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Visual Composer’s Templatera plugin appears to incompatible with the theme.


The Properties menu in the admin disappears when Templatera plugin is activated.


Do I seek support from you or Mixey?


Thank you,


Hi Daniel,

The author of Visual Composer has asked that I invite you to participate in trouble shooting Templatera’s compatibility with Estatement. I’ve sent you a PM.

Thank you, DesignPoint

Does your theme come with demo content?

love the look you got going there!

I’ve worked with revolution slider and I love it! this one sounds as interesting! I sent you a message on your page ;-)


I have purchased your theme, I believe it has a very high customisation ability compared to other themes and I was very excited about it. I have signed a contract with a client to built their website using your theme and all was good until i noticed that your searches didn’t work!!! I emailed you about this on the 13/05 and to your credit you replied very QUICKLY within a few hrs. Your suggestions were not applicable because I had setup a search page and you thought i didn’t. I provided screen documentation for you and my log in details to check but AGAIN you came up with the missing Search page issue which didn’t provide an answer. I think you didn’t even check my site although I understand you are not obliged to do so. The icing on the cake came on the 20/05 when I once again tried to contact you because my client was getting upset and then, you went on holiday for 2 months !!!! I am now stuck with a client who is very unhappy, feels cheated and she has every right to feel like that. Again i stress that Estatement has the potential or is the best available option for Real Estate because of its customisation versatility BUT I was left in the wild with this support issue hence my experience has been a very negative one. Its a shame to mess up this opportunity to be the best. I bought your theme for $55. If it worked for me, I would happily pay triple or quadruple this money because it is loaded with customisation features that are missing from other themes and are very crucial to Real Estate Agents.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for answering all of our questions, your team has a great thing going on. Now I have a question. I purchased another theme (avada) for a personal site that I am doing for someone in real estate. I’ve spent hours setting it up.

One section that I need is a properties/property search page which would be more of the business side. I don’t mind paying for the theme but I need to know if there is a way I could integrate the 2 before I do.

What i’d want to do is have the header and menu for my main theme on the property search page (which would be your theme or something similar) so that it all looks like its part of the site. Is this a possibility?

Im also trying to compare your theme to another to see which one I should get. Is there a way to pm you to get further info (not to much I assure you, just trying to make an educated decision)?



I had a few questions about your theme. Aesthetically, I think it looks great! I’m curious about some of the features of the property management portion.

1) Does your system allow for child properties? For example, could I make an apartment or suite a child property of a complex or commercial building?

- If so, to what extent is the child/parent relationship extended? Can I decide whether it inherits things like pictures from the parent property, or possibly populating the parent property’s attributes it shares with its child properties?

2) If child properties don’t exist, is it possible to make a property non-searchable? My thought would be to create individual apartments or suites that are non-searchable, then just link to these properties from the complex or commercial building while filling in the attributes of the building manually.

Thank you for very much for your time.


Thank you for such a speedy response. :) That is great news. I think grouping on the backend would be good enough for me, then I’d use search exclusions and just link to the individual suites in the parent property.

I’ve noticed several recent comments relating the new version and its release. Would the next earliest release be the one that included the child properties, and is there a current estimate on its release date?


I’d like to know if when you click on the property on the map you could see the price or other information. On the demo page I can only see a picture and name of the property. Thank you!

I forgot to ask if I could also charge more money like you do here when paying with Paypal and if there’s a way to click on a different currency and change all prices on the website.

Hi There,

Right now you can choose one piece of data to show on the map view, take a look at this screenshot here: http://cl.ly/image/2S3k3Z0F2w3N

You can use any amounts you like and any currency you like but you can not dynamically exchange currency on the site itself.

We are preparing a new version which will be out in the first weeks of January. This version will allow for better map customization and we are thinking about implementing live currency exchanges, but no promises on that one :)


Hi Las Palmas,

Maybe we’re talking about different things, can you send me a screenshot of what you need to achieve? If it’s on our demo site I can easily tell you how to get it done :)

For this import you’ll need to increase the execution time on your server, take a look at this article here for help: http://www.clickonf5.org/11921/solution-for-wordpress-php-error-maximum-execution-time-of-30-seconds-exceeded/

We’ll be on vacation for two weeks but we’ll answer you as soon as we can if you need anything else!



I am following with great interest your project, it is becoming very near to my needs.

I would like to use it in a travel website, and in particular in short rental apartment and hotel booking. It could be a little airbnb.com website

For this reason, I think it would be helpful if the contact form for each property can be customizable.

I mean, who work in travel industry already has a booking system, or using a third-party system. It would be useful for me to have the opportunity to turn off the contact form for each single property, with the possibility of being able to enter the code of a booking form.

In the rental apartment industry (like airbnb), the agent would be the owner of the apartment, in this case it would be useful that the form was editable (maybe with a builder) in this industry insert the arrival date is a must, for example. And, who runs a website like this (the admin) would like to receive all the form data, but it definitely would not want the email of the person you wish to reserve (the user) were sent to the owner of the apartment (owner=agent), to avoid the risk of being overtaken (in this sector we work on commission basis).

