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I am following with great interest your project, it is becoming very near to my needs.

I would like to use it in a travel website, and in particular in short rental apartment and hotel booking. It could be a little airbnb.com website

For this reason, I think it would be helpful if the contact form for each property can be customizable.

I mean, who work in travel industry already has a booking system, or using a third-party system. It would be useful for me to have the opportunity to turn off the contact form for each single property, with the possibility of being able to enter the code of a booking form.

In the rental apartment industry (like airbnb), the agent would be the owner of the apartment, in this case it would be useful that the form was editable (maybe with a builder) in this industry insert the arrival date is a must, for example. And, who runs a website like this (the admin) would like to receive all the form data, but it definitely would not want the email of the person you wish to reserve (the user) were sent to the owner of the apartment (owner=agent), to avoid the risk of being overtaken (in this sector we work on commission basis).

Introducing these functionalities, you will catch the tourism area. IMHO


Hi maucast,

THanks for following the project, I remember you from previous comments :) I completely agree with all your observations and we do have plans to expand.

However, we are very careful to do so. Instead of covering all possible areas we would rather cover one specific area, but be the best at it. I would rather loose out on the tourism sector than decrease the quality of the theme.

That said, I think that expanding into tourism is not a big jump for this theme. We want to expand on the “agents system” anyway, which as you said, is very similar to having any type of partners (owners, etc.).

Specifically about the contact form. Right now you can specify the auto-responder and contact email for the forms for each property. I’ve added your idea to out version 2.1 ideas list and I have plans to implement it, something like this: You will be able to use it as is (customizable autoresponder and email) or disable it, or use a contact form 7 form.

I have actually built an apartment booking theme before so I have some experience with the procedure (I’m sure you have more though, I’m not actually in the industry).

If you would like, feel free to drop me a message using the contact form and we can discuss the features in more detail :)

Thanks for the input, it really helps!

Adngold Purchased

Hello, I bought your great theme, but I have a little problem to access and configure the maps page, all the time “loading” why? help ;)



Hi André,

Thanks for the purchase :)

Depending on what you are referring to this is either a known bug in the previous version which we have fixed or it is a settings issue (or an API Key issue).

There was a bug in version 2.5 which sometimes made the map settings “stuck” in the admin, which meant that you couldn’t switch between option pages. If you are referring to this issue then all you need to do is download the new version (just re-download). Wither way I would recommend grabbing the new version.

If you are referring to the front-end always displaying the loading image then it could be caused by a number of things, usually by incomplete settings. Make sure that you’ve selected options for the default location and if you’d like an error shown when there are no properties near the location make sure you’ve filled out the error details.

This is quite difficult to troubleshoot without seeing it, would you mind contacting us personally so you can send us a link to your site? You can drop us an email using the contact form here in our profile or on our website. We can then simply email you back and troubleshoot this for you asap :)


ddw79 Purchased

Hi, how can i change the Placeholder-TextField-Color in Contact-Forms? Thanks, Dominic


Hi There,

Styling placeholder text is not well supported in browsers so far so it is not possible to do this in the theme. You can read a bit about how to do it here.

The problem is that many systems (I think Contact Form 7 is one of them) uses Javascript to add placeholder text to fields. Since the classes of these texts varies widely we don’t have built in support for it.

If you can show me a URL where this is I’ll try and take a better look!


Have frontend submission? let your users to upload own properties


Hi hotelwww,

I want to be very careful about “coming soon” type things. I do not want to raise expectations and then not deliver. The way we work is we quietly develop a feature, build it in and then advertise it as being in the theme.

I do not want people buying the theme in the hopes that a feature they want will be in the theme soon. If anything happens (we get sick here, or need to take 2 weeks off) people will be (understandably) angry.

Pre-Sale question:

The front end search has ‘location’, ‘type’, ‘contract’ and ‘price’.

Is it easy to remove lets say contract and replace with a filter for the amount of bedrooms in the property?

Also does this work for UK maps/listings?



Hi There,

Are you sure you purchased this theme? I received your license code via email and it is definitely invalid. You also don’t have a “purchased” badge in the comments here, which you should if you purchased it.

