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So far I’m very happy with this theme and would recommend it. The online support from Daniel is realy outstanding and unmatched. GREAT support!

And that you are :) If some other authors on Themeforest provided half the support quality you do, this would be a very happy place. I spent 2 days on the theme and it really is a pleasure to work with. Rated 5 stars, for the quality of the template, as well as you attentiveness, it’s so rare nowadays ;) Wish you many, many sales :p

Thanks so much horizonq8!

We really believe that good support is everything. There are loads of extremely talented programmers and designers out there but for some reason good support is much fewer and far between.

We’re happy you are happy, good luck with your website :)


The theme is great but the support is fantastic! Very happy with my purchase!

Hi, happy holiday. As you are aware, some of us have been waiting almost 6 months for the front end submission to be ready. With due respect, i would like you to give us the EXACT time this front end will be ready, it will be very unreasonable and irresponsible of you to tell us you do not have an exact date or time frame at this time and it would be immature to dodge this request.

I read in a comment where you mentioned second week in January and yet somewhere else you said you cannot guarantee it again. I am sure you are aware there would be holiday before making this gesture for second week in January. This is pretty unfair as you dont know how much this is affecting some of our businesses. Someone of us deal with several large project and we have time scale for everything we do. So, could you give us a time frame and let us hold you to your words BUT dont say soon again as soon is infinite.

Please show some respect to some of your 500+ customers who are actually waiting for the front end. I ask you to help us by releasing the front end in a reasonable time frame

Peace and happy new year!

Hi taerese,

I understand your frustration, but this is exactly why I can not give you a date. We are building something which is WAY beyond anything around and I can not sacrifice quality which is why I shouldn’t have mentioned a date at all in the first place.

Since the new year we’ve been pouring all our energy into it and it will be done in the close future, but I do not want to say when, I don’t want to put ourselves in the same situation twice.

If you’d like to know all the latest news I recommend dropping me a line via our contact form so I can sign you up for our newsletter.


I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS theme works perfectly since last update



Why thank you :) were on vacation at the moment so this makes us very happy :)


Hello there. I recently installed this theme and configured the recommended IDX Plugin, and it is working awesomely. But quick question. The Live Filtering: Is it possible to do live filtering with listings that were brought in through IDX/MLS?

Hi Akel-Res,

Regretfully no :( This is a limitation of the plugin. We tried to word with dsIDXPress to make this happen but they were not very helpful. We’re working on a new version of the theme and once we’re done, we’ll try to find a company who has a more open IDX/MLS API and we’ll try and make this happen!


Well darn. Thanks for the info :D One more thing: Once I have created a custom sidebar through the Customize theme panel, how do I call it in a theme file? The equivalent of get_sidebar(‘name’)

well had to create a new template to take care of a clients request, and since the template was not included in the templates that had the bottom section, in the dashboard, to assign different options (such as sidebars), I needed a way to do it manually :| Thanks, again for the info. To be honest, this has been the smoothest work (including support) with a Theme that I have ever done. Definitely earned yourself a 5-star :D

Have a good one.

Hi Akel-Res,

I’m so happy you like the theme, it really helps boost our morale :)

Thanks for your kind words and let us know if you need anything else,


This Theme is awesome. Best Real Estate theme on Themeforest.net. Don’t even mess with any others. The support is top notch. They respond fast and make sure they resolve your issue.

I am very happy. Don’t hesitate. No other theme offers the customization that this theme allows you.

  • 5 Stars A++++++ :)

Is there a way when viewing each property’s details page, to have a set layout of the featured image, the textual content, the map, then gallery, etc. rather than having to put shortcodes (i.e. [map height=200px]) into each property page?

Hi scrivostyle,

Sorry, this is not possible right now. I’ve added this to our feature list as I think this would be a nice feature though!


thanks for the quick response! is there rough piece of code i can put in the details page template in the meantime? im happy to mess around with it.

Hi scrivostyle,

No problem :) I recommend creating a child theme, we have a tutorial here if you need it.

