full package or the installable. You’ll need the installable theme with WordPress.

If it is giving you error messages it is definitely a server issue, or a plugin error. You could also try using FTP to upload the theme.


Hi Daniel, have a look at the email i sent you, my developer is having the problems below.

The issue we are facing is from the very beginning. When we first import the demo content xml file it failed to import. However as per your service provider mail we have uploaded the site to our anther server to check if this our server issue or not but it still the same. In the new server also the importing of the demo content file can’t be done. This is why it took us couple of days to check and to send our feedback. Please check the attached screenshot of the backend before and after importing the demo content file. I am hereby forwarding the WordPress backend details of the site. Please ask your service provider to check into this matter and let us know the problem .

Hi Ishmail14,

We’ll take a look at your issue in the next 24 hours. I am pretty sure our demo content is fine, it has been used more than 500 times successfully.

The import failure could still be a server issue if the upload limits and max execution time is low on your new server. Also, some import failures are not errors, they simply mean that you don’t have the same taxonomies set up. I’ll take a look and let you know what’s up.



Well I have the same problem as jsenthil and I see he hasn’t been answered (perhaps way down the thread he was).

I watched the videos you provide. They are very informative and user friendly. Thanks for that. The problem is, I can’t actually follow the videos, because very few of the options shown in the video are available to me. It says that it “requires some plugins but they are all free”. Maybe, but good luck actually finding them. I searched everywhere for “Bonsai Directory” for example (seems VITAL to the theme) It is extremely difficult to find. I haven’t seen anything so far in any documentation that explains how to find it. I did FINALLY find a copy of it (on the author’s site)..but it doesn’t work (I had to read the readme file and find out that you need to edit the files etc just to get the plugin to install) I finally got it installed, but it won’t activate…so it’s about as good as a chocolate teapot.

Bonsai booking just doesn’t doesn’t seem to exist on the web. Likewise with the plugin that is actually NAMED ESTATEMENT plugin!!!

It says visual composer is licensed for use with this theme…but doesn’t explain how or where to get it nor how to license it for the theme)

I tried to follow the video to make a search page, but was quickly left behind once the author says, “If you select the search template option you will get a bunch of different options…”

NOPE. I won’t.

In the how to install Estatement video, it says that WP will say “This theme requires the following plugins…” That didn’t happen for me. It simply installed, I searched to try and find out manually which plugins I needed.

It has been a very rough start.

I tried to setup a support account by clicking on the link I received in my purchase confirmation email, but I couldn’t create an account because it requires a valid license code and , well, it says mine is invalid. (Cut and pasted from the email, and after that from the actual license I downloaded.)

It has been a very tiring and frustrating weekend at the computer. I accept that I am not particularly familiar with WP, but I do know how to use a computer and can certainly follow instructions and I do know how to watch videos telling me about all the cool things I can do with the theme after I put my money down.

I sure hope you guys can help me out with this. At this point my time would have been better spent customizing a free theme, as without the options described in the Bonsaished videos, this theme is no better than a free theme.

I must admit, I am a little nervous that you answered all the questions before and after jsenthil posted the same problem I have TWICE and seems to have been IGNORED TWICE.

I can’t help thinking (and hoping) that I just happened to have had bad luck and the theme version I received was only updated a few days ago…and they hadn’t realized that it doesn’t work and has many missing features and bad license codes. That would explain a lot.

The theme LOOKS great in the videos and live previews…I sure hope I can actually use the theme I bought from Bonsaished and create the site I was hoping for.

I would say to anyone that is considering buying this theme, don’t buy it until you see how this issue is resolved for jsenthil, myself and ayone else that is struggling with the same.

If it is a big mistake and a glitchy bugged lousy download file I got, I will be certain to acknowledge that in this forum after Envato and Bonsaished have rectified the situation.

Thanks for your time.

I would like to acknowledge that with regards to the options not being available for the search page, they did eventually come up. I am not sure why, but there is a little glitch of sorts (at least in my download) but after refreshing and messing around with other things, suddenly, out of nowhere, the options like those shown in the video DO come up and the feature is very user friendly and attractive.

Perhaps this is just a tolerable bug. Once you know that you might not have an options panel for awhile but that it’s coming…it’s only a small nuisance.

Hi Daniel,

I m having trouble with making some of the properties bookable. I have updated to the new zip you send me but no luck. I also watched the video you sent out so im guessing we might end up with something closer to the airbnb look.. do you suggest i wait until you guys are finished or turn some of the properties bookable on this version?

Q1: if you re putting together the airbnb look, how long do you think its going to take before I can use it? Q2: if not, could you tell me what to do to allow for a property to be bookable on the current version..

Thanks Jen

Hi Jen,

I’m sure that the booking issue is either due to settings or perhaps a theme bug. Could you drop us an email like before, our email servers are now up and running so all should be well :)

I’m hesitant to give a time frame for the new version since we’ve received some rightful criticism about promising too early dates. Let’s talk via email :)


Hi, still really happy with the theme. However, for some reason our map page is not displaying any of our properties. I know their addresses are correct as the maps on each property page work great. Any idea?

I’ve been aroung here for quite a while and what I can say is that Daniel (bonsaished) provides THE best support I have ever seen.
Keep up the good work.
Looking forward for the next releases.

Thank you George :) We hope to keep you and everyone else happy for a long-long time :)