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Hi Daniel,

The theme looks great, I just have a few presale questions:

1.I see that you are planning a major update. Is it worth to purchase the theme now and start working on customizing it (only the css)? Will it be easy to upgrade it afterwards without having to do all the customization all over again?

2. What is the easiest way to import property listings from my current mysql database (and to keep importing new listings when I add them into my database, because I use a custom real estate software to do so)?

3. What plugin do you suggest to have the site manually translated into multiple languages?

Thanks, Kal

Hi Kal,

Thanks for your interest in the theme, here are some answers for you :)

We are actually recoding the theme from scratch so I do not recommend adding modifications now as some of our class names and structures might change. I can send you a preview version, but even that is about 2 weeks away. That said, if you will definitely buy the theme it will be worth buying in advance because you can learn how to use it , the main logic of how the custom fields work will not change.

There is a plugin which can import from csv which has been tested with the theme, i recommend that. It is called WP all import. It would also be worth setting that up in advance.

We fully support WPML to translate the theme to multiple languages.

My appologies for not including links, im restricted to my phone just now :) let me know if you need anything else :)


Hi ! Still waiting for front end submission )))) Could you include and facebook connect O:) Thanks .

Hi ionluka,

We’ve been on vacation until today, sorry for the late response :) We’re still working on it, but we’ll only release once it’s been 100% tested. I think it’s about 1-2 weeks away.

I’m not sure we’ll include Facebook connect in the first iteration, but we’ll keep it in mind!


Hey Daniel,

I read your comments on the idx plugin but I’d like to point out a plugin called dsidx. I’m not a rep for them but I’ve only found one other real estate theme that is idx ready (it’s on here called realia). I would LOVE to find others that are idx ready as we deal with a lot of real estate websites. For future if you cannot integrate that plugin to this theme please do another one soon! You will sell a lot more! Thanks for the hard work Daniel :)

Hello, I bought the theme ‘eStatement’. Honestly, one of the best I’ve purchased.

However, I have some questions and advice.

1 – To integrate the gallery, you’re talking to shortcode in which one must put ID. Would not it be possible options strcuture, you can insert images directly via the page without shortcode?

2 – In ‘ThemeForest comments’, you say 2 months ago, you’re going inÊtgrer multi-user frontend for agents and owner can insert their own property. When do you think this is possible? T we will go through the WordPress interface or registration and insert form will be directly in frontend?

3 – In the ‘properties template’ with the search form … no matter what I put in the form, I’m still not returned to a result or to a page blogpost page. If I take the advanced search option and I selected checkbox in custom field .. on the frontend, the checkbox does not appear.

4 – Property page (single) template: why not propose layouts tab without shortcode? And why not put the items in the sidebar on the page a bit like zillow.com or airbnb.com Example: https://www.airbnb.fr/rooms/649164

Thank you for reading me


Hi microb14,

I’m glad you like the theme :) Here are some answers for you :

1) This is already possible but to make a nice gallery (with a lightbox) we need to make it programmatic to make sure users don’t make any errors. You can use all the usual WordPress image-techniques to make galleries :)

2) This is coming quite close actually. We’re busy this week, but we’ll probably finish this feature sometime next week, or early the week after. You’ll be able to create multiple property submission forms and customize them completely :)

3) I think this is because you need to select a “Property List” page as a search result page.

4) We do not have a set format for these pages because many people want an AirBnB style layout, but many people don’t. With shortcodes you can achieve anything you want, so overall this seems to be the best way to go with the theme.

Let me know if you have any more questions :)


Hi there, First of all: nice theme, lots of possibilities and the UI looks very user friendly.

I got a pretty big problem though. I’ve added one property (text + featured image). I have made 2 custom fields and linked these to this property, just to test it.

Everything seemed OK, but when I want to view the property, I’m getting the folowing error:

“Oh No, a page is missing! It seems that you have stumbled on to some missing content. Try going back to the main page and give it another go.”

I’m getting an error as well when adding a search query that should lead to this property: “Your search yielded no results :( Go back to try another search”

I checked out what it could cause these errors, but coulnd’t find any issues. Could you please try to help me out here? Thanks in advance!



I’m really considering buying your theme as it seems to be the best fitting to my needs. Nevertheless I need to know before I buy some things: 1-Can I edit the front page so that it displays an area with properties and a lower area with blog posts? Or can I just display one type of posts in the front page? 2- Does this theme has: booking system reviews from guests different pricing for the properties (price per day/per week/per month) features as a list of items tabbed content map integration 3 -My website is multilanguage. I need to have it localized, do you know if it works with Polylang or is it better with Qtranslate 4- I want to use YOAST plugin. Do you know if it is compatible? 5 – I read here you are working on a upgrade that will come out soon. Will it be very different and will it still include these aspects? Thank you for your time,


Hi There,

Thanks for your interest, and sorry for the long response time! Here are some answers for you:

1) You can configure the front page in any way you’d like. You can display properties via a shortcode and then have some posts, or some static content. You can also put things into columns and so on, it should be pretty flexible.

