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I find the theme-option.txt file downloads, someone can send me or tell where I get it please? it is urgent.

Thank you

Hello, the theme-option.txt file is no longer needed to install. The docs will be updated to reflect this. Let me know if you have any questions :)


Has no demo file of sliders?

Hello, for the slider, we don’t include the slider banner sample data because the images are not included due to licensing. However, you can email me at support@senorthemes.com and I would be glad to send you the slides, you’ll just have to include your own images to get it working. Looking forward to your email.

Hello, I need slider sample data and drop an email to you. Please send it demo data.


Hi, I just sent you the demo for the slides.

Hi, Please also send me demo for slider, I will add my own images…


thanks, also what about another query – “I also want to make main navigation to appear when the web page is at the top position. As currently to show the main navigation, user needs to scroll the web page a little, is it possible to show navigation bar when user is at the top most position on the web page and does not need to scroll down ? “

We’ll add this to our feature request and make it available to you in an upcoming update. Follow us to be notified ;)

Hi, please let me know if there is any update about this feature request, thanks :)


Oxana_S Purchased

Hi! Can I get demo for slider as well? Thank you.

Hi, please email me at support@senorthemes.com :)


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I dropped you an Email for help in installation, I hope you respond soon

Hi, I replied to your email :)

Dear Support Team,

I am using wordpress version of this theme and modifying content (text, images and write up) as per your theme demo.

However, this theme is not coming very accurate on Apple Safari, Internet Explorer etc. there is lot of alignment issues in different browsers.

Also, main slider (rev slider) sometimes do not show up for users on laptops

Please help accordingly

My Website demo is at – http://www.spaceacid.com, please check it out for browser compatibility and you will spot the difference.


Haven’t gotten your email.

Hi, I have resend the email with less number of screen shots, hope you receive it this time, thanks…

we’re investigating a possible issue with our support email. Please email me at israel@senorthemes.com


Oxana_S Purchased


Is it possible to do smth so that navigation bar (main menu) will appear on the top of site, above the slider? Thank you.

Natively no. You would have to code that feature but we might consider it for a future update.


ucscorp Purchased

Hi there, awesome theme, but we are having problem with mail chimp plugin to setup newsletter registration we copied the html code as per documentation but the forms is not styled at all and it does not look as the template demo.

We trying to go live with site tomorrow or friday the latest any help you can provide will be much appreciated

thx hakim

Hi, I can help with that :)

Part of the configuration requires you to have a Mail Chimp account. Do you have one? Please email me temporary login to your wp-admin at support@senorthemes.com so I can have a look to see what’s missing.

Hi there, is this theme only suitable for one-page sites? Or is it also possible to add pages with their own individual url (and layout)/

Hello, the theme was primarily designed to work as a one page theme. However, each section of the one page theme is essentially made up of individual pages so it would just require a little bit of modification to get it to work as individual pages.

Hi there,

How do I make a section like you have in your theme template ??? It is a red first section and has the rev slider on it , please I want to replicate this effect.


Hello and thank you for purchasing our theme :)

Please email me at support@senorthemes.com so that I can send you the slides.

Please know that the images are not included due to the original authors of the images and graphics forbidding us from distributing the images. Instead, we include “dummy” placeholder that you can replace with your own images. You can download the images and graphics direct from sources found in the documentation.


rymn Purchased

Can I have slider demo content?

Hello and thank you for your purchase. I just emailed you the slider demo :)


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i would like to have the menu on the top of the page on the main page could you please tell me how to code that.



You need to add menu items into Appearance > Menu. It will be easier if you import our demo data. The information to do this is in the documentation.

Hi, Can you please share the slider data.?

Hello, I sent the slider demo via email.


Hi there, beautiful app! But I’ve got an issue, the app portfolio is flickering on my page. Is there any way that I can get you to take a look at it? Thanks!

Also, I can’t seem to find the steps to setup the popup contact form and how to create that button in the menu.

Yes, I can help you with this. Please email us at support@senorthemes.com and email us your url. Thank you

Hi, thank you. Email sent!

bought the theme yesterday. trying to add buttons with the VC but it does not work. i tried to create buttons but just comes out as texts. can anybody help?

Hi, I got your email support and am looking into it now.

Is it possible to put 3 apps but the one under the other with a youtube video on the side. And delete the “green” section with iphone app, modify app and ipad app??

Ok forget about the last part of deleting the green section. i found it. Lets see if we can make the “apps” the one under the other, than being like a slideshow

Also is it possible to add google adds to run accross the page when you scroll down?


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Hello. i would like you to test my website to see why if 10k people connect to it, its getting a 508 error. Can we see if something in any script is wrong or takes too much time?

You need to contact your hosting provider because this happens when the number of processes exceeds the limits set by the hosting provider.