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Hi, I tried to purshase this theme but I couldn’t with a friend’s visa card. I’m from Tunisia and I don’t have other solutions. can you help me?

Hi shuck,

Sorry, but we don’t have any control over the payments for the theme, you will have to contact Envato Support. You can contact them here.


Nice theme, but I suppose the serach in home page don’t work..

I try to write (as you suggest..) “Briargate”, but nothing happens..

What’s wrong?

Id’d like this them but search fuction need to work fine.

Hi ronin72,

This is due to a bug in an update we have not yet released on themeforest. The map is fine in the version available here and we will fix it in the demo as soon as we can :)


Hello, When do you expect you knoledge base server back?

Hi Borislav,

Since our documentation was outdated for some theme’s we’re actually rebuilding it. We’d be glad to help you out here or via email, let me know if you have any questions and we’ll answer you as soon as we can!


Hi Daniel

Did you get my message?

Its about of trouble in Range search nothing has changed, please tell me if you see my message with ftp acces.

I sent to you 3 days ago

Thanx for you quick response.

Hi There,

Sorry about that, support for the beta version is slower because we need to support the currently available product. In addition, it’s a 4-day national holiday here, but we’ll be with you soon!


Hello I´m looking forward to purchase this theme but would like to know if I could manage the fields I need to display on my property listings and the chance to easily add more fields to describe my properties.


Hi there,

Yep, all the fields are completely customizable. Take a look at this video here: https://vimeo.com/64633677

Let me know if you have any questions :)


hello, can i hide properties with a specific custom meta in template-bshPropertyFilterPage.php ?

i need to modify the search code to add a manual filter in php. can you help me please?

Sorry for the long wait here, I think we’ve figured this out via email, let me know if I’m wrong!


Hi – I am using wpallimport to import properties however when I have mapped data into the est_meta??? custom fields the import works fine but when I go into the property to edit it the ESTATEMENT PROPERTY OPTIONS BOX DOES NOT APPEAR AT THE BOTTOM of the property.

Any Thoughts ?

Hi Tom,

Sorry for not answering you here as well :) As we discussed, we’re on this and we’ll have a solution for you today :)


I have tried to view the demo site and the page seems to be broken. I get the following message:

Not Found The requested document was not found on this server.

Web Server at bonsaished.com

Hi catzip,

Sorry about that, we’re in the middle of switching servers. It may be another few hours before the site is back up. I will drop you a line here as soon as we’re live again!

Sorry for the wait,


When I work within the agent profile, I get various errors, generally around functions.php. Here is a sample, any ideas?...


How do I get/control an agent’s profile image.

Hi catzip, You’ll need to use a plugin for that. I recommend using this one here: http://wordpress.org/plugins/user-photo/


Hello. what plugins do I need to install with your theme? And do you have example .xml file with data?

Hi altros,

Thanks for the purchase! You shouldn’t ned to install anything to get it working like on the site. If you drop me a line via the profile here or our website I can send you the demo content file :)


I have exactly the same problem as kinopsis : I sent emails to Daniel soon this morning. Is it better to write here in “comments”, OR by email OR in forum for your team to see our questions the quickiest ? Thank you for your help and have a good day :)

Hi awesome theme !!! when will be front-end submission ??????

Hi ionluka,

We’re working on it, but vacations are slowing us down :) I think we’ll be ready in 1-2 weeks. We won’t be here in the first week of August, but we’ll try to finish it up before then! I think worst case scenario is mid-August,



Well I have the same problem as jsenthil and I see he hasn’t been answered (perhaps way down the thread he was).

I watched the videos you provide. They are very informative and user friendly. Thanks for that. The problem is, I can’t actually follow the videos, because very few of the options shown in the video are available to me. It says that it “requires some plugins but they are all free”. Maybe, but good luck actually finding them. I searched everywhere for “Bonsai Directory” for example (seems VITAL to the theme) It is extremely difficult to find. I haven’t seen anything so far in any documentation that explains how to find it. I did FINALLY find a copy of it (on the author’s site)..but it doesn’t work (I had to read the readme file and find out that you need to edit the files etc just to get the plugin to install) I finally got it installed, but it won’t activate…so it’s about as good as a chocolate teapot.

Bonsai booking just doesn’t doesn’t seem to exist on the web. Likewise with the plugin that is actually NAMED ESTATEMENT plugin!!!

It says visual composer is licensed for use with this theme…but doesn’t explain how or where to get it nor how to license it for the theme)

I tried to follow the video to make a search page, but was quickly left behind once the author says, “If you select the search template option you will get a bunch of different options…”

NOPE. I won’t.

In the how to install Estatement video, it says that WP will say “This theme requires the following plugins…” That didn’t happen for me. It simply installed, I searched to try and find out manually which plugins I needed.

It has been a very rough start.

I tried to setup a support account by clicking on the link I received in my purchase confirmation email, but I couldn’t create an account because it requires a valid license code and , well, it says mine is invalid. (Cut and pasted from the email, and after that from the actual license I downloaded.)

It has been a very tiring and frustrating weekend at the computer. I accept that I am not particularly familiar with WP, but I do know how to use a computer and can certainly follow instructions and I do know how to watch videos telling me about all the cool things I can do with the theme after I put my money down.

I sure hope you guys can help me out with this. At this point my time would have been better spent customizing a free theme, as without the options described in the Bonsaished videos, this theme is no better than a free theme.

