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Guys, if you are still sitting on the fence on this I urge you to purchase this theme right now.

The support provided by them is worldclass. I have paid much more for other software but the support is incomparable to the estatement team.

All my questions were responded within hours and the support team even added a new feature to the theme after I requested for it. After installing the new update, there were some issues which turned out to be due to my developer not setting it up properly. Nonetheless, they logged in to my site and fix the issue for me.

Now this is what I call commitment and awesome after sales service.

Thumbs up!!

Hello, here’s a suggestion I found browsing the theme from a mobile. In the “Live Search” page, the controls should be on the top and below the results. Because one’s have to reach the bottom of the page to see the controls. This is like upside down design. Don’t you think guys?



Hi netjmt,

We completely agree with you :) there is just so much to do we havent gotten around to doing it :) also, top navigation is not ideal either since you still have to scroll away from the results. We were thinking of a modal window. Or something similar on mobile devices.

Thanks for the suggestion, we will definitely make the filter better on mobile soon!


Still no upgrade?


Sorry, we’re still working on it. We’ll be going on a long vacation soon and we didn’t want to release anything to make sure there aren’t loads of bugs. We are constantly updating the current version though!


Easily worth the money – if I could rate it higher than 5 stars I would. Bonsaished and Daniel offer superb (and quick) support, and the theme is a breeze to work with! Can’t wait to see what other themes you guys put out there!

Hi ! Still waiting for front end submission )))) Could you include and facebook connect O:) Thanks .


Hi ionluka,

We’ve been on vacation until today, sorry for the late response :) We’re still working on it, but we’ll only release once it’s been 100% tested. I think it’s about 1-2 weeks away.

I’m not sure we’ll include Facebook connect in the first iteration, but we’ll keep it in mind!


Hi guys. Couple of questions. Do you plan to add a “search radius” option? I mean, imagine a user in the street with her phone wanting to find available apartments for rent from around 1 km of her current location.

Also, a great feature I want to see, is the possibility that after the results are requested and shown, the new “live filtering” can be used, and not the static results as by now. I hope to be understood. Also, a fixed top menu option would be great as a new feature,

Thank you very much guys. Good work. : )

How does this theme differ from Red Factory’s Vacation Rental theme?

if i have understood this right. The guys behind this are somewhat the same, but in this theme they also give support.

But is this easier to use than Vacation Rental theme?

Hi guys, I want to buy this template, but I have a question before it. I don’t need the slider on the main page. Can I put there the map as on the http://estatement.bonsaished.com/quarter-page-map-search/? Thx, Kate


I’ve been waiting all day for a solution since I was told today It was going to get fixed. I really need the layout of the Website working well. Please let me know when you can. I have all plugins disabled and still don’t work. Thank you.

The live demo doesn’t load?


Hi there,

Looks ok to me now. We didn’t notice any outages today, but we do sometimes get 3-5 minutes of downtime for no apparent reason. Let me know if this is still an issue,


I think everyone ready for new release :)

We’re waiting…



Hi There,

Yes, so are we :D We’re in the final phases but we’re a small company and we still don’t want to sacrifice quality for speed. In the meantime we are supporting the current version as usual :)


Any news/ETA on the new front-end submission?


Hi arexcedian,

We’re still a while away as we’re developing a new theme. beside that we’re focusing on existing features on Estatement. Front-End submission IS coming, but we’d rather take our time and build it well than build it quick!


Kroelben Purchased

Can Range Slider be configured to include “0” in some way? I use it on custom details and if I set it to “0” it shows up blank in the range slider (and still remains blank after “sliding”)?

Thanks :)

Demo does not work


Hi edviga,

It looks good to me now, perhaps it was just a server reboot, it sometimes happens. Are you still seeing the issue?


taerese Purchased

Hi.. I want to change my homepage to the quarter image so that I can display a list of properties as well as featured properties on the homepage. I have created a page called Homepage, then from my reading settings. I have it as static and front page as home. But its still showing the full background image, and non of the features I set above are showing.

Point: How do I attribute a specific image to the homepage?


What about update Daniel? Do you have exact time? We’re still waiting..


Hi, still really happy with the theme. However, for some reason our map page is not displaying any of our properties. I know their addresses are correct as the maps on each property page work great. Any idea?

Nothing is working…my sliders do not work, my slideshow dont work, my tabs dont work….everything leads to the template and the jquery library….Can you please resolve this for me?...I cant keep working…I am stuck


the jquery needed to be updated. I reinstall everything and start from scratch since by the time it takes you guys 5 days to answer. By the way did I tell you that your customer service is the worst I have ever seen…the worst

jen3232 Purchased

Hi Daniel,

I m having trouble with making some of the properties bookable. I have updated to the new zip you send me but no luck. I also watched the video you sent out so im guessing we might end up with something closer to the airbnb look.. do you suggest i wait until you guys are finished or turn some of the properties bookable on this version?

Q1: if you re putting together the airbnb look, how long do you think its going to take before I can use it? Q2: if not, could you tell me what to do to allow for a property to be bookable on the current version..

Thanks Jen

There are new for the new version? I have clients little patients, I made promises that I have kept, I understand that you do not want to give a date, because you have not met for 3 times, but at least a month of release, you owe this to us.


Sorry about that, we’ve been (still are) struggling with the flu. While we are very close now, I will still not give a date due to the same reasons. I would rather you be angry at me because I refuse to give a date than because I give a date and then don’t make it.

Once we’re done with this update, which will be well worth the wait, we will not make this mistake again, new releases will not be announced at all :)