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This Theme is awesome. Best Real Estate theme on Themeforest.net. Don’t even mess with any others. The support is top notch. They respond fast and make sure they resolve your issue.

I am very happy. Don’t hesitate. No other theme offers the customization that this theme allows you.

  • 5 Stars A++++++ :)

The theme is great but the support is fantastic! Very happy with my purchase!

And that you are :) If some other authors on Themeforest provided half the support quality you do, this would be a very happy place. I spent 2 days on the theme and it really is a pleasure to work with. Rated 5 stars, for the quality of the template, as well as you attentiveness, it’s so rare nowadays ;) Wish you many, many sales :p

Thanks so much horizonq8!

We really believe that good support is everything. There are loads of extremely talented programmers and designers out there but for some reason good support is much fewer and far between.

We’re happy you are happy, good luck with your website :)


I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS theme works perfectly since last update



Why thank you :) were on vacation at the moment so this makes us very happy :)


Hi, happy holiday. As you are aware, some of us have been waiting almost 6 months for the front end submission to be ready. With due respect, i would like you to give us the EXACT time this front end will be ready, it will be very unreasonable and irresponsible of you to tell us you do not have an exact date or time frame at this time and it would be immature to dodge this request.

I read in a comment where you mentioned second week in January and yet somewhere else you said you cannot guarantee it again. I am sure you are aware there would be holiday before making this gesture for second week in January. This is pretty unfair as you dont know how much this is affecting some of our businesses. Someone of us deal with several large project and we have time scale for everything we do. So, could you give us a time frame and let us hold you to your words BUT dont say soon again as soon is infinite.

Please show some respect to some of your 500+ customers who are actually waiting for the front end. I ask you to help us by releasing the front end in a reasonable time frame

Peace and happy new year!

Hi taerese,

I understand your frustration, but this is exactly why I can not give you a date. We are building something which is WAY beyond anything around and I can not sacrifice quality which is why I shouldn’t have mentioned a date at all in the first place.

Since the new year we’ve been pouring all our energy into it and it will be done in the close future, but I do not want to say when, I don’t want to put ourselves in the same situation twice.

If you’d like to know all the latest news I recommend dropping me a line via our contact form so I can sign you up for our newsletter.


So far I’m very happy with this theme and would recommend it. The online support from Daniel is realy outstanding and unmatched. GREAT support!

a lot of features and i am very happy with my purchase. eta on wp 3.6 compatible? thanks again.

Hi inboxi!

We’re so glad you’re happy! We have front end submission on the way as well, so hopefully you’ll be getting even more features soon!

We’re on vacation until Monday, so we’ll make the theme officially 3.6 compatable that day. That said, as long as you have error reporting turned off, everything should work fine. All i am aware of is 1-2 depreciated functions. These still work, but show up as notices with WP_DEBUG turned on. We’ll clear it up as soon as we’re back!



I don’t have the logo and menu issues anymore. It was a server problem. The new version fixed the cards problem, but the map is still not filtering well and the booking doesn’t work at all. It always shows 0. I need help with this issue. I know you said you were going on vacation today for 2 months and I don’t know who is going to fix this. I need this website to work in the Summer. Thank you.

Hi There,

Don’t worry, we have you covered! Please do be patient, we have a lot to do and we always do get back to you via email, there really is no need to drop us a line here separately, it definitely does not speed us up :)


I know it doesn’t speed you up, but I like to write to you here instead sometimes. I hope you don’t mind. As long as it gets fixed before you go on vacation I’m happy. Thank you.

For those of you considering buying estatement…DO IT! This theme is well developed and has a variety of applications…it is highly customizable. I am Wordpress novice, and Daniel has been there every step of the way to help me along. Critical feedback is encouraged, and new features seem to be added weekly…very refreshing.

I researched a lot themes that could be used for real estate and I settled on Estatement…so glad I did. I am very happy with the purchase.


As I can see from the video, this theme has a very flexible custom fields support, so it can be used not only for real estate, right? I’m looking for a theme for a local business directory and none of other themes have such fast and flexible live search. Can you please confirm that it will be possible to use this theme for a business directory? Can I create different live search filters for different categories?

Thanks and happy holidays!

