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Couple of pre-purchase questions: 1. Does the map feature have a geo location feature? Is that something you could add in the future if not? 2. I plan on using wp-all import to get around the stupid idx mls system. Do you foresee any issues with that plugin? 3. Can I build the property detail page to look different? Much like creating a template through a page builder or short codes, then set that template for all listings?


ok, found the answer to #1 in the comments. Answer is yes :)

Another thing that would be great is a “favorites” or “wish list” for users with the ability to see their lists.

Also a matching search result email auto responder. So the user can subscribe to a search (3 bed,2 bath home in colorado springs) and be notified via email when a new listing appears.

Lead gathering is a very important part of being a real estate agent. We need to have a system that encourages buyers to sign in and search, save favorites, and get auto emails. As admins, we need to be able to see what the users are favoriting, their searches, and their contact info.

Great foundation to a site!

Hi natevolk,

Thanks for the interest in the theme :) To answer your remaining questions:

Due to another buyer I’ve already tested the theme with the WP All Import plugin and it works like a charm. I can give you some instructions you need to know befire uploading (how meta fields are named and so on), just drop me a line via email using our contact form and I’ll write it up for you :)

A template is not available but you can make the pages look a LOT different than on the demo, everything is done via content and shortcodes.

I’m with you on the favorites feature. We don’t have this and you’ll need to wait a bit until we do, we’re tied up with front-end submission at the moment. In about 2 weeks we’ll have full front-end prperty management for multiple agents :) Same goes for search subscription, it’s a great idea, we just need time to add all the great ideas :) we’ll go as fast as we can.

For the filter, it is pretty flexibly. You can choose weather a taxonomy filter (like the apartment type) is an “OR” or “AND” based filter. On the site we have an AND based filter so it will show properties which are in both. If you set it to be an “OR” based filter it will show properties in either one :)

Let me know if you have any more questions :)


Hi there,

I got quite a few messages today, I’m sure yours is among them. If I don’t reply to you within a few hours just drop me a line here but I’m sure I have it :)



Thank you for your support and quick responses. Great Job!

You’re very welcome :)

Very nice work! Looks like a solid winner to me :)

ionluka has a Valid point here. It is very unfair of you to keep posting us unnecessarily when you knew the front end would not be ready. I can fetch from the comments how many times you mentioned 2wks, 3wks, 1wk, 5wks and so on. That is pretty unfair. Understandably we shouldnt quote you on your words but some of us bought your script in the pretence that it will be ready sooner, it might not be that 2wks you kept metioning but sooner. However, it seems that sooner will never come until sometimes in 2014. If your newsletters subscribers had told you they would rather wait then you should have been real with us all, rather than using the front end expectation as a marketing gimmicks.

As good as your script is i have decided to abandon it and use something else.

Please dont be mad at me for speaking the thruth and i hope you wont invalidate my license for speaking out either.

Finally, i wish to commend your good customer service skills and prompt response BUT keep it real

Hi Taerese,

You are both completely right on this matter, it is not a mistake we will make again! I am actually about to post a video on our progress. While it will still take us a bit of time to wrap up, I assure you it will be worth the wait :)

The issue with the newsletter subscribers was more of a miscommunication on my part. We had many of the new features ready about 3 weeks ago, but we wanted to rebuild the theme, which is when we asked our subscribers. So the quote of 3-5 weeks was actually for two different things. Regardless, we are late with it and you are right to be mad.

I don’t see why I would invalidate your license for speaking the truth, especially if you are right :) In addition, you bought a product, so the license is not mine to take away.

I will post a link to the progress video to you and ionluka so you can see where we’re heading. If you do not want to or can not wait, I understand if you go another way. If you will not be using Estatement, I suggest asking Envato for a refund. I think this would be fair in this case. Please tell them that the theme author is perfectly ok with this, I will be backing you up 100%.

If you have any questions feel free to let me know here or via our contact form. As always, we welcome constructive criticism and while we do make mistakes, we are working hard to rectify them.


Hi there,

When it’s planned a future update? I like very much but looks like it’s not updated a while

Best regards

Hello :)

We’re working very hard on a complete rebuild. We’re almost there, you should see the theme update in the next couple of weeks :_


Hi, I tried to purshase this theme but I couldn’t with a friend’s visa card. I’m from Tunisia and I don’t have other solutions. can you help me?

Hi shuck,

Sorry, but we don’t have any control over the payments for the theme, you will have to contact Envato Support. You can contact them here.