I must admit, I am a little nervous that you answered all the questions before and after jsenthil posted the same problem I have TWICE and seems to have been IGNORED TWICE.

I can’t help thinking (and hoping) that I just happened to have had bad luck and the theme version I received was only updated a few days ago…and they hadn’t realized that it doesn’t work and has many missing features and bad license codes. That would explain a lot.

The theme LOOKS great in the videos and live previews…I sure hope I can actually use the theme I bought from Bonsaished and create the site I was hoping for.

I would say to anyone that is considering buying this theme, don’t buy it until you see how this issue is resolved for jsenthil, myself and ayone else that is struggling with the same.

If it is a big mistake and a glitchy bugged lousy download file I got, I will be certain to acknowledge that in this forum after Envato and Bonsaished have rectified the situation.

Thanks for your time.

Hi, happy holiday. As you are aware, some of us have been waiting almost 6 months for the front end submission to be ready. With due respect, i would like you to give us the EXACT time this front end will be ready, it will be very unreasonable and irresponsible of you to tell us you do not have an exact date or time frame at this time and it would be immature to dodge this request.

I read in a comment where you mentioned second week in January and yet somewhere else you said you cannot guarantee it again. I am sure you are aware there would be holiday before making this gesture for second week in January. This is pretty unfair as you dont know how much this is affecting some of our businesses. Someone of us deal with several large project and we have time scale for everything we do. So, could you give us a time frame and let us hold you to your words BUT dont say soon again as soon is infinite.

Please show some respect to some of your 500+ customers who are actually waiting for the front end. I ask you to help us by releasing the front end in a reasonable time frame

Peace and happy new year!

Hi taerese,

I understand your frustration, but this is exactly why I can not give you a date. We are building something which is WAY beyond anything around and I can not sacrifice quality which is why I shouldn’t have mentioned a date at all in the first place.

Since the new year we’ve been pouring all our energy into it and it will be done in the close future, but I do not want to say when, I don’t want to put ourselves in the same situation twice.

If you’d like to know all the latest news I recommend dropping me a line via our contact form so I can sign you up for our newsletter.


i have been waiting on your reply and its been relay long since i complained

Hello Ismail,

The issue we are facing is from the very beginning. When we first import the demo content xml file it failed to import. However as per your service provider mail we have uploaded the site to our anther server to check if this our server issue or not but it still the same. In the new server also the importing of the demo content file can’t be done. This is why it took us couple of days to check and to send our feedback. Please check the attached screenshot of the backend before and after importing the demo content file. I am hereby forwarding the WordPress backend details of the site. Please ask your service provider to check into this matter and let us know the problem .


I have already purchased this theme. So far I really like it. I sent an email to your guys (hello@bonsaished.com) on Friday with some support questions, but haven’t gotten a reply yet. I know you are usually super fast to respond to things on here, so should I ask the questions on here? Maybe my email didn’t go through. Please let me know. Thanks!

Hi There,

Sorry about that, we usually do get all the emails people send there (I really hope so). My oldest unanswered email is from 12 hours ago, so I either didn’t get your email or I archived it by mistake.

I recommend getting to us through our contact form, it goes straight to my email.

Just to be safe, do add your questions here as well. I’ll answer you here first and then via email, just in case something goes wrong via email again!

Sorry about your first support experience with us!


Hi there,

I got your email and answered it. Just in case, here’s what I wrote. Feel free to not answer me here, we can continue via email :)

1) Our shortcodes are theme specific. We’re coming out with a new version of the theme soon which will have better slideshow options. However, even now, you can use any slider you like. We fully support things like Layer Slider and Royal Slider. The big slider in the demo is Layer Slider. We recently purchased an extended license for this which allows us to bundle it with the theme. We haven’t added this to the theme package yet so if you can send me a purchase code, I can send you the slider :)

2) For the ribbon you’ll need to replace the image. You’ll need to create a child theme to make sure you can continue to update your theme without loosing changes, then you can just plop your new image in. We have a short child theme guide here: bonsaished.com/blog/kb/creating-a-child-theme/

3) Could you specify which map I’ll need to look at? Is it the map shortcode, the initial location for the map in the map page, or the mapping of properties themselves on the map in the map page?



I don’t have the logo and menu issues anymore. It was a server problem. The new version fixed the cards problem, but the map is still not filtering well and the booking doesn’t work at all. It always shows 0. I need help with this issue. I know you said you were going on vacation today for 2 months and I don’t know who is going to fix this. I need this website to work in the Summer. Thank you.

Hi There,

Don’t worry, we have you covered! Please do be patient, we have a lot to do and we always do get back to you via email, there really is no need to drop us a line here separately, it definitely does not speed us up :)


I know it doesn’t speed you up, but I like to write to you here instead sometimes. I hope you don’t mind. As long as it gets fixed before you go on vacation I’m happy. Thank you.

Hi guys, I want to buy this template, but I have a question before it. I don’t need the slider on the main page. Can I put there the map as on the http://estatement.bonsaished.com/quarter-page-map-search/? Thx, Kate

No worries, I’m here if you need us!


Hello all,
Even though this theme is primarily positioned towards real estate, we decided to use it in order to design a site for tutoring services in Greek language. We never regret it. See the reason why here: FindTutor

Features packed, superb support by Daniel. Worth the money? You bet!!!