Hello, great, clean looking theme :) I have a couple of questions:

1. Will the front end submission be a proper frontend form, or is it like some other recent themes on themeforest that say frontend when they in fact mean limited backend? Prefer to ask as I’ve been fooled before ;) 2. Do you have an option to set property status – such as available, sold, under offer etc, in visually distinctive manner per property? Weather as another Featured like ribbon or any other form of banner? 3. Will frontend submission also include frontend editing/deleting/setting to draft as required? 4. Do you know how the theme reacts to woocommerce plugin? Are there any conflicts? 5. Is there pagination on the agent page? A lot of themes struggle with that, and when you start counting properties in 100s per agents it becomes practically un-browsable :p

Think that’s all, thanks for taking the time to read. Cheers and good luck with sales.

Hi horizonq8,

Thank you, and also for the questions, my goal is for you to get the theme you need, not necessarily our theme if it isn’t a match :)

1) Front end submission will be a proper frontend :) We already jabe the limited backend. If you would be ok with using the WordPress default login system you could make it work. I think that’s just shoddy work, so we don’t advertise that we have this feature :) We’ve built almost everything we need for this, except for the actual form so if you trust us with the purchase you’ll already be able to set most things up in preparation for this feature.

2) Regretfully no. You CAN add this as a custom field of course, and you can make this show up in the banner, but you can’t have the price in the main banner, and have another visual for the status. The banner can be set on a per property basis so you can have the price show up for all of them and when you sell one you can go to the property options and set the status field to be used in the banner. We have plans to add better banner customization support as well :)

3) Yes :) This is one of the reasons we are taking our sweet time adding this feature. We want it to be a proper feature, not just some quick thing so we can add it to our feature list :)

4) Regretfully I don’t know. However, the theme is coded with 100% WordPress standard code, so there shouldn’t be any issues. If there are, I’d be happy to correct them since WooCommerce is pretty big :)

5) I kind of don’t understand the question because I don’t see why this would be a difficult feature to implement :) Here is a screenshot from my local version: http://cl.ly/image/1Q3A0V3S3M29

Thanks for the questions, feel free to let me know if you need anything else!


I am everywhere :) And I also have a notifier for new comments ;)

Hopefully Estatement can minimize your customisation needs but if you have very complex requirements you will definitely need to add modifications. If you need some small features let us know, if it makes sense for others we can try to build them in for you. No promises on that one but it’s worth an email :)

Yes you are correct, we’ve create a special “Agent” role. We will probably expand on this but the front end submission will definitely use user accounts. Would you prefer this any other way?

Yes, the theme is of course child theme capable :)


Great, that will make any modifications so much easier to follow through with updates. Also, glad Agents are a user role. Some themes have them set up as either custom post type or taxonomy and that creates a problem when trying to tie it up with ecommerce. My requirements aren’t massively complex, but somehow, there aren’t many themes out there that address that particular niche, essentially classfieds for real estate. The theme I use now, is designed for that, but does so rather poorly. As you are working on the frontend bit, that’s the biggest worry off my head. All i’ll need to do is set it up with WooCommerce to work with the front end submission and sort the listing status custom field in some sort of visually distinctive manner which shouldn’t be too hard even for a relative noob like me :p

Anyhow, thank you very much for answering my questions. Pretty sure I’ll be able to work around things that I need that aren’t there. Might bug you for some support every now and then, though I do understand it’s limited to what the theme actually offers, not necessarily all the things I’d like to do with it :p

Very nice! Lots of potential.

A word of caution that the phrase “property management” has special meaning in the United States both from a real estate and legal perspective as it specifically applies to property rentals NOT property sales.

The web design as displayed is more of a real estate sales design with no existing functionality for rentals inquires, leasing or back office management. However, as I already have a back office system I am looking forward to using this as a front end lead generation site.

I would be happy to give you some suggestions if you email me as I am a Lic Real Estate Broker, Instructor and IM’er.


I had open door, but now thinking to buy this only because of this advance search function, and request you to make search function even more powerful.

Since you already have booking system, can we please integrate to buy a listing package so either agent or private seller can choose free listing, bronze, or silver or different types of package based on features to list their property. Its like a paid subscription. Its good since you are already working on front end submission. Its like for sale by owner.

And also does it have an Australian functionality such as KM, Post code, AUD $....