If you did indeed buy it but something seems to be wrong, please contact Envato directly, I have no control over sales issues :(

Let me know,


Good Afternoon,

I really would like to know some things before i purchase your product is it possible to have the website and all the widgets in full european metrics example € instead of dollar, m2 instead square foot, postal codes etc.. im saying this because i want to build my own spanish property website from scrath can i do that im not a highly skilled programmer?

Thanks in advance


Hi Solvizie,

No worries, that’s our job. Unfortunately as far as I am aware you will definitely not be able to get a refund, sorry. Refunds are handled by themeforest, they are not up to me.

As far as I know refunds are only possible if the theme has major errors and it doesn’t work as advertised.

We’re at 150 buyers and a 4.74 rating so I’m quite sure you’ll be safe :) On the other hand, this is also why I’m sure that you won’t get a refund based on not being able to get the hang of it.

We have a video here which shows how the backend works, perhaps this will help you make a decision!

Please feel free to ask as much as you need, we would rather someone not buy the theme than buy it and be unhappy :)


I think this theme is fantastic! I have 1 pre-sale question before I am able to purchase.
Instead of pinning properties on the interactive Google map, could I have it pin agents?


Hi Dlites,

Thanks in advance! We’re really proud of this theme, and even more proud of our support of it :) We love to hear what people need, this helps us out as well since it gives us more features and increases sales :) We’ll definitely figure this out for you :)

We have a support forum which you can use if you have a purchase code but email is actually the easiest. It is more personal and quicker :) Drop me a line via the contact form in our profile here or our website and we’ll have your email address.

I look forward to collaborating on this feature with you :)


JKID2323 Purchased

I am having alot of trouble with your theme. Upon installation I am receiving parse errors on one site and on another many errors with the property pages and search.


Hi JKID2323,

Im sorry you’re having trouble with the theme, hopefully i can helpmyou clear everything up quickly :) we’re on holiday at the moment, but im confident most of these are settings issues or perhaps an outdated PHP version.

I recommend doing the following. Make sure to go to custom data > default fields to set up your default detals. Also, make sure to go to settings>permalinks and save the settings there.

Also, do ask your host which PHP version you have. Versions less than 5.3 do produce errors. Hosts will generally upgrade your PHP version easily.

If you still have any issues can you please contact me directly? Just drop me a message using our profile here or

Well be back on tuesday, if there is a bug involved will fix it for you the and send you an update :)

Sorry for your issues, ill get you up and running asap!



I want to ask if it is possible to make the search field more dynamic? (maybe with AJAX)? Example if I add: Residential or Commercial as the first option on the search bar. Then if people choose Residential, then property type 1,2,3 is visible and if people choose Commercial then property type 4,5,6 are visible ?

And I want to have a Sale – Rent optinon. If people choose Sale, than it shall be prize as it is now, But if people choose Rent, then it shall change to monthly prize.

Is this possible? Or will it be something that you can make as a custom work?


Hi helgipetersen ,

The AJAX powered search is already included, but it is called live filtering. You can check it out here.

The sale/rent feature is definitely something we want to have. I will definitely build this in for free but it might take some time few weeks)

Let me know if you have any other questions,


Hi Daniel,

I just purchased you theme, but I am unable to install it. In fact, it takes away my entire access from wordpress.

Also, I am not sure how to access your support forum because it takes me to a wordpress login page for bonsai.com??

Here is the PHP error message I am getting from my server:

PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in wp-content/themes/estatement/functions.php on line 103

Can you please help me out? I would really like to use your template, but, right now, I am not even able to get started. Additionally, I am on a little bit of a time crunch.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks in advance,


sigulda Purchased

hi! How can I translate custom fields? I use WPML

is there any way to do this ?


Hi siguida,

You are absolutely right, since the values can be specified we forgot that they still need to be translatable. Please send us a message via our profile here or our website and we’ll send you an update in the next 48 hours :)




nice theme.

+1 for map search or search results in (google) map. Is there an ETA for this?


Hello and Thank You!