I’m really considering buying your theme as it seems to be the best fitting to my needs. Nevertheless I need to know before I buy some things: 1-Can I edit the front page so that it displays an area with properties and a lower area with blog posts? Or can I just display one type of posts in the front page? 2- Does this theme has: booking system reviews from guests different pricing for the properties (price per day/per week/per month) features as a list of items tabbed content map integration 3 -My website is multilanguage. I need to have it localized, do you know if it works with Polylang or is it better with Qtranslate 4- I want to use YOAST plugin. Do you know if it is compatible? 5 – I read here you are working on a upgrade that will come out soon. Will it be very different and will it still include these aspects? Thank you for your time,


Hi There,

Thanks for your interest, and sorry for the long response time! Here are some answers for you:

1) You can configure the front page in any way you’d like. You can display properties via a shortcode and then have some posts, or some static content. You can also put things into columns and so on, it should be pretty flexible.

2) We do not have reviews at the moment, although you can use the comments for something similar. We do have different prices but a new version we’ll be publishing next week will expand on this a lot :)

3) We’ve actually only concentrated on WPML but to be honest I don’t really like this plugin at all. For the moment officially we only have WPML support, but I will try and add qtranslate support to the new version.

4) I’ve seen no incompatibility issues with YOAST so far :)

5) The update will include everything the theme has now, and much more. At its core it is a user-experience upgrade, the theme will be much easier to use and much more flexible. We’ll be adding plenty of booking options, better paypal integration and front-end submission :)

Hope this helps, let me know if you need anything else,


Hi Paula,

Sorry we don’t at the moment :( We just put 8 tutorial videos online from the new version though, these will give you a good idea of what the upcoming version will be like :)



Hi – i am considering changing my current real estate theme because of the security issues. how secure is this theme?

i need a theme which allows agents to register there own properties for a fee. I understand agent adding will be coming – but I am concerned about security

Can you advise on the security as i have already been hacked and this is an important issue?

may be security plugins may help but what about the structure of the theme?


Thanks Daniel, that’s very useful to know.

If I buy your theme 1) is there a security plugin that would compliment your theme to provide basic protection? there are a few out there. 2) could you recommend (but not support) a plugin for fee collection or a way of doing it?

Hi biky,

I am not aware of any plugins which do this (I am not that into the plugin market though). I did a quick search via Google and this plugin looks like it might work. Also, maybe there is something on codecanyon?

Let me know if you do/don’t find anything, I’ll have a think about it for you until then,


I would recommend NOT purchasing this theme. I purchased the theme a couple days ago. The slider does not come with the theme (it is a for purchase only plugin), there are no instructions on getting started, and when the demo XML file is loaded the site does not look like the Live Preview/Demo site. I read through all 14 pages of the support forum website and have submitted two requests and neither has been answered, even though they state: “We provide 24 hours response times for support on weekdays – and we usually keep to this on weekends as well”. It was not a weekend when I submitted my initial request. I need this for a client. I will be requesting a refund from Theme Forest later today. It is too bad, as this theme looked very promising, but without the slider and support, it will not work as a solution for me or my clients.

Hi cubestudio,

We usually really ARE this quick :) I get notifications for comments here and my emails, but I don’t have notifications for the forum, I’ll have to get around to adding that!

if you drop me an email you won’t need to wait 48 hours, I can send it and provide support right now :) I CAN also look at your issues on the forum, but emails are usually much quicker.

I’m sorry for the negative experience you’ve had with us so far, it’s completely our fault, we hope to rectify it as soon as possible!


”While the way we worded it is widely understood by our buyers I appreciate that it is not clear. We have bought an extended license of the plugin so I will be sending you a copy via email right now.

Please note that this license allows you to use the plugin in the Estatement theme only”

I strongly disagree with this. You should get everything you need for the design included with the purchase. Your theme isn’t cheap. Based on the description, price, and live demo I assumed that the slider would be included with the demo, which is extremely common with wordpress themes. I’m glad I came across this ticket thread, or else I would still be pulling my hair out to figure out how to enable the beautiful slider you advertise on the live demo. To say ”the way we word it”… come on. The way to word it would be ”warning, layer slider license not included!” You shouldn’t include the slider in the live demo if it takes an additional purchase. You know you included the slider because it makes the theme beautiful, and without it, it’s rather bland and looks like every other theme on envato.