Must have features: For Sale, For Rent, Sold and Open House

Thank you

Hi catmandus,

We are working on our front-end submission features at the moment, they will definitely not be available for another 2 weeks. In addition, I don’t know if we’ll be able to provide payment gateways for this right out of the box, at least not in the initial version. This all requires a hige system as is, and implementing different type of packages is another layer. We want to provide great functionality so we’ll start with a simple feature set first and make sure that works 100%. Once we’re happy we’ll keep adding to it.

So based on this, If this feature is a must for you, I do not suggest buying the theme for the moment. We’ll definitely get to where you need to go, but not in the short-term.

Also, all fields are completely custom so you can create your own stuff for everything, add different prefixes and suffixes to fields (for units of measurement, currency, etc).

Let me know if you have any other questions,


Hi catmandus,

We’ll get a move on and we’re also adding new things all the time so I’m sure you’ll be happy with the theme :)


Hi Daniel, I have some difficulties to build the home page, I would like pretty much the same as your example with slideshow. My slideshow is created and works very well, when I selected a “slider page” into what I chose to be my homepage. Then I tried to create a new proprety, in “propreties” and It’s automatically shows on my home page? why? (I didn’t specify anything anywhere) Actually, I would like to show one of my propreties, exactly like the model just under the slideshow but it’s showing at the top on the page and my slideshow in the middle. Like a bug… and If I want to create more propreties I don’t want them to show on home page.. so, how to choose what I want to show in homepage? Hope you understand my question, actually I need to know how to create pretty much the same homepage as the example. ( slideshow (ok) / 1 proprety / 2 colom text / Thank you very much for your answer.

Hi Ferona,

I think the first issue is, please don’t use the “slider page”, that is actually some legacy code left in the theme. You can add a slider to any page using the page structure settings :) This is what is causing the slideshow bug :)

The reason properties show up on the home page is that you either have a property list page selected as the home page or you have a shortcode in the page content which is pulling in properties.

Hope this helps!


Hey Daniel, Ok for slider page. thanks. It works.

But still, I don’t understand why propertie with “featured thing” (don’t know how you call this format..) shows up on the home page.

To explain: I did’nt select any property list page as the home page (Actually, I created a page called “home” and selected it in “home page” then chose “default model” and did’nt add any shortcode {exept the layerslide code in the “slider to use” part…) But when I created a new “properties” that ’s what I see in home page : (It is because it’s random maybe? each last properties show like this?) you can have a look: www.chasseur-immobilier-sologne.fr

Also, on the contrary, I would like to know what would be the shortcode if I would like to select one of my properties, to show like this. (I just want to understand and control this thing!)

I know the shortcode for “property list” like [propertylist count='3'] (like you mentionne in the documentation) but don’t know for the other one. (also I would like to delete “featured band” if it’s possible… )

To end, I noticed a bug for slider image with right and left Arrows. Is there a way to fix it..?

Thank you very much for your quick answer it’s very helpful ! Best support!

Hi, how can i change the Placeholder-TextField-Color in Contact-Forms? Thanks, Dominic

Hi There,

Styling placeholder text is not well supported in browsers so far so it is not possible to do this in the theme. You can read a bit about how to do it here.

The problem is that many systems (I think Contact Form 7 is one of them) uses Javascript to add placeholder text to fields. Since the classes of these texts varies widely we don’t have built in support for it.

If you can show me a URL where this is I’ll try and take a better look!


Hi Daniel, Thank you very much for your very quick answer! Right now i found a Plugin for the Contact Form 7. It calls «Contact Form 7 Form Skins» That works pretty good with the Theme: http://argentoag.ch/?page_id=27. Do You prefer another Contact Form Plugin for Wordpress? My CSS-Skills are not good :) Gruss Dominic

Hi There,

Ah ok, did it solve your issues?

I don’t really like any of the contact form plugins, but it’s not really their fault. It’s very difficult to make dynamic forms because of all the advanced issues involved. I quite like Visual Form Builder but that has some downsides as well :(



I have a couple of questions about this theme: 1. Does it supports multiple user registration/login and adding of property listings? 2. Does it have featured/paid property listings?