Introducing these functionalities, you will catch the tourism area. IMHO

Hi maucast,

THanks for following the project, I remember you from previous comments :) I completely agree with all your observations and we do have plans to expand.

However, we are very careful to do so. Instead of covering all possible areas we would rather cover one specific area, but be the best at it. I would rather loose out on the tourism sector than decrease the quality of the theme.

That said, I think that expanding into tourism is not a big jump for this theme. We want to expand on the “agents system” anyway, which as you said, is very similar to having any type of partners (owners, etc.).

Specifically about the contact form. Right now you can specify the auto-responder and contact email for the forms for each property. I’ve added your idea to out version 2.1 ideas list and I have plans to implement it, something like this: You will be able to use it as is (customizable autoresponder and email) or disable it, or use a contact form 7 form.

I have actually built an apartment booking theme before so I have some experience with the procedure (I’m sure you have more though, I’m not actually in the industry).

If you would like, feel free to drop me a message using the contact form and we can discuss the features in more detail :)

Thanks for the input, it really helps!

Hi, how can i change the Placeholder-TextField-Color in Contact-Forms? Thanks, Dominic

Hi There,

Styling placeholder text is not well supported in browsers so far so it is not possible to do this in the theme. You can read a bit about how to do it here.

The problem is that many systems (I think Contact Form 7 is one of them) uses Javascript to add placeholder text to fields. Since the classes of these texts varies widely we don’t have built in support for it.

If you can show me a URL where this is I’ll try and take a better look!


Hello, I bought your great theme, but I have a little problem to access and configure the maps page, all the time “loading” why? help ;)


Hi André,

Thanks for the purchase :)

Depending on what you are referring to this is either a known bug in the previous version which we have fixed or it is a settings issue (or an API Key issue).

There was a bug in version 2.5 which sometimes made the map settings “stuck” in the admin, which meant that you couldn’t switch between option pages. If you are referring to this issue then all you need to do is download the new version (just re-download). Wither way I would recommend grabbing the new version.

If you are referring to the front-end always displaying the loading image then it could be caused by a number of things, usually by incomplete settings. Make sure that you’ve selected options for the default location and if you’d like an error shown when there are no properties near the location make sure you’ve filled out the error details.

This is quite difficult to troubleshoot without seeing it, would you mind contacting us personally so you can send us a link to your site? You can drop us an email using the contact form here in our profile or on our website. We can then simply email you back and troubleshoot this for you asap :)


Have frontend submission? let your users to upload own properties

Hi hotelwww,

I want to be very careful about “coming soon” type things. I do not want to raise expectations and then not deliver. The way we work is we quietly develop a feature, build it in and then advertise it as being in the theme.

I do not want people buying the theme in the hopes that a feature they want will be in the theme soon. If anything happens (we get sick here, or need to take 2 weeks off) people will be (understandably) angry.

Pre-Sale question:

The front end search has ‘location’, ‘type’, ‘contract’ and ‘price’.

Is it easy to remove lets say contract and replace with a filter for the amount of bedrooms in the property?

Also does this work for UK maps/listings?


Hi There,

Are you sure you purchased this theme? I received your license code via email and it is definitely invalid. You also don’t have a “purchased” badge in the comments here, which you should if you purchased it.

If you did indeed buy it but something seems to be wrong, please contact Envato directly, I have no control over sales issues :(

Let me know,


I am having alot of trouble with your theme. Upon installation I am receiving parse errors on one site and on another many errors with the property pages and search.

Hi JKID2323,

Im sorry you’re having trouble with the theme, hopefully i can helpmyou clear everything up quickly :) we’re on holiday at the moment, but im confident most of these are settings issues or perhaps an outdated PHP version.

I recommend doing the following. Make sure to go to custom data > default fields to set up your default detals. Also, make sure to go to settings>permalinks and save the settings there.

Also, do ask your host which PHP version you have. Versions less than 5.3 do produce errors. Hosts will generally upgrade your PHP version easily.

If you still have any issues can you please contact me directly? Just drop me a message using our profile here or

Well be back on tuesday, if there is a bug involved will fix it for you the and send you an update :)

Sorry for your issues, ill get you up and running asap!



I want to ask if it is possible to make the search field more dynamic? (maybe with AJAX)? Example if I add: Residential or Commercial as the first option on the search bar. Then if people choose Residential, then property type 1,2,3 is visible and if people choose Commercial then property type 4,5,6 are visible ?

And I want to have a Sale – Rent optinon. If people choose Sale, than it shall be prize as it is now, But if people choose Rent, then it shall change to monthly prize.

Is this possible? Or will it be something that you can make as a custom work?

Hi helgipetersen ,

The AJAX powered search is already included, but it is called live filtering. You can check it out here.

The sale/rent feature is definitely something we want to have. I will definitely build this in for free but it might take some time few weeks)

Let me know if you have any other questions,



Munook Purchased

Hello. First off, thanks for creating the theme. It’s going to be great once I get it up and running.

However, upon initial set up, I’m running into some problems.

