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Thank you very much @demonsaun

Hi, i can’t enter the code for use the editor. But nice work :)

Hi comptoirnautique,

Thank you for purchasing my template. Please send your a purchase code to I will help you check it.

BR, :)

hi theapppoint can you explain how the editor save work after edit is it have php code to save it

and great work

Hi Mxlink,

Thank you for your question, after you edit template with editor you can export and save version on the system. when you finish edit and export file, you just have HTML file only.

for more information, please look into this links it’s a some documentation about how to use:!/how_to_use

BR, :)

Hello, I have an online store and wand make sure , really I have a point and it’s I will purchase the template with editor ? or only template ?

Hi, sanayar2008.

Thanks you for your question, when you create and modify on my system. you can save template version and export template any time. and when you click export, you just have HTML template file only.

BR, :)

Thanks so much webduck :)

I will be buying only the editor or topics?

Hi djfabio6,

if you purchase, you can login to the editor system with purchase code not limited to access. create, edit email template and export to html. You can not download the editor system.

Best Regards, :)

I do not want to buy only HTML. I want to buy the full editor, you sell? Or recommend any?

Thanks you very much for your interested on my builder system. I have to say so sorry to your requirement, I do not want to sell.

BR, :)

Hi TheAppPoint, So if i got this right! when you purchase your item, you only get a acces to create create email templates and save them as html? so your item is not included the whole editor system like your demo? So you purchase just a html?? I would like to buy this but with everything like in you demo.

Thanks you very much for your interested on my builder system. I have to say so sorry to your requirement, I do not want to sell.

However, please purchase my items, you will enjoy of it. :) If you have anything else about bug or issue of it, you can send any question to me by email via “”. if you want.

Thanks and regards, :)

Sorry than mate! I,m just interested in the builder.

And i think 16$ to acces a system and just to pay for a html file is to much.

Hello how do i use this template for prestashop? im a newbie for email templates. :)

Regards Ps3z

On PrestaShop (Module Send Email Newsletters, Module Send Email Newsletters ) can use my email template. example step below

1. export email template with html.

2. exact zip file and open html with your browser (chrome, firefox).

3. ctrl+A and copy all content on email template.

4. on prestashop (Module Send Email Newsletters, Module Send Email Newsletters) paste on massage and send.

BR, :)

Hello I want to buy your template.. Just tell me using procedure. How can I send email to all of my clients..

How my clients subscribe? so tell me all I am ready to buy


Hi rajeebxp01,

Thank you, You can send email to your clients by “E-mail Clients Service” please see list below:

And, clients subscribe, after click export file you just have template file, so you can modify or any programming into the template.

Thanks and regards, :)

Hello TheAppPoint,

I am working on your editor, which is great by the way. I am having trouble adding our social links. Whenever I enter any value into the editor the images go away. Not sure if its something you are aware of.


Hi lito2380,

Thank for your report bug. and now this problem fixed, please try to use again.

Thanks and regards,


ps3z Purchased

i did export template to mailchimp,but image links are broken


Hi ps3z,

Thank you for your feedback. and now this problem fixed, please try to use again.

BR, :)

Hi App Point,

Nice design !! And it really suits my brand. One question. Does Mailchimp’s drag and drop editor work with this template ?


Hi kepass,

this version can not drag&drop on Mailchimp but your can design and customize anything for your branding with my editor. and use Mailchimp for send.

System Off Line?


very sorry, my server system has the problem. we’re fixing


How long to resolve?


nice work but i have some trouble with responsive.

See my mailchimp campaign, and reduce your screen for displaying the responsive, you will see the problem with the image baner “Liquidation Totale”

Link :


Pre-Sale Question

Can you save to HTML and then reuse that HTML later? I don’t want to start over again every time I mail.

anyone else can no longer export there designs? is this email editor no longer working? or have i done something wrong?

PROBLEM Again Help me Please, When I go Export this template he stay in Blank? You can I Help

This Suporte is FAIL i have problem more that one month and i not have suporte about my problem

When we export the html, we getting blank page! What is the reason ?