There is indeed! Our original ETA was 2 weeks, however we received 2 requests for this already so we’re bumping it up to next week.

We’ll actually try and upload it this week but no promises there, we’d rather make it work extremely well than rush it :)

If you’d like, leave your email address using our contact form and we’ll drop you an email as soon as we’re done. If you prefer, we can also just write to you here :)

I’m suddenly getting some problems with my theme when trying to create a site locally through Bitnami. I get this error code:

Warning: Missing argument 1 for est_get_customdata_type_dropdown_options(), called in /Users/andrew/Desktop/MEG/apps/wordpress/htdocs/wp-content/themes/estatement/framework/customdata/customdata_add.php on line 171 and defined in /Users/andrew/Desktop/MEG/apps/wordpress/htdocs/wp-content/themes/estatement/functions.php on line 2958

Here are those lines:

functions.php, line 2958
function est_get_customdata_type_dropdown_options( $current ) {
customdata_add.php, line 171
est_get_customdata_type_dropdown_options() ?>

I was able to edit my theme for a long time and after coming back to it after a couple weeks it no longer works. I tried downloading the theme again and replacing the files but it still doesn’t seem to be working. What could be causing this?

Hi Daniel,

Im pretty tech savvy but i’m still trying to wrap my head around the dsIDX plugin and implementation within your theme. Just need a little more clarity as im still kind of stuck (sorry I know this question is like beating a dead horse).

Lets say for example I have an account with dsIDX and have paid for the API to get the info, then installed the plugin.

Is it that in order to have properties or search for them, they would have to be manually input by me?

You mentioned that there was an issue receiving and storing information in a database due to the complexities of the MLS system correct?

So basically, it doesn’t do something like this (this site is using the dsIDX plugin and is on wordpress) Website

Really just trying to do as much research as possible before I buy. Need to understand what dsIDX does in this theme, if its just manual property management or if properties flow in from the MLS and then users can filter what they are looking for.

Thanks, really appreciate your time!


Hi cannapoluo,

The easiest way to see what dsIDX does is to install it on twentytwelve, or any other theme. Whatever the plugin can do in any theme, it can do here. I think that the site you linked to is just using the facilities included in the plugin. The plugin itself contains a map, search functions and so on. These are all usable in Estatement.

What I would personally like is to be able to offer single property pages with proper URLs. If you use dsIDXpress the properties that you have do not show up in the admin since they are not a part of your database, they are pulled from the datasource dsIDX uses.

This means that you can use any of the plugins built in tools to display properties, but you will not be able to display them using our own tools. As an example:

You can use a dsIDX shortcode to display properties. You can not use our latest properties widget since there are no properties in the system.

We are in talks with another company and we will probably be able to give users full integration with their system but this is a month away at least.

The bottom line is that you can use any of the maps, searches and so on included in the dsIDX plugin. However, you will not be able to create a map page like we have on the demo since there are not properties in the system.

This situation is something like RSS feeds. Using some PHP code I can grab the feed from your website and show it on my own. I can not however grab the updated date of one of your posts since they are not in my database, all I have to work with is the data provided by the RSS feed.

I hope it’s a bit clearer now :)



Hi cannapoluo,

Yes, the plugin is styled like the theme, but it doesn’t look as great as it could if I had control over the HTML as well. Hopefully with the other company we can get much tighter integration visually as well.

Fell free to ask as many questions as needed :) If you’d like me to notify you if I get somewhere with the other MLS company drop me a line via our profile here or our website and I’ll jot you down :)


Hello, I am going to purchase this theme… But I’m just waiting for your next big release… any chance you can give me an idea of the release date??


Hi lugographics,

Sorry for the 19 hour reply time, I didn’t see your message until now! We actually have the new version ready but we’re producing a bunch of tutorial videos before we release it, it should be early next week.

The new release has a rewritten underlying system. We’ve added much better ways to search like persistent search and live filters. We also have more powerful postlist shortcode optiosn and better ways of showing custom data.