The place too make this happen would be the layout-property.php file. You can add shortcodes in the file by using

<?php echo do_shortcode( '[map height="200px"']' ) ?>

You can add this above or under the content to make sure it’s used on every page.


Really nice Theme, and a reactive support !

I purchase a lot of theme here ( for clients ) and this one is one of my favorite and in my Top 5 recommendation for real estate

Super thème et le support est réactif ( pour ceux qui parlent anglais ) ! J’achète souvent des thèmes sur ce site pour des clients et celui la est l’un des meilleurs que j’ai vu ( qualité du design, finitions, options ) je le recommande pour ceux qui voudraient vendre des biens ou des séjours

Benjamin , a happy french customer ;-)

I would recommend NOT purchasing this theme. I purchased the theme a couple days ago. The slider does not come with the theme (it is a for purchase only plugin), there are no instructions on getting started, and when the demo XML file is loaded the site does not look like the Live Preview/Demo site. I read through all 14 pages of the support forum website and have submitted two requests and neither has been answered, even though they state: “We provide 24 hours response times for support on weekdays – and we usually keep to this on weekends as well”. It was not a weekend when I submitted my initial request. I need this for a client. I will be requesting a refund from Theme Forest later today. It is too bad, as this theme looked very promising, but without the slider and support, it will not work as a solution for me or my clients.

Hi there cubestudio,

I have completely forgotten about the forum, I received so many emails in the past 3 days, I’m so sorry! could you please send us an email via our contact form? I will get to it asap!

We have since purchased an extended license for the plugin, we will be bundling it with the theme in the next 48 hours. Until then I can send it to you via email if needed.

If you would like to get a refund I understand completely, in case they give you any trouble do tell Themeforest that you have spoken to the theme author and he is backing you up 100%. If you would like to continue working with the theme please do send us emails, I will get to the bottom of the forum issues today!


Daniel, I would be interested in keeping and working with the theme, if I can get the plugin and license and also support for the theme. I can wait for 48 hours (I will inform my client), I will check back in on Monday morning for the updated theme. I am not trying to be condescending, but it would probably be best to make sure you answer the forum (paid users) before answering the posts on here. I hope you get caught up on your emails.

I will check back in on Monday.

Thanks for the quick response.

Sent. Will the the theme update have any other changes besides the slider plugin? If so, I can wait until Monday.

Fixing the paid support forum glitch would be a great value to me and others, since we could find out what others are experiencing and also not bug you if you post solutions.


Hi cubestudio,

Answer sent :) I included the slider and the theme update. It has a lot of misc changes, they can be found in the changelog.

I actually prefer to be bugged, I find that the more personal approach of email is usually much better and faster than the forum :) We will of course fix the issues there regardless.

Let me know if you need anything else,


Hi – i am considering changing my current real estate theme because of the security issues. how secure is this theme?

i need a theme which allows agents to register there own properties for a fee. I understand agent adding will be coming – but I am concerned about security

Can you advise on the security as i have already been hacked and this is an important issue?

may be security plugins may help but what about the structure of the theme?


Hi biky,

Thanks for your interest! Adding agents is current;y possible but you need to add them yourself and the functionality is limited. We do have front-end submission coming but we will definitely not support collecting the fees for the submissions, at least not for a while.

As for security. The theme is as secure as you can make a theme. A lot of the security involved in WordPress is server and user security. Implementing propert htaccess security (take a look here), making sure users are given the permissions they should have and so on. It is quite common for sites being “hacked” by people gaining access to the email accounts of admins through insecure passwords and so forth.

While I can say that the theme is coded with 100% WordPress standard code (including nonces and so on) there are two things you should be aware of. There is a myriad of other security issues you need to consider and also, if someone really wants to hack a site they probably can. This is rare, but nothing is 100% secure.


Thanks Daniel, that’s very useful to know.

If I buy your theme 1) is there a security plugin that would compliment your theme to provide basic protection? there are a few out there. 2) could you recommend (but not support) a plugin for fee collection or a way of doing it?

Hi Biky,

Most plugins, especially ones which provide backend features (like security) should work.