First off, I’m using a godaddy powered Wordpress. I purchased and downloaded the estatement theme from Themeforest, within the Envato Market.

Once downloaded, I uploaded the theme’s zip into Wordpress and activated it. So far so good.

According to the “documentation” found on your Bonsai Shed site, the 2nd step was to upload the ‘estatement-sample-content.xml’ – In the Estatement Package 4.3 I purchased, there was no ‘estatement-sample-content.xml’ – However, there was a ‘demo_content.xml’ – Seemed close enough. SO, I then installed and activated the Wordpress Importer, as the documentation suggests, and then subsequently imported the ‘demo_content.xml’ -

After importing the ‘demo_content.xml’ I began running into problems. The importer page gave me numerous “Failed to Import” messages. After clicking the “have fun” link, and proceeding ahead despite the multiple “Failed to Import” messages, I entered in my first test property.

Upon doing so, there were no problems until I visited the “home” menu page on the live web page. Once there, the newly entered property, along with all the demo properties, had what looked like broken code listed with them. I assume it had something to do with the “failed to import…” stuff.

I revisited the documentation and saw in the FAQ that importing errors sometimes deal with a lack of storage. I contacted Go Daddy and they assured me I had PLENTY of space to import a file like ‘demo_content.xml’ & that the issue either lied with the theme’s provider or with me.

So, here I am. I’m on somewhat of a time table and I really need the problem resolved so I can move forward. I’m more than willing to provide screen shots if there is a place to send them.

To See for yourself, please visit www.copiafactorem.com


Thanks, Sincerely -David

I think this theme is fantastic! I have 1 pre-sale question before I am able to purchase.
Instead of pinning properties on the interactive Google map, could I have it pin agents?

Hi Dlites,

Thanks in advance! We’re really proud of this theme, and even more proud of our support of it :) We love to hear what people need, this helps us out as well since it gives us more features and increases sales :) We’ll definitely figure this out for you :)

We have a support forum which you can use if you have a purchase code but email is actually the easiest. It is more personal and quicker :) Drop me a line via the contact form in our profile here or our website and we’ll have your email address.

I look forward to collaborating on this feature with you :)



nice theme.

+1 for map search or search results in (google) map. Is there an ETA for this?

Hello and Thank You!

There is indeed! Our original ETA was 2 weeks, however we received 2 requests for this already so we’re bumping it up to next week.

We’ll actually try and upload it this week but no promises there, we’d rather make it work extremely well than rush it :)

If you’d like, leave your email address using our contact form and we’ll drop you an email as soon as we’re done. If you prefer, we can also just write to you here :)

Hi Daniel,

I just purchased you theme, but I am unable to install it. In fact, it takes away my entire access from wordpress.

Also, I am not sure how to access your support forum because it takes me to a wordpress login page for bonsai.com??

Here is the PHP error message I am getting from my server:

PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in wp-content/themes/estatement/functions.php on line 103

Can you please help me out? I would really like to use your template, but, right now, I am not even able to get started. Additionally, I am on a little bit of a time crunch.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks in advance,


hi! How can I translate custom fields? I use WPML

is there any way to do this ?

Hi siguida,

You are absolutely right, since the values can be specified we forgot that they still need to be translatable. Please send us a message via our profile here or our website and we’ll send you an update in the next 48 hours :)



I’m suddenly getting some problems with my theme when trying to create a site locally through Bitnami. I get this error code:

Warning: Missing argument 1 for est_get_customdata_type_dropdown_options(), called in /Users/andrew/Desktop/MEG/apps/wordpress/htdocs/wp-content/themes/estatement/framework/customdata/customdata_add.php on line 171 and defined in /Users/andrew/Desktop/MEG/apps/wordpress/htdocs/wp-content/themes/estatement/functions.php on line 2958

Here are those lines:

functions.php, line 2958
function est_get_customdata_type_dropdown_options( $current ) {
customdata_add.php, line 171
est_get_customdata_type_dropdown_options() ?>

I was able to edit my theme for a long time and after coming back to it after a couple weeks it no longer works. I tried downloading the theme again and replacing the files but it still doesn’t seem to be working. What could be causing this?

Hello, I am going to purchase this theme… But I’m just waiting for your next big release… any chance you can give me an idea of the release date??

Hi lugographics,

Sorry for the 19 hour reply time, I didn’t see your message until now! We actually have the new version ready but we’re producing a bunch of tutorial videos before we release it, it should be early next week.

The new release has a rewritten underlying system. We’ve added much better ways to search like persistent search and live filters. We also have more powerful postlist shortcode optiosn and better ways of showing custom data.

If you are waiting for user-submission, short term rentals and MLS/IDX data these will not be in the next update. They are all on their way but we needed to prepare the codebase for these features first :)

If you would like to get started go ahead and buy the theme and get in touch, I can send you the new version via email. You can use the contact form here on themeforest, or our own contact form, or our support forum. If you use our own contact form make sure to paste your purchase codes, if you use the other methods you will be verified automatically :)

Let me know if you need anything else!