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I’ve been aroung here for quite a while and what I can say is that Daniel (bonsaished) provides THE best support I have ever seen.
Keep up the good work.
Looking forward for the next releases.

Can you provide updated xml files for the theme’s content and slider?

The files available on your website are outdated.

I’ve reached out via the contact form on bonsaished.com several weeks back regarding this, and have yet to receive a response.

With the lack of support for the previous comments here, and the fact I haven’t received a response through your specified support channel, I’m hoping this theme hasn’t been abandoned by the author.

Amazing theme, I’ve been working with real estate themes for the past 3 years and after thoroughly exploring the theme, I and you will find out Estatement is definitely the best out of the box.


I’ve been waiting all day for a solution since I was told today It was going to get fixed. I really need the layout of the Website working well. Please let me know when you can. I have all plugins disabled and still don’t work. Thank you.


My site doesn’t display correctly..the menu bar moves to the right sometimes and the logo keeps coming down. Also, the cards don’t display well..the third one is only too high and I have the same number of characteristics on each property so they have the same high..I’ve been having major issues with the display of the site since I purchased it..It doesn’t display well and I’ve disabled all plugins..Also, the search won’t filter properties correctly..

Hello! I’ve been buying some templates this last year from REAL ESTATE, some here at themeforest. Although there’s some things quite common between all of them, I leave some suggestions for future upgrades that this template could take advantage.

A) A lot of them don’t have front end submission and when it has it’s quite rare (found one) that the front end submission it’s not just back end acess to wordpress that makes a lot of confusion for some agents. It should be a front end like a form submission. I already saw some wordpress templates doing this. It would be perfect!

B) Agents should manage there email requests in the site instead of just getting the email. This gets a problem with booking as we can’t control if the agent books from other place after getting the email. It should be great as AIRBNB.COM does. Agents can exchange email with customers but never have acess to there email. So customers would always have to book from the site.

C) Real Estate are quite focus in BUYING and less in just RENTAL only. It should be given attention to manage different bedrooms in one advertise.

D) I didn’t got to find how it works the book calendar, can I see the dates it’s already booked? For different bedrooms?

E) Very Important. Leave the booking pended till agent confirm it’s still available or it becomes a caos. As this advertises some times are not updated by agents (or are in different sites at same time), we may be accepting a payment that’s already rented. If this goes with 100 advertises it becomes impossible to manage and to much time consuming.

I do think this template it’s still very good and above it’s just some user opinion that I do think it can improve the template, although some may be harder to do or not even profit enough to sell globally I don’t mean in ANY CASE to pull here for negative aspects.

I still suggest for my experience to purchase this template.

Hi portorooms,

Thanks for your detailed suggestions, we really appreciate that you took the time to write to us! I agree with ALL your feature additions :) we are working on front-end submission as we speak (ok, right now we’re on vacation :), we should be ready in 1-2 weeks. We’ve been working hard on it and it will be full front end implementation, not just a link to the regular WP backend. We also hope to add payment gateways so agents can be charged for listing their properties.

We will definitely get to all your suggestions, however, we have a policy which prevents us from doing too much at once. We either implement a feature 100% or not at all. This ensures that everyone who buys the theme knows exactly what they’re getting :)

Whenever someone makes a booking it is still ‘pending review’ it is shown as booked on the frontend, but only to make sure double bookings dont happen.

Thanks again for all our suggestions, if you want to talk in person about anything or you need some help you can drop us a line in our profile on themeforest or our website.


Hello, I bought the theme months ago after reading here that a major update would be released shortly (with front-end submission). As this hasn’t been the case, I would like to request a refund (theme hasn’t been used at all). How should I go about doing this?

I am working with a property management company that would like to expand their existing site to include the following: 1. property listings 2. the ability for multiple agents to add properties but admin must approve before the property posts to the site 3. mailchimp integration with the property database to avoid inserting property data twice. How many of these items are covered by your theme? I’ve been trying to find plug ins that would meet his needs but now I am wondering if these theme may be the best option.

Also how flexible is the homepage set up? The set up on the demo site is very focused on listings and my client would like more of a corporate homepage focused on his business – slider, homeboxes with content, etc.

Thank you!

Hi mgould,

Thanks for the interest in the theme :) It looks like you will definitely need to do some custom work, whichever theme you buy. Here’s what Estatement can do:

1) Property listings are possible, this is basically the main focus of the theme so it shouldn’t be an issue.

2) This is already possible, but we are coming along with front-end submission in the next 1-2 weeks which will cover this better. Right now you can do this via the WordPress interface with authors/admins as you would do for blog posts. Authors have the ability to add, but not to publish. Front end submission will bring all this to the front end, it will look and function better, but it can already be done in a sub-optimal way.

3) For mailchimp you will definitely need to do some custom work. I think we tested the theme with the simple mailchimp form plugin and it works fine, but for anything tied to the posts/properties you will need to do some programming for sure. We are not available for custom work but we’re here if your programmers need guidance or some help.