Thanks, Alex

Hi Alex,

Multiple user registrations and adding of properties is possible, but it isn’t very convenient at this stage. It would require everyone to go through the WordPress admin. It works well enough, but I’m not sure it’s what you’re looking for. We are working on front-end submission which would allow users to register and add properties through the front end. This feature will also allow you to charge monthly or per listing.

To sum up, I don’t think Estatement will fit your needs, at least not this release. We’re working on these features though, if you’d like me to notify you when we’re done, drop me an email via our contact form in the profile section or on our website.


You’re very welcome :) Let me know if you need anything else :)


Pre-Sale question:

The front end search has ‘location’, ‘type’, ‘contract’ and ‘price’.

Is it easy to remove lets say contract and replace with a filter for the amount of bedrooms in the property?

Also does this work for UK maps/listings?


Awesome! Let me know if you need any help setting up! We have a big-big update laying around for some final modifications. If you drop me a line after purchase using our Contact Form I’d be happy to send you the update so you can start out with that :)


Hi There,

Are you sure you purchased this theme? I received your license code via email and it is definitely invalid. You also don’t have a “purchased” badge in the comments here, which you should if you purchased it.

If you did indeed buy it but something seems to be wrong, please contact Envato directly, I have no control over sales issues :(

Let me know,


Hey Daniel!

I’m happy to say that we finally got around to purchasing your template and I’m digging into importing our portfolio with over 75 buildings and a 1000 suites with All Import. So far it’s going great, though, I’m bound to have questions. I know you’re on vacation, so whenever you can answer this is fine.

Some of our suites range from little executive suites around 150 SF to giant warehouses that are 150,000 SF. The range slider is simply too difficult to control with that large of a difference. Is there a way to make a range textbox search so the left box is equal to or greater and the right box is equal to or less? It’s not quite as slick as the slider, but it’d make it easier for customers looking in the smaller ranges. Thanks!

Why Thank You! There’s your comment from earlier, I don’t know why we didn’t see it! We were on vacation for a while, I’m sure I marked it as read by mistake :)

Thanks for the kind words, and talk to you soon via email :)


Hello Daniel!

I have a few questions:

1. Property filter: Is it possible to order the filter checkboxes? At the moment the order is alphabetical…

2. Property filter: Is it possbile to change the background colour of the filter and of the search results? The boxes should be in grey not in white…

3. Details Button Is it possible to change the “Mouse over” colour from red to another colour?

4. Property Filter I tested the property filter with IE 8 – there are some problems – do you have a solution for this problems? Because I think IE 8 is very often in use….

Thank you and best regards!

hi daniel!

Thank you for the very fast reply ;-)

1-3. OK – can you say me the row number in the css for this things – so it would be a little bit easier for me…

4. Can I send you an email with the screenshot?

Thank you and best regards!

hi daniel!

I installed the child theme… in which rows from the “old” css can i find the styles for the above mentioned points. So I can change the styles and put it in the css of the child theme.

best regards and thank you very much!!!

Hi hscom1,

I don’t actually know because we don’t use the style.css file at all while developing, it is compiled from LESS. Take a look in styles/style.less. you’ll find all the style declarations in there.

You can use a tool like firebug to see what classes you need to modify on the website, then just search for those classes in the LESS file to see all the styles.


thank you very much for the fast informations!

hi daniel! of course i will give you 5 stars!!!

I have found the style for changing the colour of the button “mouse over”.

But I need your help for point 2: I can’t find where i could change the background colour of the boxes from the search results in the property filter? They should be grey. In which file an in which row can I change this colour from white to grey?

best regards and thank you very much!

Hallo :)

I think that is colored automatically based on the background. Could you drop me an email about this so I don’t forget to take a look for you? :)



Hello there. I recently installed this theme and configured the recommended IDX Plugin, and it is working awesomely. But quick question. The Live Filtering: Is it possible to do live filtering with listings that were brought in through IDX/MLS?

Hi Akel-Res,

Regretfully no :( This is a limitation of the plugin. We tried to word with dsIDXPress to make this happen but they were not very helpful. We’re working on a new version of the theme and once we’re done, we’ll try to find a company who has a more open IDX/MLS API and we’ll try and make this happen!


Hi Akel-Res,

I’m so happy you like the theme, it really helps boost our morale :)

Thanks for your kind words and let us know if you need anything else,