I would advice reading this article I wrote on Smashing Magazine to get up to speed on security issues. WordPress itself also has an article on Hardening Security.

I would advise reading some top lists like this one, or this one; these usually have some good ones.

Let me know if you need any more info,


thanks , just point 2) could you recommend (but not support) a plugin for fee collection or a way of doing it?

I’m suddenly getting some problems with my theme when trying to create a site locally through Bitnami. I get this error code:

Warning: Missing argument 1 for est_get_customdata_type_dropdown_options(), called in /Users/andrew/Desktop/MEG/apps/wordpress/htdocs/wp-content/themes/estatement/framework/customdata/customdata_add.php on line 171 and defined in /Users/andrew/Desktop/MEG/apps/wordpress/htdocs/wp-content/themes/estatement/functions.php on line 2958

Here are those lines:

functions.php, line 2958
function est_get_customdata_type_dropdown_options( $current ) {
customdata_add.php, line 171
est_get_customdata_type_dropdown_options() ?>

I was able to edit my theme for a long time and after coming back to it after a couple weeks it no longer works. I tried downloading the theme again and replacing the files but it still doesn’t seem to be working. What could be causing this?

Hi Michael,

That is a very strange and until now, unencountered error. It would be easiest to ask for FTP access but in this case this is not possible of course :)

If you’ve modified your theme in any way, could you create a new WordPress installation running the latest theme from themeforest and see if you get the same error?


I created a new installation with the latest theme version and it seems to work just fine. Is there a way I can just take the content from the old one and drop it in the new one?

Hi Michael,

I would recommend trying tools->export in the old site and using the file it generates in the new site by going to tools->import->wordpress.


After using ThemeForest.com for a few years I have to say I am very impressed with Estatement Theme from bonsaished. Throughout the development of this theme I was provided with email support on every issue we had. Updates were even made to the theme that were related to customizations we had wanted, making it even easier to use. I am very impressed and I recommend using this and any theme they develop. Well done! 5 stars!!!

For those of you considering buying estatement…DO IT! This theme is well developed and has a variety of applications…it is highly customizable. I am Wordpress novice, and Daniel has been there every step of the way to help me along. Critical feedback is encouraged, and new features seem to be added weekly…very refreshing.

I researched a lot themes that could be used for real estate and I settled on Estatement…so glad I did. I am very happy with the purchase.

Thank you oman112 :)

We definitely do help out with anything we can and for the past two weeks we’ve updated about every 3 days on average :) We indeed encourage all feedback, especially criticisms because it helps us develop a theme better suited to our buyers.

I’m glad that you chose Estatement in the end, we’ll be here to help for a long while :)


a lot of features and i am very happy with my purchase. eta on wp 3.6 compatible? thanks again.

Hi inboxi!

We’re so glad you’re happy! We have front end submission on the way as well, so hopefully you’ll be getting even more features soon!

We’re on vacation until Monday, so we’ll make the theme officially 3.6 compatable that day. That said, as long as you have error reporting turned off, everything should work fine. All i am aware of is 1-2 depreciated functions. These still work, but show up as notices with WP_DEBUG turned on. We’ll clear it up as soon as we’re back!



As I can see from the video, this theme has a very flexible custom fields support, so it can be used not only for real estate, right? I’m looking for a theme for a local business directory and none of other themes have such fast and flexible live search. Can you please confirm that it will be possible to use this theme for a business directory? Can I create different live search filters for different categories?

Thanks and happy holidays!

Hi ajayver,

Sorry for the late reply, we just got back from vacation :)

Yep, you can use the theme for more or less whatever you like. We’re adding in more features in an upcoming new version, but you can already use it pretty effectively, quite a few buyers are using it that way :)

Hi, Can I also use this for Rentals? If so is there a search by calendar option?

Hi jonnyhey,

The demo is now live, you can take a look at a rentable property here.