If you are waiting for user-submission, short term rentals and MLS/IDX data these will not be in the next update. They are all on their way but we needed to prepare the codebase for these features first :)

If you would like to get started go ahead and buy the theme and get in touch, I can send you the new version via email. You can use the contact form here on themeforest, or our own contact form, or our support forum. If you use our own contact form make sure to paste your purchase codes, if you use the other methods you will be verified automatically :)

Let me know if you need anything else!



I purchased estatement today. But i am unable to import the demo content xml file.

The session is timing out when i am trying to import and upload it.

I read in one of the comments that there is a specific way to do this, by removing the images from the import…something.

I am still not able to figure out how to exactly do this.

Can you please help me with the step by step approach on how to import the demo xml file.

Thanks in advance! deepti


Thanks so much Deepti!

If you ever have any more issues, we’re right here :)


Hi, i just bought this item. Fist image of demo content are not available. Then, booking option does not appear on property page, it just show a basic caroussel with text but no sidebar like the demo + no map appear…

Plus, your demo content is completely broken, on property pages, text is out of frame at the top of the page, everything is broken, please give me some informations.


Hi There,

I think you may be using the older demo content, here is a link to the new demo content file. I recommend deleting all posts and pages before you import the new one to make sure there are no duplicates.

To get the booking options you’ll need to enable bookings one the property admin page, then you’ll need to add the booking widget into the sidebar.


Ferona Purchased

Hi Daniel, I have some difficulties to build the home page, I would like pretty much the same as your example with slideshow. My slideshow is created and works very well, when I selected a “slider page” into what I chose to be my homepage. Then I tried to create a new proprety, in “propreties” and It’s automatically shows on my home page? why? (I didn’t specify anything anywhere) Actually, I would like to show one of my propreties, exactly like the model just under the slideshow but it’s showing at the top on the page and my slideshow in the middle. Like a bug… and If I want to create more propreties I don’t want them to show on home page.. so, how to choose what I want to show in homepage? Hope you understand my question, actually I need to know how to create pretty much the same homepage as the example. ( slideshow (ok) / 1 proprety / 2 colom text / Thank you very much for your answer.


Hi Ferona,

Could I ask you to copy paste any issues you have into our contact form? That arrives straight into my email and I can help you out more easily there. I can help you here if you prefer but I would like to ask for an admin login and a URL to the site so I can see what you mean with my own eyes :)



Hi bonsaished D.

First than nothing congratulations for your theme is wonderfull Im really consider to purchase right now

I have a questions…

1.- Can i make something like this in my home page http://www.travelkeys.com/ I need to make this search form — 2-. Can i make diferent pages with diferent estructure? example page home: Header, Layer slider, footer copy right ( CONTENT & widget footer area eliminate ) Like this: http://www.luxuryretreats.com/ ** page services: header, revolution slider, content, footer widget area and footer copy right

3-.Your theme have option to box layout and full width layout ?

4.- can i add diferent background images in diferent pages?

I need to make my descition quickly i apreciate your quick answer

best regards


Hi There,

Here are some quick answers for you :)

1) This is not available like this in the current version. We’ll have this almost exactly in the upcoming update though :)

2) Yep, you can make any structure on any page :)

3) No, we don’t have a full width template at the moment

4) This can be done but you’ll need to use some CSS, there are no theme options to do it

Hope I could help,


i wanted to get a real estate theme that i can offer to real estate agents to list their properties for sale,rent for a monthly / 6m / year fee! can this theme do that?
>few other questions for you:
1.can floor plans be added? like to upload and show somewhere in description,and option for users/visitors to download it?
2.option to ad a youtube video of the house?
3.rental / sale calendar availability ?
4.credit card payment gateway? like to ad : http://www.mijireh.com/ , this one does not require ssl or dedicate ip,so it will be easier for a lot of as that uses shared hosting.
5.open house page?
6. send contact info to that specific agent ,but also keep a copy of that email within the wp-admin area?
7.user account (totally different than agent)
8. agent front end submission?

my question here is ,to be able me as admin of the site to be able to let agents to add their properties that they may have for rent or sell,and charge them a fee…
thank you for your time to reply to my question!...