4) The home page setup is extremely flexible. Any page that you see on the demo can be made the front page. Also, it is built out of shortcodes and simple content, so you can put anything on there. Listings, maps, text. images, videos and so on. The columns are shortcodes as well so you can define how you want to put things into columns as well.

Let me know if you have any more questions!


I bought this theme last summer and was excited to use it. Unfortunately, the filtering feature, which was one of the main reasons I bought the theme, never worked for me. I’ve been waiting months and months now for a fix or for the new update, much to no avail. So after tons of customization and a long period of waiting for promised updates, I’m sad to say that I have to switch to another theme. I simply can’t have my consumers unable to use the features of a website that I have long ago promised and been unable to deliver.Good luck in the future, and I wish others success, but unfortunately for me it has been a loss of time and money.


My client would like the images for each property / in the property slider to open in a fancybox.

the images have been loaded through the system and are added in the bottom section, where you add the slider id´s

please can you explain how to make the sliders open in a fancybox.. been trying, added some plugins but not opening in fancybox.. just uses the same slider.

Images in the slider here = http://marbellaskol.com/Property/fantastic-town-house-old-town-marbella-rent/

Kind regards

Hello I have been trying to show 2 separate pages with properties for sale on one and properties for rent on another. this is what i have now.

FOR RENT = http://marbellaskol.com/for-rent/ with this shortcode = [propertylist count=’5’ layout=’list’]

does not state the property category

FOR SALE http://marbellaskol.com/for-sale/ shortcode = [propertylist layout=’list’ count=’5’ ]

please can you tell me what shortcode is needed to show for rent on one page and for sale on other..

Many Thanks,

Hello Daniel, its been fixed, thanks,

Hi There,

I’m glad it is fixed and Im so sorry for not answering you here, to be honest we completely forgot about the comments section on themeforest – a side effect of our vacation :)


Hello dear brother, I’m from a period before they bought the theme ASK you here down http://themeforest.net/item/estatement-powerful-real-estate-management/discussion/4522669?page=8

Based on that been willing theme now you come to the new update without the required knowledge that period was only two weeks and rolls more than two months

Hello, I’ve been installed your theme and I’m trying to upload xml demo content file with import tool but it doesn’t work. Is this right or not ?

Hi, that’s true, I’ve imported xml without images and with keeping users and its works fine like this. Thanks for your e-mail. Cheers. Philippe

about the Full Page Search. Is it possibile to have an homepage with “Mid Page Search”, something like airbnb.com?

Hi Maucast,

We did have this in mind when we made the theme but we never got around to implementing it. I’ve added it to our list of ideas for version 1.1.

Thanks so much for contributing, our plan is to make this the perfect theme for our buyers and we welcome any suggestion and criticism!

Hi again :)

Both the mid page search on map and the extended search with the slider background has been implemented in version 1.3 :)


Pre-Sale question – Do you have IDX support?

Hi socialelementonline ,

The dsIDXPress plugin DOES work out of the box, but it looks less than great. I’ve been talking with them on the phone to figure out a good solution but it looks like for now we’ll just have better CSS support.

We’re making the listings look good by next week, we’ll have an update out shortly. Until then you can take a look at what’s possible with this plugin by going to their website and getting a free trial. You can use the plugin on Twentyeleven or any other properly coded theme.

Let me know if you have any more questions,


The theme is good but I’ve had issues with a 0 next to the price that me or Daniel can’t remove. This theme is supposed to be responsive but my tables are not. I bought Estatement 3 months ago and still haven’t been able to use it. How can I rate this theme? I couldn’t under buyer rating. Thank you!

I did..please let me know when it’s fixed. Last time you said it was best for me to wait for the new version, but I would appreciate if you could fix it since I don’t know when the new version will be ready and I’ve been waiting for 3 months already. Thank you.

you can insert a reservations manager?

No problem, thanks for the feature request! I’ll drop you a line in this comment when the feature has been added. If you’d like a notification via email about this drop us a line either via our own contact form, or the contact form in our profile here :)


For those of you considering buying estatement…DO IT! This theme is well developed and has a variety of applications…it is highly customizable. I am Wordpress novice, and Daniel has been there every step of the way to help me along. Critical feedback is encouraged, and new features seem to be added weekly…very refreshing.

I researched a lot themes that could be used for real estate and I settled on Estatement…so glad I did. I am very happy with the purchase.

Thank you oman112 :)

We definitely do help out with anything we can and for the past two weeks we’ve updated about every 3 days on average :) We indeed encourage all feedback, especially criticisms because it helps us develop a theme better suited to our buyers.

I’m glad that you chose Estatement in the end, we’ll be here to help for a long while :)


Hi, I’ve installed the theme, how do I load the demo data so the site looks like the template on here? Thanks

Hmm, Could you drop me an email with an admin login? I’m sure it’s a settings issue but it’s difficult to figure out from here :) I’ll go in and take a look :)

I’m quite sure this is not a bug, but if it is, I’ll fix it and send you an update via email :)


I’m sorry, but I’m so disappointed to come on here and see that yet again the update isn’t ready. I’ve put off a client for more than two months now because I was told to “wait” – that the newer version was going to be so much better and different. Not happy…I hope it’s out soon.