I thank you for providing the license for this plugin to the other users. I went ahead and purchased one for my copy of estatement. It’s a very nice slider, probably the best on the internet. I’m not asking for a refund for the theme because I’m so impressed with layer slider, I’ll be using it on every project in the future.

Please don’t condescend to people in the future. I really can’t stomach it when I see a customer have a legitimate concern and you try and sweep it under the rug. What about all of the people who purchased this theme who can’t get the slider to work who haven’t gone through past tickets? The slider is the first think people see on the homepage. It’s kind of a big deal to most designers.


I’m currently installing the theme and slider on http://callkelsey.com I think it will come out really well.

All and all, it’s a nice theme. Please include a slider with the purchase for future customers.

Does your map search and regular search sections of the theme pull listings from the dsidxpress plugin? Will it pull from the idx listings? Because my client will only use idx listings for now before he has his own listings.

Hi drusteez,

Thanks for your interest in the theme! Overall the integration with IDX is not at all optimal. This is more of a restriction of the system, not the theme, but we are working on ways to make it better.

Whatever DsIDXPress can do in any other theme, like the default twentytwelve theme, it will be able to do in our theme, however, not much more.

Our built in map will not work with the plugin, but the plugin does have its own map.

In a nutshell, if you want to use DSIDXPress you basically can’t use any of our advanced features. This is because IDX is not centralised like the Google Maps API is, so it is very difficult to make a database level integration.

Let me know if you have any more questions,


Thanks Daniel, If I don’t use the map can I hide the map to show just idx listings until they have their own listings they may input into the site?

Really nice Theme, and a reactive support !

I purchase a lot of theme here ( for clients ) and this one is one of my favorite and in my Top 5 recommendation for real estate

Super thème et le support est réactif ( pour ceux qui parlent anglais ) ! J’achète souvent des thèmes sur ce site pour des clients et celui la est l’un des meilleurs que j’ai vu ( qualité du design, finitions, options ) je le recommande pour ceux qui voudraient vendre des biens ou des séjours

Benjamin , a happy french customer ;-)

I’m sorry, but I’m so disappointed to come on here and see that yet again the update isn’t ready. I’ve put off a client for more than two months now because I was told to “wait” – that the newer version was going to be so much better and different. Not happy...I hope it’s out soon.

Is there a way to reduce the space between bottom of the slider and the top of the content area? Cheers in advance

Hi there,

Sorry for the long wait, we’re on vacation at the moment. I don’t have access to the theme right now, but if there is a setting for this it should be in appearance->customize theme,


Does this theme allow to show when a property is no longer available???

Hi There,

Sorry for the long response time! We don’t have a specific banner but you can modify the property to indicate this and you can remove properties from the map with a simple setting.



I’ve been waiting all day for a solution since I was told today It was going to get fixed. I really need the layout of the Website working well. Please let me know when you can. I have all plugins disabled and still don’t work. Thank you.

I think everyone ready for new release :)

We’re waiting…


Hi There,

Yes, so are we :D We’re in the final phases but we’re a small company and we still don’t want to sacrifice quality for speed. In the meantime we are supporting the current version as usual :)


I am editing this theme for a client. I don’t have access to the downloaded theme files or the documentation. Could you provide a PDF of the documentation since your site is going through an overhaul (none of the links regarding shortcode editing are working – all 404 pages).


Hi There,

We don’t have a PDF of the docs, sorry it’s a generated HTML file. If you can request a username/password from the client you can download the package from themeforest, it will have the docs in it.

Alternatively, drop us a line via our contact form and we’ll send it to you :)


Is there a way I can hide an “agent” on the agents page.

I’m the site admin and I don’t want myself to be an agent but I also don’t want to delete me as a user/admin

see this image for clarity http://imgur.com/AZm9aUZ

Hi, here is my suggestion : is it any way to make this theme adaptable to another types of estates like : parking spaces/garages/boxes, lands/fields, small businesses. To my knowledge all WP real estate themes deal only with housing. It would be nice to see a theme open to other types of real estate. Thanks !

Thank you Daniel, your detailed answers are very appreciated and really help me :)

Hi sheiber,

I don’t know what you mean by geolocation but here is what theme can already do: You can add the location of each property, either by entering the actual location details (city, state, street address, etc) or you can add latitude and longitude manually.

Based on this the properties can all be shown on one map and users can search for properties based on location and proximity (eg: 200 miles from Colorado Springs).

Let me know if you mean something else :)