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Hi again,,

Is there any date for new update? We’re really waiting for this. We talked with you 1 month ago :(

Sorry for asking too much but we’re really need a help to give answer for our customer wants



Hi mtotrakan,

Since a while now I haven’t been giving dates because this precludes the possibility of being late. That said, we really are in the final stages of testing and final touches. We will be ready in a week, allowing for 2-3 days of testing and the upload, it should be about a week and a half now.


Awesome! But Sliders, Tabs and Accordion are bugged in Chrome. They have a strange margin in bottom.


I’ve applied the fix to the demo site and it will be remedied in the files asap as well :)

Re the post from zcolman69…...it is possible to put MLS listings in your map. there is a theme that does integrate dsIDXpress into their map. the company is WP Estate


they can do up to 50 dsIDXpress listings at a time on the map


Hi Shane,

I’m not sure this is automatic, but I’ll need to look into it. Regardless of how things turn out, we will definitely not integrate IDX unless we absolutely must. They have been completely unhelpful with all our queries and we will continue to search for an alternate solution, I would like something with higher quality in the theme.


I heard that this theme was not going to be on themeforest.com anymore and I have been working with the owner of the theme for almost a month trying to fix the search widget on the sidebar which is not working. So I guess the theme will slowly stop working and soon no more support via themeforest—am I correct? Thanks!

Hi Daniel, thank you for your theme. I’ve got some problems with your theme. Hope you can help!

  • Your shortcode guide has some links to online examples. These links to the examples give 404 pages.
  • Importing the images from the demo content fails. The image links in your demo_content.xml give 404 pages.
  • Importing the content gives some strange pages;

This problems occur on a clean wordpress install.

Thanks in advance!


No worries, that’s our job :) I’ve already sent you a reply to your email :)


Impressed.I’ve bought it over a week ago, had a few questions and needed help with and a few modifications. 24-hour later it was solved. Great support, a real pleasure.


Hello… just a pre-purchase question.

Does the paypal integration need to be attached to a property to work. My client want’s to be able to collect payments that are not necessarily attached to a rental property. They are a realty & property mgmt company and they would like to be able to collect payments on properties currently being rented.

Hopefully I’ve explained this adequately.

Thanks and have a great day!

BTW – the theme looks really nice.



The theme looks awesome! I’ve got two questions. Is it possible to integrate the Dutch payment gateway IDEAL? And is it possible for a visitor to create an account and create his own property listing?



Big question, my client feels the map search should also show IDX homes. Is this possible with the integration of the IDX Plug-in?


Hi There,

There is definitely no timeframe for this, sorry. As much as I’ve seen of the MLS system so far it is extremely unwieldy. The company we’re looking at is Spark and while it looks ok on the surface, I’ve heard that it doesn’t have all MLS areas in its database. Even if all goes smoothly it may be months until we can figure it out.

If and when we do, it will be built in as an update and will be free of course for existing buyers (you may need a subscription to the actual service though).


Great theme! Awaiting front end submission option. Do you think you can integrate stripe payments? Thanks


Hi Sparky,

I am quite sure stripe payments will not be integrated, at least not in the first release. This is the first time I’ve heard of this company so I’ll need to do some research, take a look at existing plugins and so on.


Hey, I love the theme so far everything has been great. However, I’d like to add to the information shown on the ”/search-properties/” page by default. We’re using it as a rental property so being able select custom fields, price etc to show on that page with the properties would be great. I think there’s gotta be a way to do that and I’m just missing it. Any tips?

Hi, I tried to purshase this theme but I couldn’t with a friend’s visa card. I’m from Tunisia and I don’t have other solutions. can you help me?


Hi shuck,

Sorry, but we don’t have any control over the payments for the theme, you will have to contact Envato Support. You can contact them here.


lizroche Purchased

Great Theme and really good costumer service they wont let you do alone they help you to seting anything if you newbie about wordpress like me lol Thanks Daniel


Hi Liz,

Thanks so much for the kind words :) If you need anything else, just drop us a line via email or send us a comment here :)


Nice theme, but I suppose the serach in home page don’t work..

I try to write (as you suggest..) “Briargate”, but nothing happens..

What’s wrong?

Id’d like this them but search fuction need to work fine.


Hi ronin72,

This is due to a bug in an update we have not yet released on themeforest. The map is fine in the version available here and we will fix it in the demo as soon as we can :)


Hello, When do you expect you knoledge base server back?


Hi Borislav,

Since our documentation was outdated for some theme’s we’re actually rebuilding it. We’d be glad to help you out here or via email, let me know if you have any questions and we’ll answer you as soon as we can!


Hi Daniel

Did you get my message?

Its about of trouble in Range search nothing has changed, please tell me if you see my message with ftp acces.

I sent to you 3 days ago

Thanx for you quick response.


Hi There,

Sorry about that, support for the beta version is slower because we need to support the currently available product. In addition, it’s a 4-day national holiday here, but we’ll be with you soon!


Hello I´m looking forward to purchase this theme but would like to know if I could manage the fields I need to display on my property listings and the chance to easily add more fields to describe my properties.



Hi there,

Yep, all the fields are completely customizable. Take a look at this video here: https://vimeo.com/64633677

Let me know if you have any questions :)


Hi Daniel

I have been viewing your vimeo videos for the new theme. I cannot see any information for frontend submission and it seems that agents are only managed from the wp admin. Will there be frontend submission and will registered users become agents that can have their properties automatically assigned. Lastly will there be a way for agents to edit the properties without logging in to WP admin.

Otherwise it is looking awesome :)

Hi, I’m considering buying your theme and had a question about dsIDXpress integration. I saw 22 days ago someone else had a similar question. Have there been any improvements in that time to make the integration more seamless? Thanks!

Hi there!

I’ve just purchased this theme and I’m a little bit dissapoint for three reasons:

1. Documentation is not very clear, it doesn’t even have the “first steps” to make the brand new install look like demo and customize from there.

2. Dummy data seems to be different from the presented in the demo, so I can’t get the same results, making it impossible to replicate it in another site. I’ve insalled the theme in two different hostings I’ve it all gets messy, I don’t have some options the theme has… etc. My wordpress version is 3.8.1 but as I said in point #1 there isn’t instructions on the first steps with the theme.

3. The links to the official suport directs to a website which is being migrated so I can’t have any help.

I choose this theme based on the raving reviews but now I’m a little bit disappointed. If their developers give me a hand maybe I can change my mind but it seems that I can’t get in touch with them for now :(