2) We do not have reviews at the moment, although you can use the comments for something similar. We do have different prices but a new version we’ll be publishing next week will expand on this a lot :)

3) We’ve actually only concentrated on WPML but to be honest I don’t really like this plugin at all. For the moment officially we only have WPML support, but I will try and add qtranslate support to the new version.

4) I’ve seen no incompatibility issues with YOAST so far :)

5) The update will include everything the theme has now, and much more. At its core it is a user-experience upgrade, the theme will be much easier to use and much more flexible. We’ll be adding plenty of booking options, better paypal integration and front-end submission :)

Hope this helps, let me know if you need anything else,


Hi Paula,

Here are some answers for you:

1) Yep, we have stay length and guest based discounts. You can set the amount of days/guests after which the discount is applied. You can create multiple ones so you can have a weekly and monthly rate.

2) This is up to you :) I would actually use a custom field because that will allow you to sort by value in the admin and in the front end.

3) Yep, Front end submission will be available in the final release (it is not in the test version) or about a week after initial release. Unless you are enabling apartment owners to edit their properties, using the admin will be easier in the long run though :)

Let me know if you need anything else,


Hi – i am considering changing my current real estate theme because of the security issues. how secure is this theme?

i need a theme which allows agents to register there own properties for a fee. I understand agent adding will be coming – but I am concerned about security

Can you advise on the security as i have already been hacked and this is an important issue?

may be security plugins may help but what about the structure of the theme?


Hi biky,

Thanks for your interest! Adding agents is current;y possible but you need to add them yourself and the functionality is limited. We do have front-end submission coming but we will definitely not support collecting the fees for the submissions, at least not for a while.

As for security. The theme is as secure as you can make a theme. A lot of the security involved in WordPress is server and user security. Implementing propert htaccess security (take a look here), making sure users are given the permissions they should have and so on. It is quite common for sites being “hacked” by people gaining access to the email accounts of admins through insecure passwords and so forth.

While I can say that the theme is coded with 100% WordPress standard code (including nonces and so on) there are two things you should be aware of. There is a myriad of other security issues you need to consider and also, if someone really wants to hack a site they probably can. This is rare, but nothing is 100% secure.


Just curious to know if there has been any advancement in adding spark as the listing service?


Hi, here is my suggestion : is it any way to make this theme adaptable to another types of estates like : parking spaces/garages/boxes, lands/fields, small businesses. To my knowledge all WP real estate themes deal only with housing. It would be nice to see a theme open to other types of real estate. Thanks !

Hi Daniel, I’ve another question : Would it be possible to implement geolocation ? Thanks !

Hi sheiber,

I don’t know what you mean by geolocation but here is what theme can already do: You can add the location of each property, either by entering the actual location details (city, state, street address, etc) or you can add latitude and longitude manually.

Based on this the properties can all be shown on one map and users can search for properties based on location and proximity (eg: 200 miles from Colorado Springs).

Let me know if you mean something else :)


Couple of pre-purchase questions: 1. Does the map feature have a geo location feature? Is that something you could add in the future if not? 2. I plan on using wp-all import to get around the stupid idx mls system. Do you foresee any issues with that plugin? 3. Can I build the property detail page to look different? Much like creating a template through a page builder or short codes, then set that template for all listings?


Hi natevolk,

Thanks for the interest in the theme :) To answer your remaining questions:

Due to another buyer I’ve already tested the theme with the WP All Import plugin and it works like a charm. I can give you some instructions you need to know befire uploading (how meta fields are named and so on), just drop me a line via email using our contact form and I’ll write it up for you :)

A template is not available but you can make the pages look a LOT different than on the demo, everything is done via content and shortcodes.

I’m with you on the favorites feature. We don’t have this and you’ll need to wait a bit until we do, we’re tied up with front-end submission at the moment. In about 2 weeks we’ll have full front-end prperty management for multiple agents :) Same goes for search subscription, it’s a great idea, we just need time to add all the great ideas :) we’ll go as fast as we can.

For the filter, it is pretty flexibly. You can choose weather a taxonomy filter (like the apartment type) is an “OR” or “AND” based filter. On the site we have an AND based filter so it will show properties which are in both. If you set it to be an “OR” based filter it will show properties in either one :)

Let me know if you have any more questions :)


Hi there,

I got quite a few messages today, I’m sure yours is among them. If I don’t reply to you within a few hours just drop me a line here but I’m sure I have it :)


Hi Daniel

In the future when theme has been tested and the final version was finished

The theme bring us a demo.xml like the current version?