Talk about awesome timing for a suggestion :) Originally we had the PayPal details set up globally. Due to your comment we went in and modified things :) The way it works now is that you’ll need to create a “Book Now” page. On this page you can specify a PayPal ID which will be used for ALL bookings unless otherwise specified on a property page. So yes, you will be able to use different PayPal IDs for different properties.

However, right now we do not have front-end submission. This is planned and will be here in a couple of weeks. You CAN have multiple users and you can associate different users with different apartments and you CAN use their PayPal details but they will not be able to use a smooth system to add their own stuff yet.

If you have at least 2-3 weeks to set this up I would recommend going for the theme. We’ve now built everything needed for bookings + front end submission except the actual frontend for it. This means that you can already set up everything to be ready for the next update.

If you need this set up very quickly I recommend you do not buy Estatement right now. We’ll need the few weeks to get all the features you’re looking for in I think.

Before I forget, yes, it is 100% WPML compatible. We also have po/mo files but for dynamic valies you’ll need WPML anyway :)

Let me know if you need any more help!


In that case I think Estatement will be great for you! If you buy the theme make sure to drop us a line via any of our contact forms so we can send you developer releases as we add the new features in :)

Not really, sorry! Do send us a PM because if it is a small modification or it would make sense to build some things in, as other buyers would benefit we can do it for free, let’s discuss this via email, just drop us a line via the contact forms :)


Hi, i just bought this item. Fist image of demo content are not available. Then, booking option does not appear on property page, it just show a basic caroussel with text but no sidebar like the demo + no map appear…

Plus, your demo content is completely broken, on property pages, text is out of frame at the top of the page, everything is broken, please give me some informations.

Hi There,

I think you may be using the older demo content, here is a link to the new demo content file. I recommend deleting all posts and pages before you import the new one to make sure there are no duplicates.

To get the booking options you’ll need to enable bookings one the property admin page, then you’ll need to add the booking widget into the sidebar.


Ive got to say that your theme is pretty well tight. Clean, not an overdose of plugin to drop into (just 1 in fact), well integrated.

There is a missing feature imo, a booking calendar for individual properties to drop into the property page for customers to know if its vacant or not.

edit: oh yes, also, each time i create a page it goes to the header menu automatically, i would like to use the main menu i created in the header menu a dismiss the automatic item added…

One more thing: is it possible to display a general contact form inside a page, and not as a widget. And is it possible to add custom fiel to the contact page (phone number, attachment…)

Well done for your theme!

Hello there :)

Thanks for the kind words! We do have a booking calendar but you need to click on the arrival date to get to it :) We’ll be addressing this in a large update very soon :)

To create your own menus and not use the automatic one go to appearance->menus and set one up. Make sure to assign it to a menu slot and all should be well.

The contact form is possible with a plugin, I recommend Contact Form 7 or Visual Form Builder. Both allow you to create custom contact forms and add them to any page :)


We do have a booking calendar but you need to click on the arrival date to get to it :) We’ll be addressing this in a large update very soon.

Yep i saw that, didnt know that it displayed the booked day, didnt test! But it will be good to make a calendar short code to display it where we want! :)

Thanks for fast support also!

Hey, I love the theme so far everything has been great. However, I’d like to add to the information shown on the ”/search-properties/” page by default. We’re using it as a rental property so being able select custom fields, price etc to show on that page with the properties would be great. I think there’s gotta be a way to do that and I’m just missing it. Any tips?

Hallo there :)

Yep, this should be available. It depends a lot on how you have your page set up. I would recommend setting up your default fields at custom data->default fields. Then , if this is a search page, you can go to the page in the admin and set up the data that should be shown for the properties in the search page settings area :)


Hi! Where can I change link colors?

Hi There,

You should be able to do this by going to appearance->customize theme :)


I do not recommend changing the files of the theme because you will not be able to update it when an update comes out.

Using a child theme will enable you to modify the styles but still enable you to update. We have a short guide here: bonsaished.com/blog/kb/creating-a-child-theme/

If you implement a child theme you can just add rules to the child theme’s CSS file to overwrite the parent’s rules.

The only stylesheet used in the theme is style.css. This is generated from the files found in development/css.


You’re very welcome :)