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1. Can we have icon based represantation of each global field or custom field we create?

2. Can we have something availability front? i.e. from x date to y date calender will show specific place is not available?

3. Can we do comparison of two property? What do you think about this feature? Thanks, Bhavin Shah

Hi Bhavin,

Thanks for your interest in the theme. I think at this time the theme will not provide you with the functions you need.

1) An icon representation is a great idea which we will definitely implement at some point. Right now we are working on front-end submission so this will definitely be at least 3-4 weeks away.

2) I don’t quite understand number 2. By default there is no way to set a property to unavailable. You CAN create a booking for yourself which would make the property be unavailable at that time.

3) This is an interesting idea, but I don’t think we’ll implement this soon. We have a number of new features on our list which we need to do first. I am open to adding the comparison feature, but this is a few months away for sure :)

Thanks for your interest and sorry for the bad news!


“We are working on a new version which will be ready in 3-4 weeks ” I hear that from July :(

ionluka 4 months ago Flag Hi awesome theme !!! when will be front-end submission ?? bonsaished bonsaished AUTHOR 4 months ago Flag Hi ionluka,

We’re working on it, but vacations are slowing us down :) I think we’ll be ready in 1-2 weeks. We won’t be here in the first week of August, but we’ll try to finish it up before then! I think worst case scenario is mid-August,


Hi ionluka,

I don’t actually see a question in there :) This is the reason we never gave official estimates and we asked people not to buy the theme if this was a major issue for them.

We have since almost gotten there, but we asked our newsletter subscribers if they would rather have this feature sooner, or wait for us to rebuild the theme to make it much better overall. Everyone said they would rather wait so we went ahead with the rebuild.

We are going as fast as we can, but I would rather loose some potential buyers than create a sub-par product, sorry!


i don’t speak about the quality of script , i’m speaking that you tell to people for 4 months , that will be ready in 3 weeks. you would better not say anything

After using ThemeForest.com for a few years I have to say I am very impressed with Estatement Theme from bonsaished. Throughout the development of this theme I was provided with email support on every issue we had. Updates were even made to the theme that were related to customizations we had wanted, making it even easier to use. I am very impressed and I recommend using this and any theme they develop. Well done! 5 stars!!!

Hi! I’m interested in this template but I have some questions:

If I disable PayPal support, do I have option that the system automatically sends the bill to buyer’s e-mail? Can I see the screenshot of this option?

Is the template supported WPML?

Hi there!

Sorry, we don’t have an automatic billing option at the moment. The new version which will be out soon will have customizable booking success emails which you can use for this. It isn’t a bill as such, but you can ask for payment via an email.

The template does support WPML, yes.


Hello Theme more than wonderful, I want to buy it But at first I want to inquire about some of the things Come Could you support, is there added Real Estate property by members to offer for sale or rent

Hi MrDosa,

I am afraid I don’t quite understand the question. If you are asking if updates are free then yes, they are.


Can all shortcodes, sliders & maps be fed from an IDX plugin? I won’t be entering any houses directly – only streaming from IDX.


Regretfully no. It is not possible at this time to have database level integration, so you won’t be able to use our own shortcodes.

There is a map and a slider in the IDX plugin but that’s their own and you don’t really have a lot of control over it.

I suggest downloading the IDX plugin and trying it out on any other theme. The features you see are the features you’ll have in Estatement as well.



My site doesn’t display correctly..the menu bar moves to the right sometimes and the logo keeps coming down. Also, the cards don’t display well..the third one is only too high and I have the same number of characteristics on each property so they have the same high..I’ve been having major issues with the display of the site since I purchased it..It doesn’t display well and I’ve disabled all plugins..Also, the search won’t filter properties correctly..

Hi there, I’m looking to purchase your theme, however I noticed that on the Live Filtering search option on the demo, the sliders on the side don’t work? Is there a way to fix this?

Is there any demo content for the beta? the link in the documentation doesn’t work for me. http://bonsaished.s3.amazonaws.com/themes/estatement/estatement-sample-content.xml

Hi There,

Sorry, the beta doesn’t have demo content yet. I don’t think we’ve a link to demo content in the documentation through, are you sure you’re using the beta?



+1 to have some screenshots of the new look & feel.

I am really interested to an homepage template like Trulia.com and Airbnb.com (quarter search page with slider in the background with some widgets below)

I don’t have some screenshots ready but if you can drop me a line via our contact form I’ll try and make some :)

We’re still working out some of the templates but all pages will be buildable using visual form builder so you will essentially be able to put anything anywhere :)


Hey Daniel,

Hope you had a wonderful vacation. Do you have an update on when you will release the new Estatement theme or have your add sample pages to the demo?


Hi Anthony,

Let’s talk via email, it will be a lot easier :) I know I have your email address, but I don’t know which one it is, can you drop me a line please?



Hi guys, I want to buy this template, but I have a question before it. I don’t need the slider on the main page. Can I put there the map as on the http://estatement.bonsaished.com/quarter-page-map-search/? Thx, Kate

Hello, here’s a suggestion I found browsing the theme from a mobile. In the “Live Search” page, the controls should be on the top and below the results. Because one’s have to reach the bottom of the page to see the controls. This is like upside down design. Don’t you think guys?


Hi Daniel, Have you seen my email for problems of translation ? It’s really important to be able to translate it all (in administration menus) for my customer to integrate well his properties. Thank you in advance ..

I have, sorry, we don’t always have a 4 hour turnaround, sometimes it really is 24 hours. I will look at it as soon as I can!

Thanks for all the support. One last question for you. I don’t know why but when I add a new property, then add the location via address or latitude, longitude. Its still not showing up on the map. and of course I have the show on map clicked on, do you know what I could be missing?


Hi Daniel,

I know that this is a recurrent question but I’ll ask anyway: are you planning to release the new version soon? It has been a while with the beta testers so I was hoping that the new version were released soon.


Hi There,

We’re definitely closer but we’re going to go on a vacation from May 20 – July 20 and we don’t want to release anything to make sure we’re not flooded with support questions we won’t be able to answer. We can send you the beta if you’d like though so you can get started with it!


Is there a way when viewing each property’s details page, to have a set layout of the featured image, the textual content, the map, then gallery, etc. rather than having to put shortcodes (i.e. [map height=200px]) into each property page?

thanks for the quick response! is there rough piece of code i can put in the details page template in the meantime? im happy to mess around with it.

Hello, I’d like to purchase your theme. I just wanted to know how easy is to make it multilingual. Is it something that you could provide with an extra cost?

Thanks. V./

Hi vassiliskoulianos,

It is quite easy to make the site multilingual but you will have to use WPML. If you just need it translated you can use the included pot files in the languages directory, if you need multiple languages at once you’ll need WPML.

Judging by your name you might need it in Greek :) We’ve had a greek buyer translate the theme and he was completely happy, his site is at findtutor.gr (he is not using the theme for property management.)

If you have any other questions let me know :)


Demo does not work

Thank YOU for letting us know, it is very important for our demo site to work :)

Let me know if you need anything else,


we have installed Estatement on http:\\jonarealestate.al . Now it’s working very slowly.We have dis-activated the plugins and the guys that have hosted the theme told me that i have to check the theme , because it takes too long to load. even on the dashboard, when it’s active. Can you instruct me about this issue. Kind regards.