Thanx Again


What about update Daniel? Do you have exact time? We’re still waiting..


Sorry, there isn’t and won’t be an exact time. We were a bit stupid to commit to a date previously and we’re not going to make the mistake again!

That said, the test versions of the theme have been sent out to some buyers. Unless they come back with major issues, the theme will be out soon!


Hi, I have a couple of pre-buy questions about your theme:

*I’m using Chrome as browser but in your demo the logo comes down through the red line in the header. I assume it’s a bug in the demo. Right?
  • I’m going to use this theme for the rental business. I assume the ‘properties for sale’ can be switched of at the homepage
  • I might not need the book now option at the property details. If guests are interested in a property I would like to ask them to contact me with the Contact Us Box. If I receive a message of one of the potential guest through the contactform can I trace back the property he/she is interested in? Is it mentioned as subject in the message?
  • The fields of the contact form, can they be changed? *I would like to display a google map at the homepage with all properties in the area I represent. Is this possible?
  • How are properties displayed at the google map? Based on address or ZIP code? I’m not showing the full addresses (because of competition) so can I use/mention zip code of city/area?
  • Can I change the background pattern to white?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Rob-R,

Thanks for the interest, here are some answers for you:

I don’t see the logo issue on my end on Chrome. It is definitely a bug we want to get fixed asap. Any chance you are on a retinal MacBook Pro?

  • Yep, we used shortcodes to list properties on the front page. You can choose to show properties from any category, all of them, or just remove it alltogether
  • The book now options is also optional. You can set in the admin wether or not a property is bookable. The contact email you receive contains all the data about the sender and also the property, yes.
  • This is not possible with our default setup. However, you could do this with a custom form (Contact Form 7 Perhaps) and a Google maps plugin. We are coming out with a new version in 2-3 weeks. No promises on this one but we might revamp the contact forms as well :)
  • The address is parsed out of the location fields and then sent to Google, which is how they can be mapped. If Google Maps can’t find the address based on the limited fields provided you can input the coordinates yourself :) If you enter the info into a regular Google Maps page and get the correct results, it will work in the theme as well :)
  • Sure, you can choose a solid color, a large background image or a tiled image.

Let me know if you need any more answers :)


Hi Rob,

The theme is 100% WordPress standard which means that it is unlikely you would have so many property listings that it would clog up the system. Right now the live filter page may choke on more than 100, but this is being worked out in the new version we are building :)

Everything you see can be translated, so yes :) I recommend using either the included language files, or the WPML plugin.

You can indeed use the taxonomies for filters. I don’t know if I’ve linked this video in, but it shows how the custom data works: vimeo.com/64633677/

Let me know if you need anything else,


Thanks Rob!

I received loads of emails today and we had some issues in the morning so I’m just starting to get to them. If you don’t get an answer from me in another 12 hours do let me know here!


Very complete theme with lots of nice functionality’s! I also appreciated the good support as I had a bug with the theme and they sorted it out for me.


Hi Samuel :)

Thanks for the kind words! If you need anything else we’re right here :)



Sefff Purchased

Hi Daniel,

If i try to import the data i get a screen full of errors with failed to import ….. How is this possible?


Sefff Purchased

You can find the paste here; http://cl.ly/image/1s0q393z3t0w And screenshot here; http://cl.ly/image/1s0q393z3t0w

Hi Any chance for work like guide ?

Regads David

Hi David,

There is documentation in the theme files and we have an overview video here: vimeo.com/64633677/

We’ll be launching a completely rewritten version which will have numerous videos in about 2 weeks :)


Congrats!!! I do not know if you are aware but your Theme was featured as an Example of Responsive Web Design for the Real Estate Community. Heres the link: http://crt.blogs.realtor.org/files/2014/02/Responsive_Web_Design_in_Real_Estate.pdf

Ive tried to reach support a number of times with no response. Hoping i can place my question here.

On the home page with the map, is there any way for it to only show properties that are published? If I set a property to pending or draft, it still shows on the map.

Thanks for your time.


i’m very interested in your theme. Only thing that i would like to know and/or see a screenshot is how you manage the avalability/booking calendar and the weekly prices.


Hi game85,

Thanks for your interest in the theme :) I was under the impression that these screenshots are on themeforest, clearly I was mistaken. Could you please send us a message via our profile here or our website and I’ll send you some screenshots personally. I will upload them here later, but a quick email is faster.

If you have any other questions feel free to let us know :)


Awesome! But Sliders, Tabs and Accordion are bugged in Chrome. They have a strange margin in bottom.

I’ve applied the fix to the demo site and it will be remedied in the files asap as well :)